Monday Review and Some Linky Love

Man, you can get lost in blogland, can’t you?

My friend Jill picked up on this new commenter on her blog and praised her blog, so I had to check it out.  LOVE IT!  And Jenn has two pugs, so she’s gotta be good people, right?  Then from Jenn’s comments, I clicked on over to Averie’s site.  She has some very delicious and yummy sounding recipes.  And she is in unbelievable shape.  I have to be careful on sites like hers, though.  Because sometimes in my warped mind that translates to “if I eat all those delicious treats all the time I will look just like her.”

Then I checked out Miz’s blog this morning, and she had a guest interview over on Sheposts.  This website for news about all things blog had LOTS of stuff to look at and read.

Last week my friend Juice mentioned a blogger having a big influence on her, so I checked her out.  Kristen writes about her family life, but what hooked me was her extensive blogging about her trip to Africa. She describes exactly what I think will happen to me when I visit Africa.  Juice also mentioned a book she was reading, Home Comforts, and when I checked that book out, another book popped up, and that book was written by a BLOGGER in England who also has a very pretty and intriguing blog.

And hey, did you all hear the news that Pioneer Woman is going to be featured in a movie with Reese Witherspoon playing the lead roll?  I have to admit that P.W.’s romance saga was my bedtime reading for quite a while.  And when I post a lot of pictures in one post, I think, well, P.W. does it.  And then I laugh, because I hear a blog friend saying, ‘I have read Pioneer Woman’s blog, and you, sir, are no Pioneer Woman.’  BTW, have you seen her cookbook?  Gorgeous.  A friend bought it at the GROCERY STORE just because it was a pretty book.  She didn’t even know who P.W. was…

Okay.  Enough about other people.  Onto the important stuff.  More about me LOL.  No, my name is not Lol.  I just like laughing out loud sometimes.  Yesterday was a day.  I didn’t like it very much.  Because it started out in the closet AGAIN.  But I finished it.  It’s not picture worthy, Shelley, but it is more clutter free and organized and spacious than its been in years!  Oh yeah, I thought you guys might find it interesting that it is the ONLY closet in my house.  I am not kidding.  And it used to be smaller.  So when I bought my house, I asked the people if they would change the configuration and make it a walk in closet.  That made me feel a little better about the overwhelming clutteriness of my house.  When Vickie pointed out that my extreme urge to eat Sunday was probably emotional, I think she was right on.  But I think a big part of the emotion was my despair at dealing with the clutter.  I actually think it is almost impossible to be creative AND to live clutter-free.  So right now I am in the de-cluttering mode, and there is not a lot of creativity going on.  But that’s okay.  Balance, Debby, balance.

I did start the day with a food plan, and I stuck to it meticulously.  Seems like I do a lot of Mondays like this.  Very fun, to try to balance pleasurable food with nourishing food with limiting calories.  Sorry I did not take pictures.  Just can’t remember to shoot before I eat!  Here’s the list:

  • Yogurt and muesli, coffee, 225 cal
  • Pineapple slice, 75 cal
  • Rice and lentil dish, 175 cal
  • Pear, 75 cal
  • Apple snack, 210 cal
  • Salmon, roasted cauliflower, Sweet potato bites, 330 cal
  • Milk, 75 cal
  • Lo-bars, 130 cal

I also stuck in two walks with Noah, who is not feeling the energy much yet.  That was good for me, because I was pretty darn worn out from the previous day’s exercise.

And then I did something I have done before.  While cleaning out the closet, I came to a bag of yarn.  And a partially finished sweater.  So this was beautiful white cotton/wool blend yarn.  And the sweater was a 3/4 finished (complete front and back and one sleeve) very intricate cable fisherman’s sweater.  IN MY OLD SIZE.  Do you see what’s coming next?  It took me this long to decide (3 years,) but I UNRAVELED that whole sweater, wound it neatly into skeins, and washed it to get the knitting kinks out of it.  I might make a throw blanket out of that yarn.  While I was unraveling, I watched a pretty good movie.  16 Blocks.  Not the kind of movie I would normally pick up, but Charles Colson recommended it in one of his books.  Definitely made an impact.

Okay.  Almost done.  The other thing I did was to do my taxes.  I don’t know why I dislike this so much.  Turbotax makes it pretty easy, although they get more expensive every year, and I always get a refund.  But it is a chore I put off til the last minute almost every year.  But guess what?  I got to the end, and I thought:  my trip to Africa is paid for!  What an amazing miracle.  I have given more than usual to Vapor Sports (for Africa,) and I didn’t really want to stop giving this year, so I have been a little worried that the trip was not actually going to happen (throw in a little procrastination and my little fear of traveling, and there was good reason for me to worry…)  God is good!

"A Dream for Africa"

It was dusk when I took the little guys out to go potty and I heard some water splashing.  I thought I had left the hose on, so I looked in that direction.  And there was a little bird in the birdbath I had just filled that morning.  And he didn’t stop when he saw me and the doggies.  He was totally enjoying his bath, and nothing was going to stop him!  Who knew that birds take a shower just before bedtime just like I do?  To me it was a miracle to see this, because I have 3 or 4 birdbaths in my yard, and I just never see birds using them!  It was the topper to a so-so kind of day.

I’m off to do a little offline reading, and then on to my workout with Vicky!


8 thoughts on “Monday Review and Some Linky Love

  1. Wait…did I miss a post? You’re going to Africa???? Please to elaborate because I cannot recall that you have mentioned Africa lately. Or is my amnesia kicking in again? I’m cornfused. But wow, AFRICA!!

    It’s going to take me awhile to get through all those links! And can you believe that I have never read PW’s blog? I know! What’s up with that? Idk.

    So glad you had a visitor to your birdbath. I woke up Sunday morning to see 5 lil ducks swimming on our pond! Four males and one female – they were so cute!!

    Have fun doing your workout! 🙂

      • We sometimes have geese! Last summer we had a pair of geese adopt our pond and it wasn’t long before there were 5 little goslings paddling in our pond. Cutest thing ever!

        I saw one goose in our garden plot the other day – don’t know where his mate was. We don’t have them all the time, but once in a while they come and stay for a few weeks.

  2. What great news, to do your taxes and find out you can go to Africa!!! Can’t wait to hear more about this trip!

    I had to laugh at the roundabout way you find blogs – I’m the same way…one click leads to another…thanks for pointing out some that I hadn’t heard of.

    Still think you should post a picture of your closet – anything clean and organized is picture-worthy, in my book!

  3. Um, I too seemed to have missed the Africa announcement! And that’s a gorgeous quilt! I thought of you when we were at our local library this weekend, because they’re having their annual quilt exhibit, where quilts from local quilters cover just about every available inch of wall space in the library. (Small library, but there are still so many lovely quilts!)

  4. I guess I’ll do a post about Africa tomorrow. I tend to think I repeat myself. But maybe its just me talking to myself all the time…

  5. Thanks for the link. 🙂

    I had not heard about Pioneer Woman’s movie deal. I think Reese Witherspoon is adorable. I’d rather see pictures of your dogs than PW’s chicken anytime. 😉

    Like eveyone else, I want to hear about this trip to Africa!

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