Doing the Things that Scare Me

Good grief, its a long and silly list when I started thinking about it.  But  I did some of those scary things today.  And hopefully I will learn to not be so scared by these things when they come up in the future.

So yesterday I get a surprise package in the mail from my BF.  It was Microsoft Office!!!  I KNOW.  That doesn’t seem so scary, does it?  But frustrating computer stuff I just avoid like the plague.  And this is what happened.  I used to have Microsoft Office on my computer.  The main thing I loved was “Entourage” which I loved very much because it was just a neat email thingy, and especially made it easy to send pictures.  One day it just stopped working, like over a year ago.  I tried every which way to get it to start back up.  It seemed like just one cog was missing.  My BF told me I needed to just get the new edition.  Besides the cost, every time I thought about getting it, I would get a little afraid that the new one wouldn’t work either.  And I would try to resurrect the old one again.  So when I got this package, I told my friend, ‘someone sent me a very scary package in the mail!’  But today I installed it!  There were a few glitches, but overall, it was very easy.  They give you so many prompts, telling you just what key to hit or where to click.

Then, something I REALLY didn’t want to do–call my insurance company.  When I had that accident, there was a small crack in my windshield, which I was coexisting with just fine.  But when that guy hit my car the crack extended all the way across the windshield.  And when I picked the car up, the car repair guy said the insurance company had denied the windshield repair.  I told both my dad and my BF that I didn’t think it was worth fighting with my insurance company over, and they both told me I should at least call and try.  But I get so upset at insurance companies, I swear my blood pressure goes sky high.  ANYWAYS, I called them (I think the reason I did these things today was because I was too tired to do anything else…) and a very nice insurance adjuster helped me, and said she was going to speak to Mitchell the guy who had seen my car and approved the repairs.  Victory #2!!!  But wait, it gets better.  Mitchell just called and said he is going to have a windshield repair company come to my house and replace my windshield.  I didn’t have to get upset, I didn’t have to argue.  It was all so very nice and civil.

THEN…I made the leap.  I filled out the forms online, and officially opened my ‘Etsy shop.’  I don’t know why this was scary.  I was worried I would choose the wrong name.  Worried no one would look at my quilts.  Worried that I would waste my time (this is my biggest ‘fear.’)  Anyway, don’t get too excited.  I haven’t actually listed any quilts yet.  But you will be the first to know!  I have to take some good pictures of them.  And I decided I had done enough ‘work’ for the day.

I don’t have any grand conclusions for you in all this.  Just sometimes we blow things up in our mind to be much bigger or harder than they actually are.

In other news, I had a great workout with Vicky this morning.  She had planned a circuit that combined cardio and weight lifting.  I did really well, and I think that all the extra walking/running I have been doing helped make the cardio portion easier.  I was really tired before I went, and actually, I was still tired afterward, but I felt so good for going and working out that hard.

I made that Fabulous Quinoa Breakfast this morning, and I must say, it is fabulous.  But if straight quinoa is too grainy for you, you can mix it in with some oatmeal, which is what I did with two of the servings (it makes three servings.)  This recipe keeps really well in the frig, and so makes a quick and easy breakfast for work or on mornings I don’t want to cook.

Today I have been tired all day.  And I mostly just puttered–well, I guess I told you what I did.  I actually did a little house work, and I made a new batch of yogurt, which came out extra creamy–YUMM.  Back to the being tired.  This week was an experiment in work.  I worked 12 hour shifts Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday, followed by 6 hour shifts Thursday and tomorrow.  And the good thing is, I am tired, and I was tired after every day of work.  But I am not sad and depressed like I usually get after work.  So the 6 hour shifts are a really good thing.

Noah is doing really well.  Getting to be a gangly teenager now.  He is four months old today.  A friend at work got him this cute snake toy, and he was nice enough to share it with Sophie.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures of them playing tug of war–it was hilarious.

Have an excellent weekend everybody!

11 thoughts on “Doing the Things that Scare Me

  1. Your conclusion was dead on – I almost always make things bigger in my mind than they are. Good on ya for facing them and getting good results!

    I love etsy – can’t wait to see your shop!

    Sophie and Noah playing with that snake are so cute, esp. the last picture with Sophie’s paw on the snake’s head.

  2. Congrats on doing the scary stuff. I’m terrible about blowing things out of proportion. It helps sometimes if i ask myself’Whats the worse that could happen?’ and usually its nothing that bad.

    Etsy! HOw exciting! Etsy is on my scary list too. I’ve been thinking of opening a store there for a couple months. I get scared that its gonna be a mistake and i’m gonna get ripped off. Also the fear that noone will want what i’ve made. Tell me when you filled everything out did you come across any surprises? Anything i should know??? Darn it i’m gonna do it!

    Sophie and Noah are so cute. Is Noah getting better chewing on the ‘right’ things?

    • Jinx–their site is super organized, and signing up to sell was very simple. I haven’t tried actually listing something yet, but my mom says it is one of the easiest sites to list on.

  3. Good job on tackling the scarey stuff all of us have things we feel that way about. Selling your stuff online is fun. Be sure and give us your store name so we can check it out. Best of luck in your online venture!

  4. Oh Debs, we WERE separated at birth!!! This is the story of my life: the dread of the thing is always worse than the “doing” of the thing!! Good for you for tackling all those scary things and showing them who’s boss!

    I’m SO excited about your Etsy store!! I can’t wait to see all your quilts on display – that is so exciting!

    And the insurance thing -what a wonderful gift!! No stress while talking to insurance agents??? That is truly a blessing!

    I’m so excited because my mom just called and told me she is bringing me her old sewing table!! It’s not terribly big, which is good because I already have a small space picked out for it. I can’t wait to get my machine set up and get some stitches going!!! Squeee!!!!!

    Have a good day at work today – is this a 6 or a 12? Oh wait I think you said 6 right? Easy peasy!! Oh, and I posted at the other blog today too – long posts, but it was therapeutic! 🙂

  5. Ooh–now we can be ‘sewing pals’ as well as knitting and blogging and losing weight pals! Are you going to quilt or sew clothes?
    And you are right, that insurance thing is a real blessing. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. After all that hard work I hope you have time for some fun. I’ve nominated you for an award and a true or false game. I’m very sorry I’m unable to send you the award direct but I don’t even know how to collect it LOL. If you want ti go to Mama Bear June’s Blog … linked on my page, you can see the award and collest it for yourself. It takes a little time but was fun to do.

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