Somethin’ New

And a little unusual…remember…embrace the unusual. Monday’s talk with Vicky was about snack attacks.  I had another day at work where I WOULD NOT QUIT EATING.  I was frustrated at the time that I was doing it, but not frustrated enough to stop.  Afterwards I figured out it was emotional eating, in that, I just did not want to be at work.

Vicky had some good suggestions, including keeping a bag of baby carrots in my pocket and eating one the minute I got the urge for sugar or whatever.  And that will actually work for me, because I always wear a scrub jacket with big pockets while I am at work.  Then she brought out a new snack idea for me to try:

Its roasted seaweed, only 25 calories for the whole pack, and only 60 mg sodium.  Evidently seaweed has some really good micronutrients for you, including iron.  I couldn’t believe I actually liked this stuff.  I said, ‘hmm, it tastes like something familiar.’  ‘Fish?’ Vicky suggested.  ‘Yeah, salmon.’  And I liked them.  I liked the way you fold them up in your hand and then bite into them.  And they kind of melt and kind of are chewy.  Here’s what a single one looks like.  I think you get more than 10 sheets in a pack.

So today I had a hankering for some veggie stir fry, and I thought this stuff would add a nice oriental flavoring to the mix.  I only used four sheets and it was just right.  A great stir fry if I do say so myself.

Just the basics:  onion, mushrooms, carrots, and brocolli, with one ounce of chicken and 1/2 serving of rice.  Yumm!

My eating was a little weird today, but it all worked out in the long run.  Started out with some oatmeal with quinoa and flax mixed in,  and a sprinkling of raisins.  Darn oatmeal–it just doesn’t hold me long enough.  So mid-morning I had some yogurt with a pear and a bit of muesli–very yummy.  Somewhere in there I got into a TERRIBLE MOOD (probably left over from the car/insurance trauma) and so I had to have a second cup of coffee with two lobars.  Oops–this brought my calorie intake to 670 before noon…

But then I got busy quilting, and finally my mood lightened, and by 3pm I was starting to get hungry, so decided to make my ‘dinner plans’ of stir fry.  All the food caught up with me, and I really wasn’t hungry again until almost 7pm, so I just had a bunch of roasted brussel sprouts.  And to end the evening, I had enough calories left to enjoy some chai tea and a blueberry scone.

I took Mr. You Know Who for 2 walks today, and then left him at home and did a little extra run-walking myself–in search of those running endorphins LOL.

Noah's mom forgot that it DOES occasionally rain in California.


7 thoughts on “Somethin’ New

  1. I might have said this before – you need PROTEIN at breakfast to hold you. Egg whites are the simplest. Not in your oatmeal of course – as an egg whte omelet. Can put aspargus or spinach in their easily.

  2. That’s why I put the quinoa and the flax in there, but obviously that’s not enough. I usually add walnuts, and that works better. I actually have put egg whites in the oatmeal and it is okay. I have also added egg whites and I think a little dairy (can’t remember what) and baked it, and that was okay too. I guess I could just eat a hunk of meat (just kidding…)

  3. I had an eating day yesterday, too…I was just HUNGRY all day long!

    Now, I have to preface this by saying that I don’t like seafood at all, but that seaweed snack? Yuck! And I can safely say that because I’ve actually tried a tiny piece…my 7 year old niece loves that stuff and shared some with me when she was visiting last June. Blech. But, hey, more power to you if you can stomach it.

    Hope we both can get our stomachs under control today!

    • But Shelley, you worked out HARD yesterday–you earned that hunger. I actually don’t mind if I eat when I am hungry. But when I eat when I am full…it drives me nuts!

      And yeah, if you don’t like seafood, you would hate that stuff! I really like seafood a lot, but it still comes as a surprise to taste it as a snack–have to adjust your expectations, you know?

  4. I love Noah! LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE him!!!!

    Anyway – good gravy girl – is there anything you WON’T eat?! I will trust you when you say they are good, because they don’t look very appetizing – sorry! 🙂 That is a good idea about adding them to your stirfry though!

    I was hungrier than usual last night and it finally hit me that I have increased my exercise (from none to some) and so that’s why I was hungry! I was so proud of myself for figuring it out before I did any damage!

    Some days you just want what you want – you needed comfort and you found it in the form of food. It happens, don’t sweat it. I know you know that, but just thought it bears repeating.

    And blueberry scone = now I want one. 🙂

  5. Noah is just getting bigger already! It’s amazing how fast they grow.

    I get days like that too, where I just can’t get satisfied. Sometimes it’s emotional, and sometimes I think the body just gets tired of being put in a deficit for so long.

    I’m with Shelley – I was giving those seaweed things the stinkeye while reading LOL!

  6. Good grief, you guys gave me a good laugh when I came home just now! I guess I’ve gone ‘beyond the unusual!’ But I really like fish. And did I mention they were salty? Never mind. I can see I’m not gonna sell these.

    I’m glad you like my dog though.

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