Perfect Pairings

Does anybody remember the Ben & Jerry ice cream type characters on the movie ‘City Slickers?’  They prided themselves on pairing the perfect ice cream with any meal.

I really related to that scene.  I love to think up food combos that go together really well.  And now, if it is nutritious, filling, and low calorie….well, WOOF!  I love it.  Last night I came up with such a pair.  I tried a new recipe.  It sounded really good, and it seemed a little adventurous to me because 1) it was soup (I don’t eat or make soup that much) and 2) it seemed to have more ‘fat’ in the recipe than I am use to adding.  I found the recipe on Dineen’s newsletter.  Dineen is the gal who paired up with Miz to do a teleconference class on Jumpstart Healthy Living 2010.  I can’t find the recipe on her website (I got it in an email) so I will post it in my sidebar–Dineen’s Roasted Tomato Soup. I thought about what would go good with this soup.  The obvious answers were crackers, or a slice of really great bread.  Neither of which I had in my house.  Then I remembered the ham and cheese breakfast muffins in the freezer.  S. C. O. R. E.!!!  These things freeze really well.  I warmed it up in the toaster oven, which takes longer, but is definitely worth it.  It was nice and crisp on the outside, and moist and wonderfully gooey on the inside.  The PERFECT compliment to my homemade tomato soup.  Added a side of brocolli, just for volume, and that was a great dinner.  And you get that wonderful feeling of eating a really nutritious low-calorie meal to boot.  Plenty of calories left over to enjoy a dessert later in the evening of cherries and homemade yogurt with a sprinkling of  granola on top, along with one square of dark chocolate (another perfect pairing, in my humble opinion :))  )

The ham and cheese muffins reminded me of another favorite recipe that I haven’t made for a long time, and since I had some fresh cherries, I decided to make some cherry popovers this morning.

Really good.  Have quite a bit of protein, and very low cal.  The other day on Vicky’s blog, talking about protein, and how I don’t like to eat eggs for breakfast, I joked that ‘I guess I could just eat a hunk of meat.’  And then I thought, why not?  I have a ton of leftover ham in the freezer.  Ham is a ‘breakfast meat.’  So I’ve done that a couple of times recently.  A pretty low cal way to add protein to your breakfast.

Yesterday was a really good day all around.  I took Noah for a walk before the storm hit–it was just really windy.  He is really getting good at the walking already.  And he is growing by leaps and bounds!


10 thoughts on “Perfect Pairings

  1. I think its the angle. Most of the time he doesn’t really look like that. He looks more mischievous or like he’s almost smiling.

  2. Noah: “MY toy, Sophie”
    Sophie (thinking): “I’ll wait until he’s asleep, then we’ll see whose toy it is!”

    So cute, both of them! Noah is getting so fluffy!

    Ok, Debby – your recipes sound so great that I actually will have to start doing some real cooking one of these days!

    • Shelley, you make better doggie captions than I do. I swear, most of the time I have no idea what Sophie is thinking. I think she is suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome (her three friends died in one year and now she is stuck with this hellion!)

      You mean you get the cooking light magazine and don’t cook all the recipes in it LOL?

  3. It comes from lots of years of living with dachshunds, lol! I do cook from Cooking Light, but most of it is “put together” meals, not actually measuring out flour, etc, mixing it up and baking it! That seems like more work to me, although probably wouldn’t take as long as my salads do.

    • Did I know you had dachshunds and forget it? I LOVE my dachshunds so much. They are joyful. And Sophie is such a character usually. With Oliver, who was so completely good natured, he would be chewing on a bone, and she would bark and bark and run to the door or the window pretending there was something so interesting outside, and the minute he got up, she would go and take his bone!

      That’s so funny about the cooking. Yes baking seems simple to me, and salads seem complex! I have gotten a lot better about making a big salad, but it has taken years for me to ‘get into the groove.’

  4. Mmmmm….those popovers look wonderful!!! I’ll have to try them sometime.

    I can’t believe how much Noah has grown!

    Is the storm hitting where you are yet? We’ve had some wild-and-wooly days this week.

  5. I was going to write a little about the storm tonight. I think there was a lot more wind in the valley, from what I heard on the radio. But it was windy enough in my little rental car, and there is so much rain that it is making mud in my yard that is mostly rocks! And puddles on sloping ground. Crazy. Fun, too, with a big white hairy dog…and a little hairless one that hates going outside to go potty when it is wet.

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