Chai Tea Success!

Success!  After looking around the internet at various ‘homemade chai tea recipes,’ I went in search of whole spices.  I found most of what I wanted at my favorite cheap market.  They had some little bags of spices in the produce section that were only 79 cents each!  The only thing they didn’t have was whole cardamom.  I didn’t know what this was, but I had an idea it might be a key ingredient.  I was on the way home when I thought of stopping at the health food store.  It is a really interesting store, and sure enough they had a room full of jars with all the spices I might ever want.  I got some of the whole cardamom.

Here is the recipe I followed.  I liked this one because it was called a ‘base’ for the chai tea, and you could keep it in the frig and just add milk to make each cup.  The spices I chose to use were allspice, cardamom, cloves, star anise, and a stick of cinnamon.  I grated some nutmeg and pepper into the pot, and cut a bit of fresh ginger into very thin slices (saw this recommendation in another recipe.)  Instead of the 1/2 cup of brown sugar I added 1/4 cup of agave syrup.  I really just estimated the amount of spices, but I think it was about 4 Tbsp.  It smelled absolutely delicious when it was brewing for 15 minutes.  And then I added 6 tea bags of plain black tea and let it steep for 5 minutes, and then strained the whole thing.

What I really liked about it was that it was very strong and spicy, but very smooth tasting.  Very satisfying.  That is a little mug that I have, and it was just right for a little snack this evening (along with a healthy cookie from Vicky.)

Had a great day today–went to the gym for a good workout, including starting off with 2 Tabata intervals.  Treated myself to some of my favorite lo-cal frozen yogurt, and then went to the movies!  I hardly ever do this any more (because of the popcorn.)  But I really wanted to see this movie, and I really enjoyed it–The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock.

Back to work for two more days.  See you Sunday, hopefully with ‘The Yogurt Report!)


8 thoughts on “Chai Tea Success!

    • Yes. I guess I was tired last night–should have said what a wonderful experience it was. I almost did the ‘ugly cry’ as Oprah says–had to cover my mouth to keep from sobbing out loud.

  1. I adore chai! And cardamom is the secret ingredient. I would wear a perfume made of this, I swear! We have a giant bag of the pods and i just crush them up when I need them.

    I have not been to the movies in probably a year. I really want to see the new Disney princess movie (okay, I’m 10 😀 )

  2. I love that blue mug – it’s preeety!

    I so so so want to see the Blind Side, but I generally try to avoid movies that I know will make me cry, however my love for the Bullock might override my fear of crying in public! And I want to see the new Disney Princess movie too! 🙂

    Have fun at work!

  3. mmm chai tea is delicious! I just use teabags…and add a splash of soy milk. 🙂 I wanna see that movie!! Its been a long time since Ive gone…maybe if the BF comes home early one night we will have to go see it! 🙂

  4. Hai Debby, thanks for visiting my blog, appreciate it.

    I add you to my google reader so I will be back following you.

    You’ve already come a long way at your weight loss journey, impressive!

  5. And Debby – I think you have worked on a LOT of things and are doing well.

    I think that being aware that we each have more things that need attention – moving forward – growing – is part of what empowers us.

    There is something to be said about thinking we need to continue to work that makes us continue to maintain – body and mind.

  6. Would you believe I’ve never had chai tea? Now I’m thinking I should go to Starbucks and order one just to see what it tastes like!

    I want to see Blind Side but so far cannot convince any of the three men in my life to go with me. Boo on them. Glad to hear you loved it!

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