Chai Tea and Gingerbread Coffee

Good morning all!  Last night I wanted some good chai tea.  Trouble is, I don’t really know much about it.  I just like the spicy combo.  So far I have tried ‘Good Earth vanilla chai tea bags and an unsweetened mix from Trader Joe’s, which I mixed into unsweetened almond milk.  Neither were what I am looking for.  I know enough to know that the traditional stuff is full of calories that I don’t want.  So I am on the great chai tea quest of 2009.  I thought I’d ask any of you if you have suggestions or experience with making your own.  And I did google homemade chai tea, and came up with quite a few recipes.  So I am off to buy the raw spices necessary, and I will have to do some experimenting to bring down the calorie content (i.e. sugar and milk.)

I got this coffee at Trader Joe’s last night, and it exceeds my expectations!  I always look longingly at the yummy latte descriptions this time of year.  Trouble is, not only do I not want to spend my calories that way, I also don’t really like lattes.  Just too rich for me.  Yes, even the nonfat ones.  I actually prefer strong coffee with a bit of half and half.  Which saves me from a lot of calories when I go to Starbucks!  But still…  So, when I saw this coffee last night I decided to give it a try.  And it has exceeded my expectations!  My new favorite treat for the holidays–no baked goods necessary.  VERY satisfying on its own.

And the ornament of the day–a gift from my dad:

Over and out.  Hoping to get in a bit of housework, a visit to the gym, a movie, and a walk with the doggies!  Whew!  I’d better get a move on!

P.S.  Vickie and I have been doing a LOT of communicating via the comments about yogurt making.  A post on ‘more than you ever wanted to know about yogurt making’ is coming soon!


7 thoughts on “Chai Tea and Gingerbread Coffee

  1. See what truly sucketh about living in a small town? No Trader Joe’s. I would have to schlep myself all the way into Tulsa and I’m not even sure there’s one there, either. Dangit. Cause I want some of that TJ’s Gingerbread coffee. Dangit.

    Pretty ornaments!

  2. I like the Stash chai (they have green chai and black chai), although nothing beats Good Earth Original for me. 🙂 I’m not a big milk-in-my-tea person, either, and I like all of the above without sweetener or milk. (Although I’ve tried soy milk or half-and-half in the chai before; it’s just not the way I like drinking tea.)

    Oooo, I’ll have to keep a lookout for that Gingerbread coffee!

  3. My favorite is the Bigelow brand Vanilla Chai. It’s in plain teabags, the calories are only what you add. They do a plain chai too, which I can sometimes find in decaf.

  4. Rishi Chai is the best flavor I have ever found (w/out the sugar). It can be purchased at Whole Foods market or check their website. It’s so good that I purchased a case last year to obtain the case discount (10%) as it’s spendy. Yet, in this case you really get what you pay for…Good Luck!

  5. Well Debby, if you ever do a giveaway I guess you know what the prize needs to be! This coffee looks yummy and I have a TJs close by, so I’ll be sampling sometime soon. 🙂

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