Embrace the Unusual

I guess its that time of year that people are really giving it the ol’ try ONE MORE TIME to lose that back forty.  There are lots of encouraging YOU CAN DO IT blogs out there right now.  I thought I’d take a different tack.  JUST DON’T BOTHER.  DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.  GIVE IT UP.


Unless you are willing to accept that you are going to have to do SOMETHING ELSE.  What you are doing now is not working.  You will have to do something else.  And you will have to do something else for the rest of your life.  That’s a big order.  For some, a bitter pill to swallow.  But you know, sometimes a bitter pill is the only cure available.

For each of us, the path is going to be a little different.  There is a lot of good food out there to choose from.  Some of the stuff you are eating might be okay.  Maybe you just need to ‘turn down the volume.’  There are lots of different exercise choices.  We all don’t have to do the same thing.

Now don’t get all upset.  I didn’t say you have to do EVERYTHING DIFFERENT, ALL AT ONCE.  Just something different.  For the rest of your life.

For me, the realization that I would have to do something different for the rest of my life came when I was 29 years old and weighed 230 pounds.  I wrote a college paper titled ‘Winning the Losing Game.’  It only took me 21 years and another 30 pounds to put that into action…

And for me, the ‘doing something different’ has changed and twisted along the path.  When I first started five years ago, I made a big change.  I went from eating fast food 3-5 times a week, to saving my ‘points’ (I was doing Weight Watchers at the time) for one fast food meal a week.  Now, fast food is not even on my radar.  I don’t think about it, don’t crave it.  Just don’t eat it, period.  Other changes weren’t quite as big.  I realized that little changes add up.  It was better to use Cool Whip Lite than regular Cool Whip.  I became quite enamored of Cool Whip Lite, and it served me well over the next few years.  Now, I haven’t kept Cool Whip Lite in my freezer for almost a year.

I knew that candy (and all things sweet) was a big problem.  I substituted ‘energy bars’ of all types and sizes.  I always had a stock of Weight Watchers snack bars on hand.  Dark Chocolate was supposed to be good for you, so I found a dark chocolate bar that I liked and indulged in that when I wanted some candy (which was almost every day.)  Eventually, most of these things changed too.  I realized that most of the energy bars were full of additives and junk that really wasn’t that good for me, so they are gone for the most part.  And the dark chocolate is still there, but I went from having the whole bar, to 1/2 a bar, to 1/4 of a bar, until now I am usually satisfied with a single square.

When I did away with the energy bars, I embarked on baking my own more healthy choices.  That worked for a while until I realized that I still love baked goods a little too much.  Even if they were healthy, you probably shouldn’t eat them four times a day.  Baked goods are not completely gone.  I just have to watch how often I eat them.

Since last April, when I started working out with Vicky, my personal trainer, my eating has done a one-eighty.  I never expected that to be a side effect of working with a personal trainer.  She is  a stickler for good whole foods, organic, no additives, no artificial sweeteners (I still have not conquered that one.)  I have tried more different foods in these last few months than I have tried in the last 30 years, I bet.  And a lot of them are GOOD!

Hmmm, I really didn’t start out to write all that stuff.  I just wanted to tell you about a new food combo I tried tonight that was REALLY good.  I guess that made me think back about the journey, and how I never would have put this in my mouth five years ago.  But this was really really good.  We have to learn that there are more good foods out there than what we have been sold in the last century.  You don’t have to try all these ‘crazy’ new foods all at once.  Just try one.  And then try it again.  You just never know when you will discover your next ‘favorite new food.’

Okay, back to what I ate tonight.  Remember the ‘zucchini fettucine?’ THAT STUFF was good, and I had one more serving of my favorite new spaghetti sauce in the freezer.  I had bought some zucchini at the store a couple of days ago just for this purpose.  I waited til I was hungry, and went to get the zucchini out of the fridge, and WHAT?  No zucchini?  There’s only me in this house, and I guess I already ate it all.  I do really like zucchini.  Then I remembered another idea I had had.  How ’bout doing carrots with that vegetable peeler idea?  And adding that really good sweet onion.  And then I decided to chop up some brown mushrooms to add to the mix.  I sauteed these all for a while, and topped with the spaghetti sauce.  Man oh man oh man.  That was really good.  Best of all, I have some of the veggie mix left over.  I might use it in a wrap tomorrow, along with a little asiago cheese.  See what I mean?  You gotta embrace the unusual.

And now for the Noah and Sophie report.  Noah went to the vet’s today.  He was such a good boy.  Very sociable, so calm, walking well on the leash, good in the crate in the car.  So he got a new toy on the way home.

Noah likes his new toy.

Noah REALLY likes his new toy.

Then Mom looked away for ONE SECOND and Noah found a new toy, the sofa cushion.

Noah doing his Steve Martin impression "I am a wild and CRAZY guy!"

"Mom, you have no idea just exactly how wild and crazy I can be!"

"Mom, I'm trying to be patient. But between Steve Martin there, and your blog, my patience is growing a bit thin. A cookie might help."


