I’ve Got Goals!!!

Okay, first the important stuff.  You know how Lori occasionally posts keywords that bring people to her site?  Well tonight I noticed on my stats page that somebody searched ‘fat bottom cotton pants’ to get to my blog.  COME ON!  When in the world did I ever put that combination of words together in my blog???  Do these search engines have xray vision or what?  Okay, lets get off that topic right now. [oh.  I searched my own blog and evidently its the explanatory ‘page’ I added so that people would know my ‘sidebar’ is at the BOTTOM of the page.  good grief.]  Oh yeah, one more stats comment–TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN people clicked on my page on December 27???  What was (or should I say wasn’t) going on in the world that day?

Alright, back to the goals.  Thanks for all the votes of confidence on the 10 minute mile.  I finally got to see Vicky today after two weeks off and I was like Anthony Hopkins with his dummy in the movie ‘Magic.’  (No I didn’t club my personal trainer over the head and put her in the lake.  It was just that you couldn’t shut me up.)  That movie is probably so old that the illustration is lost.  It is a creepily fascinating movie, and it is engrained in my head.  ANYWAYS, goals.  So I told Vicky about the 10 minute mile, and she thinks I can do it too.  And then she felt it necessary to add four more super hard (for me) goals to achieve IN SIX WEEKS!  Whee!…so I ate too much today.  What can I say?

I won’t bore you with the details of the goals.  Maybe I’ll re-visit my workout page and list them and my progress there.  But the goals involve versions of pull ups, push ups, wall sits, and planks.  Oh, yes.  And one more.  To get down to 150 pounds in 6 weeks.  I am at 157.2 today, so in theory it should be possible.

Tomorrow is my last day of vacay, so I should get to bed so I can enjoy it.  I ALMOST have a plan formulated for taking care of Noah while I am at work.  My ‘babysitter’ will do almost anything for me.  She is just wonderful.


8 thoughts on “I’ve Got Goals!!!

  1. okay – I figured out WHY your sidebar is showing up at the bottom – it is because the information related to each day’s post is to the side of that post (title, link for comments, etc).

    So your sidebar is then UNDER ALL the posts – and that puts it at the bottom.

  2. That’s funny about the fat bottom pants! I just can’t believe the search strings people use sometimes. It’s quite funny.

    If I didn’t have a cruise tucked in at the end of the month – I would be joining you in a serious weight loss goal. I actually would be happy to lose 3 pounds by the end of the month, cause I know I will probably put that back on during the cruise!

  3. Hi Debby!

    I read but didn’t get to post about your 10 min mile goal. I think its great! And so doable for you. But i have to ask do you really want to take on the pressure of a number??I only say this cause i found out that i didn’t ….At first it was all about my times and distances and my weight numbers…….i decided i was letting them define me and set my mood for the day. I have never enjoyed running more than when i let all that go. Anyway just a thought. Lori gave you great advice on how to get to that number. To run fast you have to train fast. And don’t get discouraged. Your gonna have good days where you crank out great numbers and days where the numbers just aren’t there for no apparent reason.

    I do have a couple of silly questions for you though…….okay where do i find the stats page??? Would love to see how many people visited my blog on a certain day. Um…..also key words…….how do you do that? So people can find your blog??? Anyway…..questions from someone who doesn’t know much about this stuff……:(

    I too think your puppy is SOOO adorable. He’s got alot of Great Pyrenees in him. We had friends that had one and he got HUGE! I mean great dane huge! And they really don’t lose much of that fluffiness. 🙂 Wish i could be some help on training him but i still have furniture that bears the scars of our puppy adventures through the years. LOL! One think that helped was that if he’s keyed in on a certain piece of furniture like your coffee table etc….you could rub a little bit of hotsauce in that spot or something equally distasteful to discourage him. 🙂 I don’t envy you puppihood. I wouldn’t have the patience for one anymore. Maybe a fullgrown , housebroken one……maybe……….

    • Hi Jinx, I don’t think being stuck on a number is going to be a problem for me. I used to be HUGELY competitive, and then I got so far away from that that sometimes I think I am not competitive enough. It will just be a fun thing for me. Maybe a dream, but a fun dream.

      The stats page. I use wordpress.com, which I LOVE. And the stats page is right there when I bring my blog up–one of the choices I can hit. Do you have a blog? Do I know it? Forgive me if I have been there and forgotten!

      Thanks for the reminder about putting something bad tasting on chewy stuff–there is a product called bitter apple that works great! I will be bringing that home right away!

  4. Dangit!! I want to be Noah’s babysitter!! Guess I’ll just have to pack up and move to California – do you have room for a husband and 3 kids as well? 😉

    Yeah, I’ve had some really weird keyword searches too. Of course I can’t think of any of them right now, but maybe I’ll post some of them soon!

    Have fun at work! 🙂

  5. Hi Debby,

    I’m a bit of a new reader but I wanted to say your an inspiration!!! And I love to hear about the running!! I’m training up for a marathon myself and it is def. going to be a doosy!

    I’m sorry for posting this in a random place but…like I said…new reader! I was wondering what kind of nutritional suppliments you might have used for your weight loss and now with your trainer?

    I only ask because I recently got on this nutrition program designed by a doctor that won a Nobel Prize for nutrition and biochemistry for his work on the program, and have had amazing results! But I want to get a full-spectrum viewpoint and it seems like you would definatly have some great advice!

    I’d love to hear from ya or anyone else! Just shoot me an email anytime at AlexiDouvas@gmail.com.

    Wishing you and all of yours a happy and healthy new years!!

  6. Yeay! I meant to comment and cheer you on the other day, but it looks like everyone else had it covered and offered great advice. I think it’s doable…it’s taking me awhile, but I’m gradually getting closer to that pace. Very gradually! 🙂 Lately I’ve been thinking that exercise goals are more doable for me than seeing the scale getting closer to goal…they help keep me from obsessing about the scale number, anyway.

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