Somehow I don’t have a really inspirational/motivational/thankfulness post in me.  But I have a bit of this and that to talk about.

First.  I think a bear was at my house the other night.  I came out yesterday morning to get some firewood, and all three of my FULL garbage cans were overturned, and the garbage had been spread EVERYWHERE and thoroughly investigated.  YUCK.  Not only did it creep me out to think that maybe a bear was that close to my house, but it was also obviously very disgusting picking up all that garbage.  I was grateful it was not the middle of summer heat if you know what I mean.  And it was interesting to see that my garbage was pretty darn healthy, and did not have much that a bear would be interested in…

Second.  Last night, I fed the outdoor cat after dark (I had said yesterday morning after the garbage/bear incident that I wouldn’t be going out after dark) and in my hurry to get back inside, I stumbled on the stairs and fell straight forward with all of my weight seemingly landing straight on my knee.  And if you recall, I have been working on doing exercises to strengthen my knees so I can run.  So I just lay there for the longest time, saying a few bad words, and just being totally bummed out that I had done this to my knee AGAIN.  But guess what?  When I got up, it was okay!  There is a little tender spot, but nothing jangling around in there.  Maybe all the exercise helped?  Anyways, VERY THANKFUL there.

Third.  Here are a couple of links to blogs that have some great holiday helps with eating/exercising/planning.

  • Shelley Making a holiday game plan
  • Sandrelle Strategies for dealing with the food.  (She is the one doing the excellent series on the scale.)
  • Joanna Excellent exercises for when the gym is closed!

Fourth.  My SAWHG (Super Awesome Winter Holiday Goal)  My friend Jill wrote about this a few days ago, and I have been mulling it over ever since.  Part of my says it would be wise to just make it a goal to maintain at the 155.5 weight I’ve been at (currently a couple pounds above….)  And I have to admit that I am already having a bit of trouble eating a bit too much–too many dinners ‘out of my control’  that is, not at home, prepared by me.  And, unfortunately, my ‘birthday season’ starts right after Thanksgiving and goes right up til Christmas.  Nevertheless, I am going to set as a goal to lose 3 pounds by January 7:  152.5.  I think it will do me good to have a challenge like this, and might make me think twice about the food choices I make.  I still like the idea of carb cycling, although I have not been able to do it completely right this last week.  I still think it can be helpful during this holiday time, to eat low carbs on the days in between the celebrating.  One strategy that really seems to be helpful is having a good workout shortly before I go out for dinner.  It reminds me that I am not just a fat girl out to enjoy all the food I can.  I am a health conscious, physically fit girl, going to enjoy time with friends and good food.

Well, not much more to report here.  A very blessed Thanksgiving wish for all of you.  I am thankful for so very much in my life.  God is good and kind, and He can be trusted.


7 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. Yeay! Glad you posted today!

    1-Are you sure it wasn’t raccoons? That would be the culprit in our neighborhood, but then again, we’re not in bear country.

    2-SO glad your knee is okay!!! (And I think that’s a good sign, it being okay today, too…usually the day after is when stuff hits me, if it’s going to hit.)

    3-LOVE this thought: “I am not just a fat girl out to enjoy all the food I can. I am a health conscious, physically fit girl, going to enjoy time with friends and good food.” I think I’m going to adopt that as my mantra during the holidays.

    4-LOVE your beautiful photo of the maple trees! *sigh*…they’re gorgeous!

    5-Hope you and your family enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    (And so glad you’re up for a horseback riding adventure next spring! It’s been on my “I’m finally under the weight limit” list for too long now.)

  2. Hi Debby, I just wanted to say thank you for leaving the nice comment on my blog the other day. This has led me to find your blog!

    Your maple tree picture is just beautiful. Down here in Texas I don’t get to see many trees changing into those vibrant colors….and I don’t see any bears! 🙂

    I’m glad you weren’t banged up too bad when you fell! I’m sure the exercise helped you!

    I look forward to reading your blog again!

  3. I hope that was raccoons and not really a bear! We get them very occasionally around here. Last year one came close to town and messed around with the bike shop : O

    Very glad your knee is okay. Bruises are better than brokens, right?

    The goal thing – as you know I am struggling with this now. Whether to call goal at this weight I have maintained, or do what it takes to go lower. Just not sure. If your body says it can do more, then go for it.

    Isn’t it funny how 3 pounds when you were 100 pounds heavier was so easy to lose and now it is like pulling teeth??

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, my friend!

  4. Bears – now that is scary! I hope for your sake it was raccoons like the other commenters have mentioned, but either way, I wouldn’t be going outside after dark either!

    You know, my trainer is always telling us we need to have good core strength in case we trip and fall – so maybe that’s what helped you to not hurt your knee so bad. I’d say your workouts definitely helped save you from a bad injury!

    Thanks for mentioning my post – that really means a lot to me!

    And I think that having a specific goal for the holiday season is great – I’m sure it will keep you in a better mindset with all the good eats that are around you. I think I will have to do the same, myself.

    Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

  5. Hi all, Yes the knee is definitely okay. Took the doggies out yesterday, planning just to walk, but all was well, and me AND Sophie did quite a bit of running! Yahoo!

    And yes, Lori, a 3 pound goal sounds so weenie as to almost not be worth mentioning, and yet, if I achieve that, I think I will feel as good as I did when I got to my 100 pound loss!!

    And the tree, isn’t that just something? For so many years my maples died down at the end of summer so I never got to see the fall color, and now that they are doing so well, I never fail to marvel at them. That one is my original first tree, and it is about 15 feet from my front door–first thing I see when I let the dogs out in the morning!

  6. Bear stories out trump mouse stories! Good heavens!

    Glad you survived your fall. That is one of my biggest fears. It hasn’t happened yet (knock on wood).

    I think 3 lbs sounds lovely. Is that a pound every other week? Because that is doable. I (me personally) can’t count on a pound a week. But I can do a pound every other week.

    loved the tree pics!

    Have a great T day.

    did you saw what you are doing?

  7. I’m in agreement with everyone here. Bears – YIKES! Maples – gorgeous. 🙂

    And what’s this about a horseback riding adventure? I missed something…

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