Yahoo!  Yay for ‘re-framing’ a day.  Going to the gym this morning (which I thought of as I was writing the blog this morning!) completely changed my outlook for the day, and I believe it changed my food choices as well.

I got a good 35 minute challenging workout at the gym, which included 2 Tabata intervals, and was able to get 20 minutes in the pool, followed by 5 glorious minutes in the spa.  I brought along one of the apple/laughing cow cheese/walnut things for an after-workout snack.

Then I was off to Tracy to meet dad and sis at ‘Texas Roadhouse.’  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but I was really going to try to make good choices, and not eat too much. I was really really happy (really…) with the food choices I made.  I got the smallest steak they had (6 ounces) and a baked sweet potato, and side salad.  I got the dressing on the side, and did that ‘dip your fork in the dressing’ thing.  I took the butter out of the potato, and only took a couple of bites of it-planning to bring it home for another meal.  Best of all, I only ate half of the steak.  SCORE!  I am getting better and better at negotiating this restaurant eating.

Right back on the road after we ate.  I had spotted a Marshall’s across from the restaurant, and wanted to check out their socks.  I let myself try on a few dresses, and found one that really looks cute, AND is not ankle length (I’m 5 feet tall…)


6 thoughts on “Score!

  1. Nice day – love that you made the Roadhouse work for you!!! I hear ya on the dress length, being 5′ 1″ myself – and if it was at Marshalls, then you know it was for a good price!

  2. my youngest is under 5′ and I know exactly what you mean about lengths! She is in 6th grade and my mom, middle child, and I all gained our adult height by 6th grade. I have been saying since this child was born that she would be lucky to make it to anything over 5′ as she looks like the Irish side of the family and they are SHORT.

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