A Few Thoughts about…Food!

Yesterday was another day of my own food (no Vicky food.)  I have gotten a little lazy about cooking during this time of getting food from Vicky for five days a week.  And a little vegetariany, if you know what I mean.  Just coincidental, I think.

Yesterday I had the last of the quinoa breakfast (I made it with a little oatmeal in it, and it stayed great in the refrigerator for almost a week.)  Just a note for those of you looking for a fast breakfast.  After I make it I put it in individual serving dishes and then I can grab one for work or take one out on the mornings I don’t want to cook and reheat in the microwave.  The only thing that happened was that the raisins got considerably softer by the end of the week.

Yesterday I had a workout with Vicky in the middle of the day (1pm) combined with a car repair (love to multi-task) so I didn’t quite know how to do my food.  I had thought I would treat myself to a frozen yogurt after the workout, but the car was already repaired, and since it was cold and rainy, I decided I didn’t actually want frozen yogurt, but something warm and nourishing.  By the time I picked up my car, I was hungry in a weird kind of way.  Not stomach-gnawing hungry, but kind of faint, like I REALLY wanted to go to sleep.  Weird, huh?  Anyways, it was only 20 minutes home, and I felt so glad that I controlled myself with the food.  I had some of that good roasted tomato soup in the frig, and I added a little roasted corn (got this frozen at Trader Joe’s–VERY GOOD) and a few of those little salad shrimpies for some added protein–YUMMY, and just hit the spot for that warm and nourishing thing I was craving.  Also treated myself to some lo-bars.

Since I was so hungry to begin with, I didn’t know if this meal would satisfy me.  But I waited just a bit, and sure enough, I was full for a good long time.  Since I ate this so late (4pm) I wasn’t really hungry for dinner until a little later than usual.  And what I decided to have really hit the spot again.  I had some roasted brussel sprouts, and some greek yogurt with strawberries.  (Told you I wasn’t in a cooking mode.)

Here’s the other thing I wanted to report.  Originally I had thought about having a protein pancake for dinner.  Then I came up with the idea of having it for dessert.  And since it was for dessert, I added a few chocolate chips to the batter (yes, Lori, I counted out 16 chips again!)  MOST WORTHY!  They were protein pancakes with walnuts and chocolate chips baked into the batter, and topped with ‘mashed banana’ syrup (remember, I pre-mash very ripe bananas and freeze them in ice cube trays.  One cube is about 1/2 banana.  I think the freezing process makes them pretty liquidy–just right for pancake ‘syrup.’)  Best of all, I was able to control myself, and only had 1/2 serving for my dessert.  I had the other half this morning for my ‘first’ breakfast.

My workout with Vicky was really good–pretty challenging.  All weights this time, no cardio, and she had me do some of that super-slow weight training that Miz wrote about. I really like doing this–it challenges my muscles.

After raining for two days straight (and yes, I took Noah for two walks in the rain yesterday–YAY ME,) it is glorious and sunny outside today.  I’m off for a long walk with Noah, and then on to attack the day.  Got some housework before I have to leave for an appointment with a retirement counselor (aaargh) and Noah’s vet appointment.

Hope you all are having some sunshine and a good day!

5 thoughts on “A Few Thoughts about…Food!

  1. I am going back to regular free weights. I posted a note about it yesterday afternoon (several posts yesterday) and I knew you would be interested as you had asked (in the past) when/if I was going back after I cardio-ed off the last of my weight. Sabrina went to my class with me so she could see/exerience my level of cardio. She then suggested hand weights at home in the morning before I go to a noon class. so it will be three sets – two sets at home (with weights) and then the ‘third set’ will be all the arm movements in class. I will get much more out of the arm part of class as the muscles will already be fatigued. This was a DUHHHH moment for me – because when she said explained – it was so logical – but could not see the trees for the forest on my own.

    glad you are meeting with your retirement person – as icky as that might feel to DEAL – it is good you are doing it.

  2. Great idea to have a protein pancake for dessert to satisfy that sweet tooth in a healthy way.
    Bummer about the rain..sounds like Upstate New York 😦

    And as for the slow weight work out…love-hate those. They are SO beneficial but really hard. Good job!

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