Aren’t We Somethin’ !!

Hey, how quickly exactly can I type??  Just want to say, about all of us, that we are DOING IT!  We are on the road.  We are not giving up.  And everyone knows.  That is how you get to the end of the road.  Whole.  In one piece.  Like Celie in ‘The Color Purple’ said, in one of my all time favorite quotes from one of my all time favorite movies,

I’m poor, black, I might even be ugly, but dear God, I’m here. I’m here.

We might have indulged on Easter.  We might have eaten more sweets than could have fit in the Hindenburg, but we are here.  We are HERE.  And by here, I don’t just mean here in blogland, admitting our mistakes and making new plans to move on.  Although that is good.

I mean it in a bigger sense.  We are here.  We are this far along (where ever that might be for you) and we are continuing to work to improve our health, our food choices, our exercise habits, our body image.  Can you believe it?  WE ARE HERE!

For me, this means 100 pounds down and maintaining.  It means making a good food choice at each meal and snack, maybe even 90% of the time.  It means a commitment to get out and walk Noah twice a day, and to work out at the gym two to three times a week BECAUSE I WANT TO.  It means continuing to explore new foods, and to turn less often to food for some emotional need.  It means working on the concept that the healthy living is no longer about what my body looks like, it is about how my body can function (thank you thank you Miz.)

My friends Pubsgal, PJ, and Jill all wrote good posts about this.  We are all a work in progress, but we are really somethin’!

And now the doggie report:

Mr. Monk takes in the morning sun.  Perhaps the extra vitamin D will decrease his worrying.

The morning book club–Mr. Monk on one side,

And Sophie on the other.

And yes, I do wear a hot pink fuzzy bathrobe.  I wear it all day.  Because I am cold.  Except when I am so hot you could cook your oatmeal in a minute on me not cold and I fling the hot pink fuzzy bathrobe as far as I can.  (You youngsters will understand this some day.  Because its coming.  Yes it is.)

11 thoughts on “Aren’t We Somethin’ !!

  1. Love the morning book club!!

    And thank you for reminding me that even if I am a stuffed lil easter bunny – at least I am making the EFFORT to be less stuffed. 🙂

  2. Don’t know what you wrote but today I am inspired. I will go for a walk. The weather is cool, almost cold, a taste of winter in the air. I’ve ignored the perfect days. Today I will go even if the weather is not so good. You have inspired me. I am here.

    And I don’t have a fluffy pink bathrobe, wish I did, because I would throw it away on occasion too. I can’t believe I am still having those ‘unnecessary’ moments at 70 +. Not fair! Between freezing cold from weight loss and sweaty hot flushes it makes for some crazy attire.

  3. Thanks for the shout out. It was a good reminder to me. Fresh start as of now , again. And again if I need it tomorrow. That’s what Easter is all about.

    I loves me some Miss Celie and love that line. I feel that way some days too.

    Ok. Now, Let’s talk about Mr Monk. That little man looks like he’s got a story to tell. He reminds me of Winston Churchill in that photo for some odd reason. Ok, it’s a stretch, but that Was my first thought.

  4. Thanks for all the great comments, guys! It was so fun to come home tonight and read them all. No time to comment individually–MUST go to bed–work tomorrow and it is late!

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