Checking In

Good morning all!  Hope you are having a sunny and enjoyable President’s Day!  It is really a beautiful day here.

I caught a cold last Thursday, and it has about run its course.  It was pretty mild as far as colds go, and I have not had a cold for about three years, so I feel pretty fortunate.  I like to think that the healthy way I eat helps my immune system to fight off the normal dose of colds and flu.  I stayed home, took Noah for two walks a day, and stayed right on track with my food.  There was a day or two there where it seemed like all I did was think about food and wait for the next meal, but I did it.  It was so nice yesterday that I even gave Noah a bath.  This is him all fluffy and clean and on the couch, which he is not supposed to be on but I let him stay there long enough to take the picture because otherwise he never sits still…

And this is his ‘glamour shot.’  He is very photogenic.  In person he usually looks like a wild and crazy guy.  (scroll down for pictures.)

11 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Love the “hair” on top of Noah’s head – he is so fluffy that I just want to squeeze him! His sloppy sit on your couch is so puppy-like – all feet and legs!

    Glad your cold wasn’t too bad – I like to think that I’ve not gotten sick lately because of the way I eat. Hey, there has to be a reward for this, right?!?

    • Ha–not quite yet. But the ‘nanny’ dog in Finding Neverland was a dog that looked very much like Noah. So maybe when he grows up a little. Sophie did her best to be a lap warmer. Not sure if that was for me or for her…

    • Welcome Roxie! I visited your blog and see that you are another of us maintaining a 100 pound weight loss–congratulations on that!! Hope you enjoy my blog…it’s not ALWAYS about Noah LOL!

  2. Being around the house more does up the food struggle! I pulled a hamstring two weeks ago and have not been able to do much at the gym. I kick around the house and think about food all day long! Going to the gym this afternoon to try a few flexibility things. Will step on the scale and see how I’ve made out. Glad you’re feeling better and hope your scale showed no damage!

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