The Noah Picture Show

Hey guys, I’m back again, this time with the Noah Picture Show.  I’m afraid I’m turning into one of those mothers who think their baby is the cutest, smartest baby in the world, and won’t stop showing pictures to their friends.  But he is cute and fluffy, isn’t he?  And he is so smart.  Just wait ’til you hear what he did.

All of a sudden, it seems like he has the world’s longest tail!

So I was out in the yard doing some weeding, and spending ‘quality time’ with Noah, and I watched him do this over and over.  He takes his ball, and if he puts it in a certain spot, there is just enough of a slope that the ball will roll downhill so he can chase it again.  If it didn’t start rolling right away, he would nose it or paw it to get it started.

And finally, Noah is tired.

Okay, enough about Noah.  Time to talk about me LOL!  Today was a good but weird day.  Started out with a really good run with Noah this morning.  That felt good because yesterday when I brought him home from the vet’s I could barely walk.  At least that’s what it felt like.  Don’t know if it was two days without walking, or the hard workout I did on Friday.  I’ve been trying to challenge myself a little bit more with the weights at the gym.  Trying for heavier weights even if it means I can do less reps.

After church I went to the gym and again challenged myself to work out harder.  I had a really nice conversation with a lady that I know a little from one class with Vicky and just seeing her on the weights pretty frequently.  And I admitted to her that I was intimidated to take a class, and haven’t taken one in the year I’ve been at the gym.  And she gave me a good rundown of all the classes and the ones she thinks I’d like.  Which, BTW, has anyone heard of TRX workouts?  Uses your own body weight and straps.  Looks very interesting to me.  Anyway, I think I will try some classes soon!

So I got really hungry after the workout, even though I had a pre-snack and a post-snack.  Then this afternoon, I was working in my closet for the second day in a row (thanks for the motivation, Shelley!) and I ran across some old pictures of me.  I could not believe how horrible I looked.  I mean, I looked like one of those people in the tv shows who are so heavy they can’t get out of bed.  But not just that, I look so very unhealthy.  I did not see that when I was overweight.  It is the first thing I notice when I see an old picture of my dad or myself.  We just look sick.

And yet, with those pictures very fresh in my mind, I started having one of those times where I just want to eat.  A lot.  Not all bad stuff, but way too much.  I tried thinking about those pictures, and how I never wanted to be like that again, but somehow being ‘like that’ did not connect with me wanting to eat a bunch of food now.  But, I kept myself busy, and then I ate a very reasonable dinner, and I settled on what I wanted for a snack tonight, and then I came over to the computer to read blogs to try to distract myself.  Several people were having the same problem.  And then a friend called, and we talked for a long time, which is very unusual for me, and the danger of eating too much seems to have been diverted for now.  Yahoo.  Boy, you can’t ever completely let your guard down.  But the fight is worth it.  I took those terrible pictures and looked back and forth from the picture to myself in the mirror–first just my face in the bathroom mirror, and then my body in the full-length mirror.  That was good for me.  And my friend, who does not give out empty compliments, said I looked smaller at church.  That was very nice to hear.

And that was my day in a nutshell.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  And a very happy Monday to you all!


19 thoughts on “The Noah Picture Show

  1. First off, how smart is Noah?!? What a funny dog, and so cute to play by himself with his ball!!! Great, great pictures – what a doll!

    What a shock that must have been to see the old you in those pictures – sometimes I don’t recognize how big I was, either. And how frustrating to have an eating day on top of that! Good on ya for getting through it – I know that can be so hard.

    Glad you’re cleaning out your closet – post pictures when you’re done!

    • My closet won’t look like yours, but I am determined to clear out the clutter. There will be a lot more room in there when I’m done!

  2. lovelovelove noah.
    stillstillstill think to myself: ok I wear a lot of black…noahs fur sheddage would be really noticeable on my clothing 🙂

    (you know. so I dont run out to the shelter and git me a noah too)

    have a great healthy happy productive week.

    • You are so right, Miz! I went from a ‘no-shed zone’ to TWO dogs that shed–Mr. Monk is even worse. I have two sticky rollers now. ONe in the house and one in the car! Because I like to wear black too…

  3. Aw Noah is so cute and a very smart dog. I can see why your a proud “mamma”
    Good job fighting off the binge monster! I think its great that you are embracing the weight lifting it comes in handy in our regular life not just at the gym.
    Have a great Monday!

