Why Mr. You-Know-Who Spends a Lot of Time Outside

I know I said I would try not to make this the Sophie and Noah blog, but I don’t have much more to report today.  If you don’t like dogs, scroll to the bottom of the post for a couple of foodie tidbits.

He starts out good.  This is his favorite toy, which is already mostly destroyed.  My friend said she knew where I could get a gross of them real cheap.

But he quickly transfers his ‘affections’ to the nearest object, in this case, the leg of the ‘tv table’ that I use.

Then we went to the kitchen to take the foodie photos and he worked on my robe.

Finally, back at the computer, I picked him up to cuddle for a while to see if he would calm down.  It worked for about 30 seconds, and then he ate me.

We’re going to the vet’s tomorrow and I’m going to ask her if she can wire his jaws shut for about six months.  JUST KIDDING.  In between all the chewing he is a very sweet boy who tries very hard to understand what I want.  Blah, blah,blah, NOAH, BUDDY, PUPPY, blah, blah, blah.  NO, I mean STOP IT blah blah NOAH.  That’s a good boy.  Blah blah no, not that, NOAH, blah blah blah blah…

Now for the foodie tidbits.  Do you guys know what these things are?  (Pay no attention to my old, fat, wrinkled hands.  When I stop being a nurse and having to wash them 80 million times a day I imagine that they will return to their former smooth soft glory.)

They are date crumbles.  I think you can probably get them at most health food stores.  They are just dates that have been reconstituted into these little sausage shapes and rolled in oat flour so that they don’t stick to each other and everything else.  Very convenient for putting in yogurt or oatmeal, or for making your own muesli or granola.

Now maybe everyone has one of these.  But I didn’t know about them until I was probably 50 years old, and it changed my life.

Well, if it didn’t change my life, it certainly made it possible for me to eat A LOT more cherries! Its a cherry pitter!

And the last picture is not very good, but it is a simple mandoline.  It looks like a grater, but make no mistake, it does not work like a grater.  Not that I have ever experienced its EXTREME SHARPNESS personally. I use it a lot to grate carrots and zucchini into my salad.  Or to make zucchini into fake pasta.  Or to grate pears to make  the pear sauce over there on the sidebar.  One time I made ‘pink pear sauce’ before I noticed that I had grated something besides pears. I just saw some slaw over on Shelley’s blog that used jicima, and this would work perfect for that as well.  The reason I wanted to show it to you is because most mandolines cost a lot of money, but I think my friend only paid about $15 for it.  And even though I promptly melted part of it on my toaster oven, it still works great.

That is all for today.  We are off to watch at least one episode of the Dog Whisperer in hopes of finding solutions to our ‘little problem.’  Or at the very least, to be comforted by the fact that there are MUCH WORSE dogs out there in the world.


11 thoughts on “Why Mr. You-Know-Who Spends a Lot of Time Outside

  1. I think it would help you immensley if you can keep him tired. He’ll get into more mischief if he’s bored and energetic. A big puppy like he is and the big dog he’s gonna be he’s gonna need alot of mileage. Whether thats done by you walking/running him or maybe adding teaching him to fetch and have him run after the ball. You need to tucker him out. Does Sophie play with him??? They could tucker each other out. LOL! Puppyhood doesn’t last forever , just longer than i have patience for. 🙂 Your probably looking at two years before you notice a calmness about him i think. But i think you’ve had lots of dogs so you probably know all this . I’m just rambling. He’s such a cute little fluffball . I can see why you couldn’t resist him. Does he shed alot?? Jinx my black cat is giving me the cold shoulder because she can’t sit in my lap while i’m typing and its COLD! Only 23 degrees and the high is 29. You probably get colder but i’m in Texas girl! LOL! I would LOVE a cherry pitter. I don’t think i’ve ever seen one. Now i know what shape to look for anyway. Have a great day! Give Noah and Sophie a hug. You just talk about whatever is on your mind. You type it and we will read it! LOL! Jinx! rundebrun.blogspot.com

  2. Debby – my parents have a new puppy as well. They wrapped table and chair legs in either bubble wrap or old carpet strips to save them until their dog grows out of the chew stage.

    I love that look in his eye in the first pic – very mischieveous!

    Don’t ever apologize for what you put in your blog. It’s your blog so you write about what you want, and if you just want to write about the different shapes of blades of grass, that is your prerogative! 😀

    Dates = yum!

  3. Why do the words “Nom Nom Nom” keep going through my mind when I look at the pictures of Noah? Ah, puppyhood – luckily the chewing stage doesn’t (normally) last too long.

    I like your cherry pitter! And your mandoline looks less scary than mine, but still gives me the shivers!

  4. Oh my gosh I am laughing at you and Noah!! Keep the dog fodder coming – it’s great stuff!! And Lori is right – it’s YOUR blog so write whatever you want! 🙂

    When Shawn and I first got married, my aunt gave us a mandolin grater, but it was a kind of box thingie with lots of different attachmenta and NO INSTRUCTIONS. Being the green kiddos we were, we didn’t know how to use it so I think we sold it in a yard sale. What I wouldn’t give to have it back now!

    Cherry pitter! I just always bite them in half and spit out the seed. Not very lady-like, but it gets the job done. Now I want a cherry pitter! And a mandolin slicer!

  5. I love hearing about Noah. Those pics are too cute! And I agree with Jinx – a tired dog is a well behaved dog! Not sure how well it translates to puppies, but it HAS to help some. I see lots of long walks in your future. (Maybe you’ll need a stroller for Sophie!!!! Or do you already have one? I can’t remember…)

  6. With out dog, who is anything but a puppy now, I always say it’s a good thing he’s cute, because as recently as Tuesday, I came home to find he’d gotten into the kitchen trash (hubby forgot to secure it before he left the house – fie on him) and literally chewed and scattered the entire contents over most of the first floor of our house. He knows when he’s been bad, because he comes skulking into the kitchen when I yell for him with a guilty smile on his face! No lie. It’s pretty hilarious, and makes it hard to stay mad at him!

    Glad you’ve never personally experienced the sharpness of the mandolin – those things are like surgical instruments!

  7. I love hearing about Noah, too! Please don’t apologize for writing about him a lot; he’s a big, new part of your life right now. Write what you want, and not what you think we want…I think most of us first clicked over to this blog because you write about weight loss and maintenance; we found that it’s so much more, and keep coming back because we like *you* and your writing!

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