Good Morning

Hi all!  I gotta write fast–I am off for another grueling six hour workday–HA!  Thanks for all the nice comments.  To answer one question–I still will have to work some 12  hour shifts.  And of course, this will mean that I have to commute more days per week.  But for now, I think it is worth a trial run to have more of my life be a regular rhythm.

Yesterday I met a friend for lunch.  We had a plan.  Share a salad (BBQ chicken, Lori!) and then go for a frozen yogurt!  In between we stopped at the thrift store where I scored a brand new jacket and two springtime tops.  I like checking the thrift store to see if my size has changed–a cheap way to get a little treat for my hard work.  The yogurt place had my favorite ‘original tart.’  This stuff is only 60 calories per half cup!  Yes, I had more than 1/2 a cup.  My toppings were walnuts and carob chips–simple and classic.  Only thing was, we sat and talked so long, we decided to get seconds.  Oops.  Fun, though.  And I was not that hungry for dinner, so just had some eggies mixed into that cauliflower-potato bake (this is EXCELLENT, BTW) and a small piece of pineapple.

After the yogurt, I hit the gym before going home.  And this is mostly what I wanted to write about.  I tried the ‘super slow lifting’ that Miz wrote about the other day. Hey, this stuff is hard.  But in a good way.  I wasn’t sure, but I chose to go about 10 pounds lighter than I usually do on the machines and did two sets.  The second set was always less than 10.  And I am sore today.  But good sore.  It was a little hard to make myself go that slow.  One man commented that I had ‘done that well.’  I don’t know if he had heard of the super slow or not.  But at least he didn’t think I was crazy.

I’d better run.  Gonna try to get in a little walk with Noah before I leave.   I am getting plenty of exercise these days, trying to walk Noah twice a day to make up for his lack of ‘house time.’

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Sounds like a nice day yesterday. With 12 hour shifts, are you a nurse? I don’t think you are, but 12 hour shifts smack of nursing! I have to try that potato cauliflower dish. Sounds awesome.

  2. Love tart yogurt – a Red Mango is going in near my workplace in March and I am planning on walking there for a treat fairly often!

    I’ll bet you have so much more energy on these 6 hour days – shoot, I feel energized just reading about your shortened work day!

  3. Yes the tart yogurt is a pretty nice treat, as long as I control myself on the toppings–it is self serve. And of course, they provide you with GIANT cups. I take the smallest and fill it halfway, and I think that is still a whole cup.

    And, yes, I am a nurse. Isn’t it funny, the things you presume everybody knows about you? I am a neonatal intensive care nurse. The reason we are doing the 6 hour shifts is to provide break coverage, because of the laws and the configuration of our unit.

    So far I love the 6 hour days. So nice to feel normal more of the time. We will see if the commute becomes wearing. I might get more books on tape or download some stuff or something.

    That potato-cauliflower dish is a new favorite of mine. Could be varied quite a bit. But I like that it can be used a number of ways–add to eggs, soup, rice, etc… Just plain it is awesome too.

  4. My original free weights instructor mixed slow and fast all the time. So I started this way. And she also did THREE sets. Sometimes the same number in each set, sometimes decreasing sets. One of my favorite classes with her is when we did light and fast. After several weeks of regular or slow, light and fast kicks butt.

    and I was always taught (at the gym) if you are using machines instead of free weights – that you always do SLOW. this must be unique – because so many of you have commented that slow on the machines is new concept to you – ?

  5. Hi Debby – I hope you get this comment since it’s on your last post. I just read your comment about the puppy – it’s just a google image! I’m a BIG dog kind of gal!

    I tried to respond to your TIRED post this morning and couldn’t. Sometimes when I go to your comment page, it’s offset to the left, and I can’t get the cursor to enter the field to comment. AARRGGHH! I wanted to thank you for your honesty about being in a blah place – I think of you as a beacon of success and serenity on this journey. It’s helpful to know that even you have “off” times, and muddle through them. It reminds me that I can do it too.

    The thing with your comment page doesn’t happen every time, but several times recently I haven’t commented. It’s happened at home and work, so I don’t think it’s my computer. Anyway – I hope you get this!!

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