Let’s Try This Again

Its driving me nuts that my last post only showed the title.  I’m trying to fix it, so if you see this post, it is just a temporary one.  Okay, I don’t know what happened yesterday, except maybe I am putting too many pictures up, but this one seems to be showing up.  Computers do more than one person could ever learn in a lifetime, that’s what I think.  When something goes wrong with my blog and I go looking for answers on WordPress, I always learn something new.  ‘Oh, you mean I could do that too?’  Anyways, on to the important stuff–all about me LOL!  Here is how I started my day, with some protein pancakes (thank you again, Lori!) and with the topping she suggested–mashed banana with a little maple syrup.  I also added some chopped walnuts to the pancake batter–YUMMO!  And as usual, this breakfast holds me for most of the morning.  That is one of my favorite Christmas mugs too.  And for those of you who are examining my pictures, I think the secret is out.  Yes, I usually eat my meals on a ‘TV tray’ in front of my computer…

Headed out for my workout with Vicky.  This morning I finally wasn’t as sore as I’ve been for the past three days, and I was thinking more about the some food questions I wanted to ask her than about how sore I was after the last workout.  So it was pretty funny when she walked in the room and said, ‘so, how did you feel after that last workout?’  Evidently she knew it was a hard workout.  When I was doing it I knew it was hard, but didn’t realize it was that hard.  And she said it was really okay to have two days of rest after a workout like that, so that made me feel better about not doing anything Saturday or Sunday…Anyways, we had some good food/recipe/cooking discussion, then on to a weights workout.  We did some new stuff.  She had me do some pyramid work on the ‘reclining leg press’ (not sure if that’s the right name) and she had me go up to 260 pounds!  This is one of my favorite machines.  We did quite a bit of free weight stuff, and some new stuff I enjoyed learning.

Back home.  Had another friend coming over for lunch.  I used that spaghetti sauce from the other day as the base for some soup.  Used one serving of the sauce (110 calories,) added some carrots, brocolli, and cauliflower (60 calories?) and 1/2 serving of elbow macaroni (90 calories.)  I used the water that I cooked the veggies in to add some ‘broth.’  Made a big bowl of soup for each of us for less than 150 calories.  Oops, I meant to sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on top–would have really added to it.  Oh well.

I am really doing well with my food choices.  Vicky said today ‘Choose foods that will work for you.’  And my BFF said she is trying to ‘delay the onset of the holiday grazing.’  And I think that is a good way to think of it.  Tomorrow and the next few days of work will be difficult.  I am going to try to stay out of the break room.  There is another room I can eat my meals in.  And, I only have 5 days of work before Christmas, so I should be able to make it through!

And now, on to the important stuff–more Christmas pictures!  A new sparkly Santa that my friend gave me yesterday!

And another Santa, holding my beverage of choice–I said I needed to go in with a tiny pen and write diet on all those little coke bottles Santa is holding.  The coke bottle in the wire holder next to Santa is one of my older ornaments.

The end.  I will be working for a few days.  Be good little boys and girls.  Santa’s elves, Grumpy and Jeevy, are watching!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Try This Again

  1. I left you a pile of yogurt talk on your Fun with Food posting – that I am wondering if you saw??? if you want to just leave any comments back there, so it all stays together – that will be great. I’ll keep popping back there to look.


    We are a whole year past (your sister bring you) batches of cookies!

    That was then and this is now – would be interesting post. . .

  2. I saw your link – I was looking at the bottom of the pile and forgot that you have the ‘reply’ function where you respond to a specific comment right under that comment! thanks.

  3. I really shouldn’t look here when I’m feeling hungry; those pancakes look delicious! And what a workout! I had more holiday errands…maybe walking around and toting stuff could count? Nah, didn’t think so.

    Good luck with choosing only the worthy munchables! (We’ll all need it!)

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