New Food Blog Review

Well, I spoke too soon.  There was no sign of spring today.  It was as cold as could be, with drizzly rain, hail, and everything in between!  I still got in two walks with Noah, and I actually felt like running a good part of the way on both of them.  Hoping for a weight loss tomorrow when I see Vicky.  I have some thoughts on weight loss (or the lack of it) and will probably write about that tomorrow.

Today I just wanted to highlight a new blog that is definitely worth a look-see.  The author is a young woman with a love of food, but she seems very talented at actually making food that is delicious and healthy–in fact, that is the name of her blog:  Health Foodie.  There are critiques of the recipes by her non-foodie husband, who enjoys the food in spite of himself.  The pictures are gorgeous, and I want to try all the recipes.  In addition, she has some very well-written and well-thought out articles scattered among the recipes.  There is one about ‘good food vs. bad food’ that is excellent.  The recipes have interesting facts, and all of the ones I have looked at have the nutritionals listed.

I look at a lot of blogs, but I can’t keep up with most of them.  And if they have too many high calorie foods, or too much junk food talk, I just can’t go there every day.  This blog I want to go to every day, and if I have enough time, I will be trying out a lot of her recipes.  Roasted leek and garlic asparagus, spicy sweet potato fries, mango salad dressing (at 13 calories/Tbsp!) and Healthy Chocolate Truffles (35 calories each) are all on my list.

Welcome to the blog world, Christina.  I hope you have lots more recipes.  We are hungry people, and we love food!


7 thoughts on “New Food Blog Review

  1. I cleaned a whole bunch of blogs off my read list last week. And for exactly the reasons you mentioned – am not giving anything the opportunity to put ‘thoughts’ in my head. I stuck with most of them for quite a while, but can tell that they are stuck in their own muck indefinitely. . .

    thanks for the recipe link. I added it to my (now very short) read list!

  2. Good site – I like how clean and fresh it looks! She has some good information, from what I can tell. I’ll have to really dive in when I have time. 🙂

    • Yes, I noticed a comment from you when I was checking it out last night!

      Silly girl–I can’t stop visiting your sight–I wouldn’t know how to eat any more. What would I do without my protein pancakes and brocolli and barbeque chicken salad?

  3. Debby! You are too sweet!!! I just saw this post and you cannot imagine how happy it made me to read your kind words. It is so rewarding to see people liking my blog. I still have so many recipes to share! I really don’t want anyone to go hungry 😉 I am developing new ones each day and always open to some suggestions.

    I am planning on writing a lot more non-recipes post. These usually take a lot more time and unfortunately I am rather busy these days. Please let me know if you have any questions/requests for a topic.

    Thank you again so much! You made my day!

    – Christina

    • You are most welcome, Christina. Just keep posting those amazing recipes. The shrimp one today is astounding looking! I don’t know when I will find the time to cook all this food!

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