All Clean

No.  My eating isn’t exactly all clean.  I am all clean, my clothes are all clean, and my dishes are all clean.  It is a very good feeling.  My ‘forced captivity’ allowed me to decorate for Christmas, and I will be sharing pics with you between now and Christmas.  I have loved Christmas ornaments since I was a little girl, especially the sparkly ones, and so I started collecting them as an adult, so about 30 years worth of ornaments–yikes!  And unlike my friend Lori, most of mine are glass.  I still have one from my childhood, so a 50 year old glass ornament!  I probably have a couple more that are that old because for a while my mom collected antique ornaments, and then she gave them to us kids.  I really like birds, so a lot of them are birds.

Can you see the ‘Kliban cat’ stalking the bird?

The great blue heron next to the giant fish cracked me up.

I love this Canadian goose.  I got it up in Tahoe, and I always like to feed the geese when I am up there.  I love the detail on these two cats.

Snow’s almost gone

And some of us are enjoying the ‘new’ old chair a bit too much

I’m off!  Out of the house for the first time since Sunday!  Gonna get in a workout with Vicky–YAY, and maybe sing at our church Christmas dinner tonight–haven’t been able to practice–aaargh!  I’ll let you know tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “All Clean

  1. Love the Christmas look!!!

    I have a challenge for you: I want you to do a video where you SING!! Please please pretty please?! For me? 🙂

    Love your ornaments – I think glass ornaments invoke a kind of notalgia. So pretty!

    • Jillie, that is a BIG challenge for me! I think I’d almost rather do one of those ‘exposed’ blogs! Its weird that I can sing in front of a big crowd, but I am embarrassed to sing in front of a few people…but I’ll think about it.

    • Hey Pubsgal! Glad you got the ‘Kliban cat’ reference. That is one of my oldest ornaments too–probably got it when I was 30, so 25 years old! I was a big Kliban fan. Even though I had pet mice, for some reason I LOVED the guitar playing cat singing ‘Love to eat them mousies, mousies what I love to eat. Bite they tiny heads off, nibble on they tiny feet.’ Can you believe I still have that memorized after all these years??

  2. I love our Christmas layout – it makes me feel so good to come here!

    Your ornaments are beautiful and I love that you make little scenarios with the heron and fish, etc. Love your sense of humor!

    Glad you and everything around you are clean – there’s nothing like hot running water to make everything better.

    And the dogs – cuddling! LOVE IT!!!

  3. I love that your dogs cuddle together! One time a dog I was fostering very quietly got into Cecilia’s bed with her. They cuddled for about a 2 minutes before Cecilia was done. I always thought that if I found a dog she would cuddle with, I’d have to adopt that dog! But she perfers being an only child.

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