To Clarify

Yesterday at work I was so frustrated, because I didn’t think I had written what I was trying to say in the last post.  I meant to talk more about trusting myself, and less about intuitive eating.  After all, I have not read the book on IE, and I have only listened to a one hour seminar.  That is the sum total of my knowledge.  But there  were some very interesting and informative comments.  Thanks everyone.  In particular, Three Herring had a very good comment discussing IE–very informed.

Dr. Barbara Berkley had a great post over on Refuse to Regain about ‘The Faulty Metabolism Myth,’ in which she also discusses why calorie counting doesn’t always work, and how necessary it is to NOT veer from a program of weight loss in order to continue to lose.   Vicky and I had a great discussion today about Weight Watchers, and why it doesn’t work for some people.  And what I think about W.W. and IE is very similar.  People take what they want from a particular program and manipulate it to suit their needs.  And then when it doesn’t work, they blame the program, instead of owning up to their part in the ‘failure.’

Well, that’s what I think.  Because I am all about the personal responsibility.  Because that gives you personal power.

So maybe what I am doing is not intuitive eating.  I even had to look up the word intuition.  But what I am saying is that I know a lot now.  I know what kinds of foods will fuel me for a long time.  I know what kinds of food will just make me want more and more and more.  I know what size serving will hold me.  I know that if I put the food on the plate (give myself permission to eat it) I find it very difficult to not finish the food.  Better for me to have a smaller serving to begin with.  I know what kind of foods will satisfy my need to have really tasty foods.  I know how to eat on days that I work, and I know how to eat on days I stay home.  I know a lot of different foods I can take with me when I travel.  I know how to eat before I work out, and I know how to eat after I work out.  I KNOW A LOT ABOUT ME AND FOOD AND HOW TO EAT CORRECTLY.  Can I trust myself?  That’s all I’m saying.  I think.

Had such a great time with Vicky today–lots of good food talk, and then a short but very intense workout–cardio and weights circuit.  Had lunch with a friend, and then came home to give Noah his bath.  I didn’t get his post-bath glamour shot because he was a wild and crazy guy, and I knew he wouldn’t hold still.  Maybe tomorrow or the next day.  I think he is as big as Oliver was, and heavier–I can barely lift him.  Disclaimer:  not because I am a weakling.  Because he is a big bundle and it is awkward LOL!

Last night I scored big at Costco:  d’anjou pears, asian pears, some fantastic ripe strawberries, a giant bag of frozen blueberries, and a two-pack of agave syrup.  I’m back to work tomorrow, so will sign off–gonna watch an episode of Monk and have some strawberries and cottage cheese with some decaf coffee.  HABANADA!


9 thoughts on “To Clarify

  1. Hi I can’t ever imagine being strong enough to eat intuitively. Sounds dangerous to me but then you are a long way ahead of me in understanding how this could work for you.

  2. Ditto on what you said about knowing the ends and outs of food. And I don’t think that is at all intuitive. I think it is applying knowledge.

    And I had the same thought about ‘diet’ programs (OH, how I hate that word) yesterday – only in reverse – thinking that one can probably get nearly any plan to work – if they are willing.

    WW probably doesn’t work long term for anyone if they eat junk and ‘just count it’. But if they eat whole foods and eat evenly (so it holds them like you mentioned) from the food groups – then it probably would work.

    I think things work when we apply them from the inside. But if we are looking for a 3rd party to perform magic – they never do.

    another really good post.

    • “I think things work when we apply them from the inside. But if we are looking for a 3rd party to perform magic – they never do.”

      That is brilliant, Vickie.

  3. I agree with Vickie. Most any program will “work” if we start from the inside, asking that most important question: Why am I doing this? Like you, I’m all about personal responsibility. To lose weight, you have to relearn everything you ever thought you knew about food and your relationship to food. But…many folks just want to do what they’re told to do without thinking about it. You go with your badass intuitive eating! I think you’re going to do great!

  4. Your previous post really got me thinking. And this one did too. And one thing I realized (in regard to however we ‘take’ the word intuitive) is that NOW in this day and age – we are dealing with a very stacked deck in regard to ‘food’. If we were only actually dealing with FOOD (whole foods as close to their natural state as possible is how I define it) then the natural/intuitive thing would work. But since we are not – we have to apply the knowledge. We have to know what food IS and understand the protein/carbs/fat thing (or food groups if you prefer to think of it that way).

  5. Debby- you do know a lot about weight loss. Anybody who has lost significant amounts of weight has pretty much read every book out there and probably knows more than a lot of nutritionists! You also understand that what is written on paper doesn’t always compute to results in real life.

    Intuitive eating is not for everyone. I do not trust myself yet to do it for more than a couple of days. Baby steps may be as far as I ever get, but I am okay with that.

  6. “Because I am all about the personal responsibility. Because that gives you personal power.” Amen sista!!!!! I am all over that in every area of life!!!

    Thank you for entering my giveaway!!!

  7. I just realized I have that IE bood you are talking about. But I’m not trusting myself enough to follow that. I think I use my intuition to choose what to eat sometimes, like you. But there are other times when I just ‘want what I want’ or want to eat where hunger and fueling the body are not my concern, filling some void is or escaping. So I’m at the recognizing and learning phase.And always, Surprised by how little it really takes to fill me up if it is “real” whole food. This was a good post and good comments.

  8. I think that people have a perception of intuitive eating that it is just another plan to follow. It isn’t and it does not happen over night. I am saddened by the amount of comments saying they don’t trust themselves because I didn’t trust myself either. But I have learned how. I have stop using food to cope, I have learned to listen to my body AND I am losing weight. It is possible.

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