  4. pictures can stir up a LOT of emotions. And emotions usually make us want to eat. (And then eat some more because of the emotions that the eating stirred up.)

    I remember that you had a hard time (for a while, maybe it is gone now) with mirrors at the gym.

    It took me a long time to be able to deal with mirrors and pictures, without having a (negative) reaction.

    Classes are wonderful – and save a lot of $$$.

    • As usual, I think you are exactly right, Vickie. I really hadn’t put that together. Makes me feel all the better for fighting off the wanting to eat.

      And funny you mention mirrors. Because yesterday was one of those days where I was happy with how I looked in the gym mirrors. Thanks for that reminder.

    • I don’t bath Noah that much. I just post pictures after he has had a bath. Sometimes he looks like a Polar Bear–not very white compared to snow.

  5. I’m glad Vickie said in her comment about the emotions at seeing pictures, because that is what I was thinking too. But good for you for 1)having the forethought to try and distract yourself, and 2) actually distracting yourself! You really have come a long way, baby! 🙂

    Sigh. J’adore le Noah! And he is super smart! He’s got it all – looks and brains – what more could a woman want from the man in her life?!

    • J’adore que vous adorez mon chien! Ha! that five years of French wasn’t a waste after all.

      I think some of the eating emotion I was experiencing yesterday was my distress about the clutter in my house. I might have to write a blog on that topic…

      The only thing about Noah’s smarts is that it is ‘I am smart and confident and can figure things out for myself,’ not ‘I am smart and know exactly what you want me to do and I am going to do it right now’ (Oliver smart.) I prefer my men submissive and obedient. (oh, is that why I never got married?)

  6. I always think the same thing as Lori about Noah’s coat!

    You can never gush too much about your dogs, Debby! 🙂 I love to see photos and read your stories about them, their personalities (“dogalities?”) really shine through, even in blog format.

    And yes, do try some classes! I haven’t tried a TRX class, that sounds like a good one. I wish our gym had more lunchtime classes; I’m grateful that there are BodyPump and spin, but it might be nice to have more mid-day options, like yoga.

    It sounds like you found some good ways to deal with the emotions and desire to eat. As for the photos and mirror, I tend to feel more self-conscious of the signs of aging I’m seeing, rather than the remaining body fat, now that I’m more “present” in my body. (Being called “sir” at the grocery store didn’t help. :-/ ) I think I kind of mentally “checked out” of the physical me when I was carrying so much extra weight, for many reasons. I still don’t want to get sucked into feeling dissatisfied with myself for not meeting our society’s narrowly-defined standards of beauty, but I also don’t want to go back to being oblivious. So I spend more time than is necessary checking out my legs. I had the elliptical next to the mirror on Friday, and I found my outer thighs downright mesmerizing. 😉

    • You crack me up Pubsgal–“I found my outer thighs downright mesmerizing.”–I hope that was in a good way!

      Oh brother. Sir at the grocery store. That hasn’t happened to me yet. But I am considering growing my hair out and getting a perm again because I don’t like my ‘hairline.’

      A long time ago my dad got a perm ( he has very straight hair and usually wears a ‘butch haircut,’ and several waiters called him ma’am during the perm years.

      • Yes, in a good way…nice muscle definition. Glad I couldn’t see the inner from that angle, though.

        Oh, that’s funny about your dad and his perm. My dad had one in the ’70s when he still had hair, and the pictures crack me up! Don’t think anyone called him ma’am, though. And re: the “sir” incident, I was dressed rather drably, plus I chalk up part of it to being at Whole Foods, who knows where that young man’s mind was…. 🙂

  7. I love looking at the all the pictures of you dogs.

    I have been really wanting to eat too. I *know* I am full but I still want to eat and eat. Sigh. Not sure what’s going on. I think for me it may be stress related.

    I’ve heard very good things about the TRX. I’ve been wanting to try one myself. I’m sure that class would be fun.

  8. I love that Noah is smart enough to entertain himself!

    Funny, I just cleaned out the shoe portion of my closet. baby steps…

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