19 thoughts on “Embrace the Unusual

  1. Poor little Sophie she doesn’t quite know what to make of a new puppy does she???Wonder if she is still missing Oliver?? Look at all those wonderful pictures you have of Noah. Would look great scrapbooked!

    It is funny how the journey has changed ‘evolved’ over time isn’t it?? You know yourself and your relationship with food so much better now don’t you? Nothing stays the same. You have to ready and willing to change with it. Great post Debby. Thanks for stopping by my blog!Jinx!

    • I like that comment ‘Nothing stays the same.’ Yes, and if you are willing to go with that, you encounter all kinds of new delights along the way.


    and what you said about food made me start to think how NOT different we are from toddlers 🙂
    try something.
    try it again.
    try it a third time and THEN we are allowed to say ICK I DONT LIKE THIS.

    • That is so true, Miz! My brother was such a picky kid–didn’t like foods touching each other. So of course, the monster of all foods ‘touching each other’ was PIZZA! I think he cried when he had to try it.

      Now he is a power-lifting maniac whose favorite food of all time is cheese pizza (he still doesn’t like TOO MANY foods touching each other.)

  3. Debby- you head sounds like it is in such a good place.

    It’s true – tastes do change. Once you cleanse your palate of junk food, it’s amazing how things that were abhorrent actually taste good! (brussel sprouts 😀 )

  4. dog photo story was too cute.

    You have hit upon what I SEE in sucessful maintenance people –
    moving forward slowly but steadily, thinking about quality of food (instead of just counting it), eating cleaner and cleaner all the time.

    we are not all exactly the same, but the forward motion and nutrition seems to be a big factor in long term success.

    • I think the nutrition is KEY for those of us with food issues to maintain long-term. I guess there are some ‘naturally thin’ people who never had food issues who are able to maintain without primo nutrition. But for us, it is key.

  5. Oh, Debby. This post was exactly what I needed to see today. I’ve been at this process awhile and know that I’m so much healthier than I was, but in some ways I’m just as resistant to change as when I started. It’s discouraging to think that I need to change more to get where I want to be, because sometimes I feel like, “What’s LEFT to change? I thought I did all the *possible* changes.” But there’s always some room for improvement. At least, like you said, I don’t have to make a whole bunch of changes all at once, like I did when I was just starting.

    • Thanks, Pubsgal. When I wrote it, I wasn’t sure I was making sense. And I do think there is always something that can be changed. Sometimes I think it is as simple as changing one nutritious food for another nutritious food.

  6. What a true post – what you did is so similar to what has happened to me…the evolution of how my eating has changed is nothing short of amazing. The same holds true for me – I don’t even think about eating fast food anymore, and me and Taco Bell go way back! Great insights, Debby!

    Now, about those dogs…props to Sophie for putting up with the new pup. Love the slightly worried look in her eyes! And Noah – love his Steve Martin pose. He is such a cutie! Hmmm, he’s white-haired, and Steve is white-haired…maybe Noah should have been named Steve! I had his comedy routines memorized back in the day, btw.

    • Ha! Shelley, LOVE it that someone gets my ‘older’ sociological references. King Tut….hahahahaha!

      Did you see ‘Its complicated?’ He played it so straight, and was really sweet. But I found myself reminiscing wistfully about the stupid crazy things he used to do. Guess I”ll have to hit Netflix for some of his really old stuff.

      Isn’t it amazing how similar many of our journeys are? I guess that’s why we like each other!

  7. ” Unless you are willing to accept that you are going to have to do SOMETHING ELSE. What you are doing now is not working. You will have to do something else. And you will have to do something else for the rest of your life. That’s a big order. For some, a bitter pill to swallow. But you know, sometimes a bitter pill is the only cure available.”

    This is right where I am RIGHT NOW. I’m realizing that if I want to be the healthy change I envision, I’m going to have to actually CHANGE for really reals. There is a part of the iChange thing I’m doing that says to purge your pantry of all the junk – this has had me paralyzed for 3 days, and I’m not sure why. I KNOW intellectually that this is a big step toward success, but emotionally it’s probably the hardest part. Since I have 4 other people to consider in my household, I am scared of confronting them with the idea of telling them “all that cereal, those snacks, those crackers, your cookies, all that stuff you love? Yeah well it’s gotta go!” I am so afraid of the backlash that might ensue – I don’t want to deal with the complaints and whining etc that I’m sure will follow, and yet I know it’s the right thing to do.

    Crossroads = population, me.

    Okay so I didn’t intend to write a blog post, but I just wanted to say that the first part of your post hit a nerve (in a good way), and the second part made me lol!! 🙂

  8. You are so right. If you would have told me what I’d be eating today and how I’d be moving – well, first off, I wouldn’t have believed you and secondly, I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

    Thanks for the honest post. It’s all well and good to be supportive of each other here in blogland but it’s so much more helpful to have honesty. It’s not always easy to do the ‘in your face’ posts and sometimes they don’t go over real well – but yours was honest AND nice. 🙂 Thanks Debby!

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  10. Oh the photos! Noah really does look like Steve Martin!!!!

    And Sophie would get along swimmingly with my Cecilia. I can just tell.

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