Just a Tidbit

Rain.  Rain.  More rain.  I know.  Shut up you stupid spoiled Californians.  Will you never be satisfied?  You cry because there is not enough rain, and then you complain when it finally does rain.  Hmmm. Reminds me of a certain group of people in the desert who didn’t like eating manna any more.  Which, BTW, I have always wanted to try.  It just seems like it would be so yummy.

Well.  That was not what I intended to say.  I have been experimenting with food today.  And I think I have come up with two new recipes that are blogworthy.  I wish some of you lived close by so I could have you test them out and let me know if my sense of taste is still on target.  I guess I’ll eat them again tomorrow and then post them.  One is a quinoa breakfast blend.  I did get the idea from this blogger, but I made mine a little differently.  And the other was a pumpkin dessert–a heartier healthier version of my pumpkin custard.

In spite of all this rain, I have really done well in the exercise department.  I got out this morning for a walk with Noah and then a run by myself before the rain started.  I was pretty pleased with myself that I got out there before the rain because I do still have the tendency to procrastinate when it comes to the exercise.

In less than 3 weeks, Noah has gone from 23 pounds to 35 pounds!  Yikes.  Kind of reminds me of ‘Clifford the Big Red Dog.’  Did Clifford chew on EVERYTHING in his line of sight?  We have a LONG time to go before the teething/chewing thing is over.  Maybe I’ll lose some weight chasing after him…

A day like today is so interesting to me.  Because I ate really heavy early in the day.  So at 4pm, when I took a planned break and had some coffee and lobars, I was not hungry, and in fact I was too full to eat the second lobar.  THEN I was not hungry for dinner.  At 7pm I finally had another small piece of salmon and some broccoli.  Of course I saved room to try my pumpkin dessert.  I really thought I was going to go over my calorie allotment today, but I came in at 1305.  Having a big breakfast really does decrease your total intake for the day.

If any of you are still wondering about yogurt making, Vickie has written a wonderful post about her experience in making yogurt.  Quite scientific, and full of wonderful pictures.  She makes all of her yogurt Greek yogurt.  I am still quite enamored of yogurt making, and am finding more and more ways of using it.  It really works well in a lot of recipes.

I can’t remember if I updated you on my car thing.  The insurance company approved the repairs.  I was afraid they were going to say it was totaled.  So I am quite happy that I will get my car back.  I will appreciate it a lot more from now on.  In the meantime, this little Kia that they gave me is not all that fun to drive in stormy weather. But it does the job.

Have a great weekend.  I am back to work.

P.S.  I keep forgetting to ask:  has anyone tried those MBT shoes?  I am very interested in them.  But a little reluctant to spend a lot of money on them if they are not going to be comfortable.


14 thoughts on “Just a Tidbit

  1. *whispers** dont spend the money 🙂
    I like mine because they are FUN to wear but NO changes in the bod as a result.

    that said my husband and a few friends have pairs they never wear because the MBTs CAUSED back pain.

    could just be them, but….

  2. I have NOT tried shoes because of my knee and lower back problems.

    I think it would be asking for trouble for me. My shoe guy totally agreed.

    My shoe/ortho guy did say that need to start slowly with them (he agrees NOT me, but other people trying them).

    And he said not to start with exercise walking – but regular walking.

    I personally think they look like a trend thing that will end up causing people more problems than solutions.

    People will think they can get ‘more’ from less in wearing them. (more exercise with less walking/time). And they are no magic ‘things’ that will do this. Your tabata intervals will get you more without causing a physical problem.

    • I didn’t really want them for exercise benefits. I wondered if they would be more comfortable for me to wear to work–no matter what I wear, my feet and sometimes legs are so tired at the end of the day. There’s probably no shoe in the world that can solve that problem (12 hour shifts)

  3. I think Sketchers has come out with a similar shoe for a lot less money, but I haven’t tried either one, so I can’t really give an honest opinion. I think they would be fun to wear, but as far as expecting results – I would put my expectations really low.

    I love quinoa! I made a quinoa risotto-type dish once and it was so good! I love quinoa and couscous because you can do so many different things with them.

    I puffy heart Clifford the Big Red Dog. My daughter Sarah came thisclose to being named Emily Elizabeth!!

    • That’s what got me interested in them again. A couple of girls at work had the Sketchers, and one of them mentioned that the price on MBT’s had come way down.

      Yes, I am anxious to try more quinoa recipe experiments. Seems like it would be good mixed in with a rice dish too.

  4. I can’t get around eating quinoa for breakfast but I see that a lot of bloggers are starting to do that…more importantly, where is the recipe for your pumpkin custard?!? Now THAT sounds good!

    I wonder if the MBTs are like the Fit Flops – really expensive shoes that don’t do as much as their commercials say. Remember Dr. Scholl’s back in the day? They were supposed to make you grip the wooden bed with your toes and make your legs pretty? All I got was leg cramps and bruised ankles because I would occasionally crack my opposite leg with the shoe while walking.

    Dang, Noah is getting big! Does he have a nylabone? Those are the only things that last a while with my dog – he’s 3 1/2 and still loves to chew but thankfully keeps it to his toys now.

    • That video that I linked to has her using quinoa that she cooked the night before to make the quinoa breakfast.

      The original pumpkin custard is on the sidebar, but I will post this new recipe tomorrow or Sunday.

      Yes, I can hardly believe how fast Noah is growing. Yes, Rindy was a nylabone addict, so there are plenty of them around. I had to pick up all the little ones though, because I am afraid he will swallow them whole! He also has a kong, which amuses him for quite a while. He really likes the tennis ball and other ‘soft’ toys the best. But when he is in the house, it is like he is exploring his environment with his mouth.

  5. Did you say pumpkin?? ** looking around ** I don’t see it!

    Congrats on the car!

    I haven’t tried any uber shoes. I go through shoes like you would not believe, always have my whole life, so I have to be careful how much money goes out towards shoes.

  6. I’m cracking up at Shelley because I totally clock my ankles with wooden sole shoes as well! I think it’s because I’m slightly bowlegged.

    And I’m also intrigued by MBTs / Sketchers / etc. My dad was talking about them in FL so I was wondering if I might score some. But I didn’t and I’m too cheap to spring for them myself.

    Hey MBT people – I’ll test these for you!!!!

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