The Post without a Title*

It is 8pm and my hair is not washed yet.  I am seriously frustrated that I have not written a blog post for either of my blogs today.  I always have such grand plans.  And then life gets in the way.  Mr. You-Know-Who takes up a seriously large amount of time.  I am not complaining.  That is just going to be a part of my life for a little while.

I challenged myself and ran all the way out to the main road (except had to walk fast up the BIG HILL-I must have been working hard because a neighbor stopped and asked if I needed help!)  Anyway, I made that 1.5 miles in 20 minutes.  But then I walked home (fast) all the way because it felt like something was funny in my hamstring.  Still, it was a nice amount of exercise.

The other thing that took a TON of time was that my BF decided she wanted to go to the Sister’s Quilt Show again this year.  We usually don’t go two years in a row.  But they have a bunch of fantastic teachers, and there are 5 days.  So it takes me forever to figure out what classes I want to take when.  (Remember how indecisive I am…)  But I did find a house for us to rent for the week for less than a so-so hotel room would cost us.  Considering that hotel rooms are at a premium in Sisters that week, this was a big score.  You guys should try this when you travel. is the main site we have used.  But if you just google ‘vacation rentals’ and the city where you are going, you will probably come up with some good results.  Its so much nicer to have a living room to sit in in the evening, rather than sitting on your beds in a poorly lit room.

Well, I’m really just rambling now.  Food was okay today.  If you have not already tried them, you should really try Lori’s protein pancakes and green smoothies for staying power.  Both of those can hold me for hours.  Plus they are kind of fun food.  Seems like you are getting a treat.

*Had to edit to add this this morning!


10 thoughts on “The Post without a Title*

  1. Sisters in Oregon? I was there once and it was lovely! A 5 day quilt retreat sounds wonderful. I might be going to the USA in early 2011 and a retreat with friends sounds like something I should organize.

    hmmm……rent a house or convince a friend to host it? I need to give this some thought!

    • Go for it, Sybil! And if you can squeeze in a lunch or a hike or something like that when you’re over here, it would be fun to get together!

    • My friend and I definitely know how to relax when we’re together. Lots of times at 3pm we look at each other and say ‘pajama time!’

      I like planning little trips for me and my friends. Maybe someday I’ll plan a bloggers get-away for just that–reading and relaxing–with good healthy food and perhaps just a bit of exercise–oh, now that sounds fun! I know just the place to go.

  2. Oh, I’d be happy with a 24 hour nap-and-read retreat, never mind 5 days! 🙂 (I think the last time I got that was my Christmas gift five years ago, when I was an at-home mom with toddlers: an overnighter by myself at a local B&B. Best gift EVER!)

    Aw, Noah is so cute! He always looks so serious and purposeful. Is he like that in real life, or is it just how he photographs? (And how do you keep his coat so immaculate in the winter? Amazing!)

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