Snow! Bah Humbug!

Hey everybody!  Did you miss me?  I sure missed you.  This is pretty much how I have looked for the past three days. Two sweaters and my big old bathrobe.  Two pairs of socks.  Angora hat.  And today I pretty much wore gloves in the house all day long.  It was COLD!!!  A big snowstorm hit us Sunday night, and I have been without power (and water ) since then.  It has been an adventure?!?  I actually got my Christmas tree dragged in from the shed and put up on Sunday afternoon, so this is what I saw when I got up Monday morning:

Then I looked out the front door, and saw this:

I peered around the corner where I park my car and saw this:

Okay, enough pictures for now.  I have lots more, but as you can imagine, I have so much to say after being deprived for 3 whole days!  I learned how to make coffee on my wood stove.  I even made oatmeal one day!  Fortunately I had quite a bit of pre-made food around that was easy to warm up on the wood stove.  Pretty much my food intake has been the same as it would have been with power.  I did get a little ‘snackie’ in the afternoon.  But since I went to bed earlier than usual (how much reading can you do by candlelight?) the evening snacking was eliminated.  I still can’t get my car out–the road is really slick in places because it was REALLY COLD.  Did I mention that already?

I actually did get in some good exercise.  One 2 mile walk, and one 3 mile walk.  And I did a bunch of weight-type exercises one day.  I still feel like a slug, and like I have gained a bit.  We’ll see.

Unfortunately, I still don’t have water tonight.  I hope the pipes are just frozen, and not broken…I am REALLY looking forward to a nice long shower.

I have lots more to say and tell you about, but am going to end.  I am really tired, and have a bit of work to do before I can hit the bed!

The end.  (Sophie is wearing a doggie sweater designed by me out of a silk/wool blend that I dyed and spun into yarn and hand knit.  Unfortunately, after a little while, she wanted to eat it.)


10 thoughts on “Snow! Bah Humbug!

  1. Wow, that is a lot of snow!!! No power or water? You are like a frontier woman…and I’m impressed that you made it through without going stark raving mad! Shoot, my computer was in shambles all afternoon and most of the evening and I was getting a little crazy! Good on ya for getting some exercise in…I think I would have just stayed in bed. Hope the dogs helped to keep you warm, along with your wood stove!

    Love Sophie’s sweater – it’s gorgeous and I’d wear it myself!

  2. Glad you’re back! And man, no power or water? That does not sound fun. Thank goodness for your wood stove.

    No, we didn’t get snow at sea level here in HMB; my kids go to elementary school in the Santa Cruz mountains (school is around 2000 ft.). It’s a public school in our district that has open enrollment for coastal families, to keep their enrollment numbers high enough to stay open…although with the budget crisis, we’re at risk. 😦 It’s terrific, less than 90 kids in the whole school.

  3. I was very glad when I got to the words ‘wood stove’. I thought that I remembered you had something! I can well imagine looking forward to a shower – the HOT more so than the clean part. Can you imagine trying to heat enough water for a bath on a wood stove. By the time you got it poured and the tub/air absorbed the heat – no ‘hot’ left for you.

  4. Glad you are safe and sound! I have been there, done that with the power outages. It sucks, but it makes you thankful for modern conveniences (like running water)!

    I’m not sure you should be out walking around in that stuff!! BE CAREFUL!

    Glad you are okay!

  5. Wow – you sound like Laura Ingalls Wilder! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere.

    And how sweet is that sweater?!?!?!!! I have a couple of cute sweaters for Cecilia, but her tumor makes wearing them impossible. 😦

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