Back in the Saddle. Again.

Gotta log gotta log gotta log!!!  Wanted to last night, but sat sleepily in front of the computer and finally gave up.  Now I’m getting a pretty late start to my morning, but I want to write just a bit.  So I ran out and put the first load of laundry in, warmed my coffee up, promised Noah I would be out there ‘in a minute’ (time does not pass for dogs the same as it does for us, so technically I was not lying,) and here I am for a quick post.

Warning:  Junk food talk ahead.

Yesterday was an odd food day.  Plans to have family here for dinner fell through.  That part was fine with me.  I had it in mind that I wanted some Wor Won Ton Soup.  Years ago I had this at a Chinese restaurant and I LOVED it.  Full of big chunks of beef, BBQ pork, chicken, shrimp, as well as veggies, and of course won tons.  Please, no one needs to tell me Chinese food has sodium.  All in all, it seemed like a nice, relatively low-cal treat for the day.

So after church I headed out in search of wor won ton soup.  It was almost funny, because I zig-zagged back and forth across town, going to the chinese restaurants in the order that I thought MIGHT have the best soup (because I have not gone out for chinese in years now.)  The only restaurant open was my third choice.  And I was right.  It was definitely third choice.  Just not that good.  Oh well.  Before I went I was searching the nutritionals online, and I came across a recipe for it.  I might try to make it myself, although I am not too much into prepping and stuffing the won tons.

Okay, I have to admit it.  Once I decided I was going to have soup for my main dish, I gave myself permission to have two desserts.  So the whole day did not go to pot, but I did eat more ‘junk’ than I like to, and I did feel ‘icky’ for a bit.  A good reminder that the way I eat now is a GOOD THING.

One funny/good thing is this.  My mom, my sister, and I used to LOVE the Palmer’s hollow chocolate easter bunnies.  And as I grew I would get myself the BIGGEST Palmer’s hollow chocolate bunny that they made.  Which you all probably know is quite large.  So this year I looked at several stores for just the right Palmer’s hollow chocolate easter bunny.  And I found the smallest, cutest bunny that they make.  I have to admit, I thoroughy enjoyed him.  But now he is gone.  That day is done.  And I am definitely ready to get back in the saddle again.  I went to sleep dreaming/thinking about exactly what I would eat today, spaced out into 6 small meal/snacks.  It is pretty spare–a good challenge.  We’ll see if I can do it.  Here’s the list.

Custard oats/quinoa combo.


Strawberries/cottage cheese.


Fish/veggie combo and roasted asparagus.


In writing it seems do-able.

Along these same lines (junk food) I came across this fascinating article about rats eating junk food, and the possible conclusion that junk food is actually addicting.  Of course this is what David Kessler  already said in his book ‘The End of Overeating.’ I hope you will look at this article.  I can’t really review all of it here, but these statements really struck a cord with me in regards to our question ‘why can’t we stop eating the junk?’

As they plumped up, eating became such a compulsion that they kept chowing down even when they knew they would receive an unpleasant electric shock to their foot if they did so.

When deprived of the sugary food, they showed signs of anxiety and their brains acted as if they were withdrawing from alcohol or drugs.

In the current study, the rats were raised on healthy foods, but their preferences quickly shifted when offered junk food. Throughout the day, they snacked and nibbled, rapidly bulking up. And the more they gained, the more they ate.

Yikes.  The similarities are eery.

So today, along with the laundry, a couple of walks with Noah, and a bit of quilting, I will AGAIN purge my house of some of the junk food stashed away.  Because, as my friend Vickie says, if it is in the house, it WILL be eaten.


10 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle. Again.

  1. Okay, that last sentence gave me chills, too. I ate more sweets on Saturday and Sunday than I have in nearly 2 years. Granted, it was not as much as I did pre-diabetes, and it was neatly spread out over the day, but it just sort of took on a life of its own after awhile. And I’ve been sick, so it’s not like I was burning off the sugar through exercise, either. I guess the good news part is that I feel like crud from this cold I’ve got, so the withdrawals will sort of just blend into that. 😛

    • Wow, Pubsgal, that cold is really hanging on. I guess that’s the plight of all moms of young kids. Jill has a cold too!

      • I know, and I’m usually such a healthy pup. Yes, kids bring home all kinds of stuff. I’m just glad it wasn’t the flu my daughter had in early March. *shudder*

  2. Funny how I love Palmer bunnies, too. I think they used to be called Baby Binks or something like that. Now I am so used to dark chocolate that I don’t like them anymore, which I guess is a good thing.

    I still struggle a little with holidays, although I was actually pretty good at my sister’s house yesterday compared to how I normally eat when I go there (even John commented on me being pretty good LOL – it’s scary when the hubby notices stuff like that).

    Eating choices have a lot to do with what we acclimate our tastebuds to. Without even realizing it, we program ourselves to eat certain ways.

    • I love this statement:

      Eating choices have a lot to do with what we acclimate our tastebuds to. Without even realizing it, we program ourselves to eat certain ways.

      And that goes both ways–junk food and healthy food!

  3. I read that rat study article too. I could so relate that article back in my gnarly dark sugar addiction days. I still struggle with natural sugars but I don’t even play around with trying to use moderation with the other stuff so it’s not a struggle. It’s just a line I don’t cross. As soon as I start entertaining the thoughts I remind myself how miserable I used to feel. Plus I’d hate to have to admit on my blog I ate refined sugar after two years. I’m sort of proud of it. 😉 Pride cometh before the fall. I HOPE NOT.

  4. I am much better off when I don’t eat the less-healthy food, even when I have caloric room. They just make me feel crummy and then I always am scrounging for more.

    I liked what you wrote in my comments about intuitively eating WAY less today than yesterday…that’s a good way to look at a less-than-stellar day.

  5. I don’t think I have ever had wonton soup. Loved the recipe – because it seems really doable/makeable – but as you said – a bit of time.

    Kids went through a substitution phase with homemade eggrolls – and then just drifted away from wanting them at all. And I think that is true with most of US too – for a while we substitute a healthier version of X and then sort of drift on to better (healthier) things.

    Now what will be interesting is if you continue on with wanting the wantons – looking for that A+ bowl. Or if you can let it go. Or if you find that A+ bowl – if it will continue to call to you.

    And I stand by that “if it is in the house, it WILL be eaten.”

    I suppose we could add – if it is UNCLAIMED and in the house – it will be eaten.

    And I realize if you live alone – either everything is unclaimed or everything is claimed (or just ‘claimed’ by the wrong person! HAHA!)

    Because I think many get to the point where small amounts of claimed stuff (I am thinking of baked chips the girls divide and label for lunches) can be around. Claimed being the key word.

    And we (here) are all that way about milk chocolate – just gags us (girls and I) – now it actually has to be 90% dark for us to eat it – and we can eat in very small amounts to really stretch it out.

    • You know, I don’t think it will keep calling to me. That first time I had it was probably 15 years ago, and thinking about it today, I think that one part of why I liked it so well was because it was such a delightful experience–lovely company, treating me well. I have had it since, once or twice, but never as good as that first time.

      I still might try to make it someday–the challenge of trying a new recipe, and seeing if I can ‘healthy’ it up.

      You have challenged me to give the higher percentage of dark chocolate another try! Last time I tried 72% it was too bitter for me. But maybe my tastes have changed a bit since then.

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