Flower Show

Good Sunday morning to you all!  Yesterday was another glorious sunny springtime day.  I spent some time out in the yard with Noah after getting home from the vet’s, and I was astounded by how EVERYTHING is coming to life and blooming  right now.  Thought I’d share some of it with you.

First thing I see when I walk out my front door is my biggest, oldest Japanese maple.  Every spring it has these seed berries on it.  I am always hopeful that one or two will germinate and I can start another new little tree.

Right below the maple is this pot of the first daffodils of the year.

Just a little planning in the fall will reap a bright harvest in the springtime.  I love planting pansies in the fall.

I didn’t get around to planting these hyacinths until the end of January, but they still cooperated by putting on a good show.

More daffodils.

I planted a forsythia and a camelia right outside my front door many years ago.  It is the total wrong place for a forsythia–total shade–but it struggles on each year.

I have a weeping flowering cherry that is also struggling.  But always manages to bloom each spring.  I always think about a lecture I heard a tree expert give.  “Trees want to live,”  he said.

And another view.  I kind of like the blurry foreground with the background in focus.

That’s all for now, folks.  Come back this afternoon.  I have some fun pictures of Noah to share!


6 thoughts on “Flower Show

  1. Good morning Debs!! Beautiful shots! Love those flowers. I’m off to read the next chapter in our book – if I can get my kids to BE QUIET! 😉

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