A Quilty Day

Evenin’ all!  Hope all is well with you and hope you have an excellent weekend.  Not too much to report here.  Had a great day.  Actually got some quilt work in.  Took the doggies for a walk this morning.  Mr. You-Know-Who is really pretty good on the leash for a puppy.  But it does not tire him out. It seems to energize him.  I will really be glad when he is big enough to go for my walk-runs with me.  Its kinda lonely by myself.

Food was most excellent today.  Remembered to take a picture of my lunch.  I had in mind to make a wrap or a quesadilla with that leftover veggie mix.  Well, at least got part of my freezer cleaned out.  I buy wraps and tortillas, etc, and don’t eat all of them, so I put them in the freezer.  But then I never eat them.  I was looking for those whole wheat/corn tortillas that I got at Trader Joe’s (because they have more flavor) and I couldn’t find them.  When I finally found them (in the fridge) they were a little moldy. But I found the package of ‘spinach pizzas’ that I had gotten at Trader Joe’s (140 calories, basically just a crust) and I piled the veggies on the crust and grated 1/2 ounce of  asiago cheese to put on top.  SCORE!  Another great combo.  Came in at about 245 calories.  I ended up folding each piece in half and eating it like a sandwich.  The half pear with it was really good too (as evidenced by the bite taken out of it before I took the picture…)

Here’s an update on the quilting.  The ‘slums’ quilt, in progress.  I am sewing the patches on by hand the way I imagine the slums develop–just one person putting up a ‘roof’ or a shelter and the next building on to that, or between two.

The simple squares quilt.  Decided to keep the quilting simple.  All that’s left to do is finish the edges.

Since I decided to leave the quilting on this one so plain, I wanted to piece together a quilt top that would feature the quilting.  I need to challenge myself this way.

Sophie consulted on the construction of the quilt.

Sophie puts her stamp of approval on the finished product.

The quilt top ready to be quilted:

Have to work tomorrow, so will try to check in with everyone on Sunday.  Habanada!


6 thoughts on “A Quilty Day

  1. I am such a dweeb that I had to look up “habanada” – thanks be to Urban Dictionary, I am in the know!

    Your quilt color combinations are so soothing. Love how Sophie helps you!

    What a great idea to top the frozen pizza with your leftovers! Nice way to turn lemons into pizza? Wait, that was a bad analogy. Oh well, you know what I mean!

  2. Ha! I AM SUCH A DWEEB I didn’t know there was such a thing as the Urban dictionary! And can I say I’m just a little proud that I ‘spelled it right?’ I absolutely loved that episode of Raymond!

    Sophie jumps on my quilting chair EVERY time I get up, which is quite frequently what with ironing seams open and all.

    If you have a Trader Joe’s, those little ‘spinach pizzas’ really are very tasty. In the summer I just add tomatoes, no cheese.

  3. I LOVE the colors of your quilt! You’re inspiring me to start doing something in the evenings . I need to 1) stay away from food and 2) really try not to work in the evenings. I was thinking of doing some really simple quilts or blankets for the kids to start. Even thinking of flannel rag quilts for the little ones, and something special for my oldest to take to college in the fall…aaaah! sniff sniff

    Do you have a recipe for that veggie mixture? looks great!

  4. I love how Sophie is such an attentive helper! The slums quilt is coming along beautifully. I just read a novel about India set partly in the slums. A gorgeous book but pretty darn depressing – The Space Between Us if you are interested.

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