Someone’s Snoring in our House

Hi guys, just a short post about an eventful day.  Yes I did it.  I got ANOTHER dog.  Here’s what happened:

I can’t help myself .  I periodically (okay, almost every day) check out dogs on and various other rescue sites.  Sunday I typed in ‘pugs’ and what should pop up but a couple of really cute pugs at the animal shelter in Sacramento.  This wasn’t actually a spur of the moment thing.  I have been interested in pugs for a couple of years.

Well, to make a long story short, I called my sister and asked her if she would like to meet me in Sacramento to check out the pugs.  I thought there might be a bunch of people waiting to adopt such cute dogs, and also I have a terrible time making up my mind.  My sister is the reason I got Oliver–I couldn’t make up my mind and she said something to the effect of ‘What’s wrong with you?  He’s a great dog.”

So my sister got to the shelter before I did (I was racing there after my workout with Vicky) and there was a line of people.  We’re calling back and forth on the cell phones, sure that all these people are there for the pugs–I told her to just fill out the paper and act like she was the one interested in the dogs.  Turns out most of those people were there for the free dog food!  There was one other lady there, and she was interested in the male, and I said I was interested in the female.  But then that lady said she didn’t want him because he was eight years old, and someone else had already put a hold on the female.  We spent the day waiting around to see if they really wanted the female.  Had a GREAT lunch, and I showed my sister around the unit where I work.  I was actually considering getting both of the dogs, so I think it was a blessing in disguise that the other people actually did want the female.  I came home with the male.  He is still very groggy from the anesthesia, so introductions were VERY peaceful.  I think Sophie won’t care too much as long as she still gets her cookies and a little lap time.  I’m hoping it will take her mind off of food a little bit.  She is OBSESSED with food.

So I’ve been musing over a name for him, and after everyone was walked and fed and sleeping and snoring, I settled into my recliner to watch an episode or two of my favorite program ‘Monk.’  The credits were running, and I was thinking about how much I even like that stupid theme song, and it came to me.  I think I should name him ‘Mister Monk.’  He kind of looks permanently worried like Monk.  What do you think?


12 thoughts on “Someone’s Snoring in our House

  1. I think Mister Monk suits him perfectly! You are so funny with your dogs – I can only imagine the excitement about getting him. And Sophie thinks about food all the time? My Jackie LIVED for food. It was the be-all and end-all of her existence. She certainly was in the right family, lol!

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE your shoes!

    • Yes, since getting Noah, I changed Sophie’s meals to coincide with his, so she gets fed 2X/day. And then she gets cookies to go in her crate. But it has gotten out of control. taptaptap–Sophie walking back and forth between wherever I am and her food bowl. Then, as soon as breakfast is over–taptaptap–Sophie walking back and forth between her food bowl and her crate hoping it is time for a cookie, with an occasional run over to me to see if I remember it is time for a cookie. I’m not sure why I think another dog in the house will solve this problem… and yes, I do think it is very funny that Sophie is my dog. Thank goodness no one is monitoring my behavior to see how often I look at the clock to see if its time to eat, or how often I think about/write about/cook/look at/read about food…

    • Oliver is gone…

      Noah hasn’t officially met Mister Monk. Waiting for Mister Monk to wake up a little more before he meets the big storm!

  2. First, Love the name Monk!! Fits him very well. I let out the biggest “AAAWWW” when I saw his picture – he’s so cute!!

    Second, I’m totally diggin those shoes! What kind are they? Take a close up pic because I WANT!! 🙂

  3. Debby! LOL – you need a pet intervention 😀

    I actually love that you took the older dog. Many times, those are the ones no one wants because they are older. At least you don’t have to go through the chewing phase with him!

    • Yes, I was quite please to not have a chewing phase to go through. And I had read that pugs stay quite energetic for the first few years of their lives, so I was content to bypass that too.

  4. Congratulations!!! And yeay, another cute critter on Ms. Debby’s website to show my daughter! (She received a Webkinz pug for Christmas, and she just saw a real one for the first time on our trail walk on Sunday. 🙂

  5. Congrats! Now your family is complete.

    And I too constantly check petfinder. But Cecilia has made it very clear she prefers being an only dog (she gets very depressed when she has to share attention). So I just look at petfinder with an eye to the future.

    Mr. Monk is too cute!

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