Everything’s All Better

I was okay yesterday.  And okay this morning.  But not primo…  then this afternoon, after cutting out early from a boring class at work, and having a great time shopping for fun but necessary stuff at Trader Joe’s and Costco (can you believe I got in and out of Costco in less than 30 minutes and managed to get almost everything on my list AND spent $230!!!) and then meeting an old friend (former charge nurse) for lunch, eating too much, and having some great conversation, including the feasibility of my retiring, I was on my way home, and I listened to this song for the zillionth time, and the words just ENERGIZED ME:

Joy unspeakable that won’t go away

Just enough strength to live for the day

So I never have to worry what tomorrow will bring

Cause my faith’s on solid rock I’m counting on God

Okay, that is all for the day.  Tomorrow we will talk about that little phrase I slipped in there–‘eating too much.’  But tonight ‘I feel good–ooooowwww,’* I have plans for tomorrow, and ideas for the rest of my life.  I am energized!

*(think James Brown, which BTW, I forgot to recommend a movie, Young at Heart.  It is a documentary about a guy who takes senior citizens and teaches them to perform rock songs.  It is a great story.  And you haven’t lived until you’ve seen an 80 year old man with spinal degeneration sing ‘I feel good—ooowwww.’)


2 thoughts on “Everything’s All Better

  1. $230 at Costco is why I gave up my membership! I tended to do a little too much impulse shopping. Plus, where in my house am I going to store 20 rolls of paper towels?

    Yay for hanging out with an old friend. And thanks for the reminder on Young At Heart. I wanted to watch that, but forgot about it. Now it’s on my movie rental list. 🙂

  2. Glad you are feeling better! I remember the days of shopping at Costco – how I loved that place. And yes, spent a ton of money there…I’d like to think I would be more prudent now, but truthfully, I would probably still go a little crazy with the purchases there. Luckily (or sadly, depending on how you look at it), we only have a Sam’s Club nearby, which is really dull. Hard to overspend there, that’s for sure!

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