Food, Hunger, Weight Loss, and Other Stuff

The ‘spring report’ on debbyweighsin:  Last night we had snow!  Its melting this morning, but still…

I woke up really early this morning, partly because I was hungry.  Last night I went to bed thinking about Lori‘s custard oats, and before I woke up fully, I had ‘dreamed’ up a new topping for them.  Sorry I don’t have a camera, but this bowl of oats was outstanding.  Here’s what happened (I am on a Monk bender these days.)

I used steel cut oats with a spoonful of quinoa.  Cooked them until almost done, and followed Lori’s good directions (I did not use pumpkin) for adding in the egg whites.  I also added a handful of walnuts to them.  For the topping, I mixed 1/2 Tbsp agave syrup with about 1/4 tsp cinnamon.  I added in one ‘banana cube’ (mashed bananas frozen in ice cube trays–each cube is 1/2 banana.)  I stirred one tsp of the topping into the oats because they were really bland tasting, and then just put the topping on them and ate a little topping with each bite of oatmeal custard.  The custard was unbelievable.  I love the chewier texture of the steel cut oatmeal and the quinoa.  And so there was the contrast of the creaminess with the chewy grains, kind of like rice pudding or tapioca, two other foods which I also like.  This is a winner for me, and is another breakfast food I might have for ‘dessert.’  Too early to tell, but I am hoping the egg whites will make the oatmeal last a lot longer.  The topping was also scrumptious.  I wanted it to be really cinnamony–next time I might add even more cinnamon.

Okay, food was not really the main thing on my mind (oh, who are you kidding, debby?)  I have been thinking about hunger for a few days.  In that, many years ago when I lost a lot of weight, I was hungry a lot.  I knew I would lose weight because I was hungry.  Now, that went a little too far, and it boomeranged on me and I gained all that weight back plus a lot more.  So I am a little overly sensitive to being hungry.  I have a lot of the same thought processes as PJ writes about in this post.  And last night I listened to a teleconference with Dineen and she talked quite a bit about how following ‘diet programs’ can sometimes make you lose your sense of when you are actually hungry.  I think I am at that point a little bit.  So I have started paying even more attention to when I am hungry, or when I am not hungry.  And trying not to eat until I am hungry.  And trying not to eat all the food I have planned for the day, just because it is in my calorie allotment and I can.

Related to this, I have also been thinking about how difficult it seems for many of us to lose the last __ pounds.  One thing I thought about was that even though it seems terribly hard to lose even two to three pounds, for me, two to three pounds at this weight makes a tremendous difference in how I feel and how I think I look, so that’s a good thing.  But I also thought that there might be something else involved in the difficulty of losing the last amounts [to get to that perfect BMI.]  And then Lynn reprinted this most excellent article by Dr. Barbara Berkley on a possible theory of why POW’s (previously overweight individuals) might very well be healthy at a higher BMI.  Please read.  It just makes so much sense to me.

Workout update:  yesterday I took Noah for a three mile run-walk BEFORE I went for my workout with Vicky.  So when Vicky asked if I wanted to do the circuit, I said no.  BIG MISTAKE–LOL!  We did a different kind of circuit–all weight training–that was harder than anything I had ever done before!  Three weights machines for arms, followed by pushups, done X2, then 3 weights machines for legs, followed by lunges, done X2, and then 4 weights machines for back, X2.  Yikes.  I was tired the rest of the day.  But I still took Noah out for a 20 minute walk before it got dark.  Does anybody else get tired from working out?

Hey all!  As soon as this snow melts off a little more, I am going to take Noah for his morning walk, and then set out for the big city for a fun day, which will include a stop at my most favorite frozen yogurt place, and hopefully a  NEW CAMERA before I come home!  Also gonna stop at Trader Joe’s for a few staples (I have been buying their organic milk and cottage cheese, and really enjoy the taste of them.)


6 thoughts on “Food, Hunger, Weight Loss, and Other Stuff

  1. If I have worked out (hard) – I often need a power nap. So I can totally relate. Did you have muscles shaking by the time you were done with all your sets? I love when the muscles just keep shaking and I know I have really worked.

    I think one of the biggest factors in people loosing the last of their weight is they are often continue-ing to do what they did the whole rest of the time (what they did to loose the first pounds). I think that things have to be changed up very regularly (exercise wise). And I think that is hard for many people to visualize and then apply. And I think that many people drop their calorie intake again, and again, and again. And I don’t (personally) think that works. I think the body then holds on tight, and won’t let go.

    I do think the QUALITY of our FOOD has to improve greatly at the lower ends of BMI. In the beginning, I think it can be nearly anything in moderation, but at the end – that doesn’t work. But usually by the end – we know what does and doesn’t produce results. And we have learned a lot on the way down the scale.

  2. Working out can be exhausting, but in a good way. Unless you overdo it LOL.

    I am so all about custard oats right now. They really do change the whole texture.

    I still am fighting this last 10 pounds thing. I don’t know how to let it go (the thought, I mean), because I might just be where my body wants to be, even if that isn’t the picture perfect ideal. I think for both you and I, keeping *off* what has already been lost is way more important than the last bit of weight left. Must not lose sight of that.

  3. If I don’t have something like fruit or a protein/combo snack within the hour before an intense workout with weights, I literally just about fall asleep during the workout. If I have the snack, I have enough energy to get through everything. Usually, muscles are shaking and I can’t complete the last set. Also, it’s a day to day thing on energy. Sometimes my body is just feeling good and I really enjoy working out and will be at the gym for a couple of hours going from cardio to weights to zumba or kickboxing. Othertimes, I can barely get 30 minutes in.

    Could you email me how you creat links to different blogs in your posts. I have no idea how to do some of this “fancy ” stuff and I like the way your posts do that .. thanks

  4. Hi. Not having been exposed to BMI until recent years, I’ve remained slightly sceptical about it’s value as an exclusive benchmark. The article you linked to is very interesting and makes good sense. I think my final guide will be satisfaction with how I look in my clothes …. naked is still going to be a disaster with so much loose skin etc. The other great measuring stick is general health combined with fitness. Do I walk up-stairs without thinking or am I seriously puffed? Can I walk comfortably for x amount of time and for Gym bunnies, can I do my work-out and accept new challenges safely?

    I guess as a nurse you are exposed more than I to BMI but you are also more aware of good health and I know that’s your ultimate goal. Maybe you haven’t yet worked out where your final weight should be but don’t spoil the whole transformation by killing yourself to fit someone else’s idealistic set of numbers.

    You are doing so well, running and evrything. You’re a good example of persistence and working through the rough patches. And I can’t imagine snow in your area at this time of year. Be good and enjoy.

  5. Why yes, I do get tired from working out! But sometimes, I get energized – it’s hard to know which is going to hit me…some days I swear I will need a nap and then I end up go go going all day long. You had quite a workout! Vicki sounds great – I’m so glad that you have her!

    When I am really dieting and I feel hungry, that’s when I almost always lose weight. So even though I don’t like that feeling, I’m happy when it hits because I know changes are happening. Oh, and I thought Barbara Berkeley’s article about BMI was excellent and loved how she takes a different of us POWs.

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