Is this what it feels like to work regular hours?  Its 9pm, and I would usually just be arriving home, exhausted and depressed, having left my house at 5:15am.  Today I started something new–splitting one 12 hour shift into two 6 hour shifts.  So I got up this morning at 6am WITHOUT an alarm clock, enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and breakfast, and a little quiet time, and left for work before 7:30.  I was in the parking lot and on my way home by 3:20.  HEAVEN!!  I came straight home, and got in a really long walk/run with Noah (he’s getting faster!) and still had energy for a little house work.  I fixed a real dinner, watched an episode of Monk, and checked out a few blogs.  Now I’m tired, but NORMAL tired.  Not feeling like the world is going to end tomorrow tired.  Not shaking my legs to stay awake because they are insisting on going to sleep (does anyone else experience this?  It is the weirdest feeling–like your body is going to go to sleep no matter what your mind tries to tell it to do.)

Oh, and to get back to the normal topic of this blog–food–here is another little bit of heaven.  I try to make most of my ‘desserts’ healthy mini-meals.  Have I told you guys about this combo?  Just take about 1/2 cup of your favorite yogurt and 1/2 cup of frozen blueberries and stir them together until the yogurt is a little frosty and the blueberries are a little softened.  I add in about 50 calories worth of walnuts–HEAVEN in a bowl!

8 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Working regular hours sounds like a great thing to do for yourself if you can work it out. Not getting home until 9 p.m. is tough and really can upset my equilibrium. I’ve worked a lot of evening and night shifts over the years and they always messed up my rhythm! Your yogurt sounds yummy! Your food on yesterday’s post also sounded good, but for some reason I couldn’t comment. Thanks for always posting such positive and helpful stuff!

  2. I work night shift in a hospital,but it is my eyes that try to go to sleep on me. They feel like they want to close no matter what by the end of a 12 hr shift. I know the joy of working a regular shift-especially a day shift for me!When I have to go in for an 8 hr class-love it.But I am 37,I always wonder how much harder it must be for those older than me to work those long shifts. My daughter got a kick out of your Noah pics-she thinks he should be named Fluffy!

    • Yes, when I worked night shift, my eyes did that too. Sometimes on the way home in the car–aaargh! Yes, I used to be able to stand the 12 hour shifts much better. I definitely think it has to do with age. A lot of my co-workers on the day shift are the same age as me, and they are often as weary as me. And I am noticing that a lot of nurses retire at a relatively young age. Yes, the job itself is stressful, but I think the hours are almost equally at fault.

      That’s funny! When we were kids, my brother had an imaginary fluffy white dog named ‘Fruffy.’

  3. Yay for you and changing your hours!! I shifted my hours from 7am-3:30pm to 8am-4:30pm and it has made such a big difference – my days just flow better now. It’s only an hour difference, but my body loves being able to sleep that extra hour!!

    I had a revelation last night: you need to do a video post with Noah so we can all see him in action!!!!!!!!! Please please please please pretty please?!!! 🙂

    My favorite breakfast is Cheerios with frozen blueberries – it makes the milk ice cold and sometimes it even makes it a little slushy! I ♥ frozen blueberries!

  4. Ooh, that sounds good! I love cheerios. I might have to take a break from my ‘cereal abstinence’ to try that!

    And yes, I have been thinking about a video post with Noah–how to get him in action might be a little challenging. Maybe I’ll take the camera on our walk this morning.

  5. I have started eating walnuts in my yogurt too. good way to automatically get my nuts in each day.

    my husband has always eaten blue berries in his. it is the only way he can eat plain.

  6. Sounds like the blueberries make it into a frozen yogurt concoction – yum!

    Your new work hours sound wonderful – so glad you are getting more daytime in your day!

  7. Is this a permanent hour change? Sounds good!
    My hours are not permanent and can change a lot during the day. I have a specific start time, but how long my day is depends on how busy it is. That is one thing I don’t like about my job because it may take 12 hours to get in 8 hours worth of work.

    I love strawberries in yogurt!

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