Mr. Monk May Have Been Misnamed

PJ suggested that Mr. Monk reminded her of Winston Churchill, so of course I had to check it out.  What do you think?

PJ also said ‘That little man looks like he’s got a story to tell.’  I think she is right.  I haven’t told you guys much about him really.  He is a delightful dog.  He loves me already, and loves getting attention.  But is also happy on a blanket or a pillow sleeping close by.  Getting rescue dogs is always like that–you wonder what their story is.  The fact that he is so calm and well adjusted makes me hope that his former life was really a good one.  Maybe just someone who fell on hard times, or someone who got too old to take care of him.  Whichever, I am lucky to have him.  He and Sophie seem to be co-existing peacefully.  No real love or affection happening yet.  But Sophie does seem to be ‘normalizing’ with another little person in the house.

Had a great day today, but was gone until 6:45 pm.  Just enough time to take Noah for a quick jog before it got dark.  When we got home it was dusk and I noticed this view from my front door.

I duck under these branches multiple times a day and most times don’t even look at them.  Take some time to notice the beauty all around you.

Just a few steps beyond that scene, some more plants are blooming–more daffodils and one of my most favorite plants, a flowering almond.  I can’t believe I got such good pictures right before dark!


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