Another Good Day

Golly, these cheerful good days are getting boring LOL!  Had a blueberry scone with my coffee to start the day.

Then got out for a nice 3 mile run/walk with Noah.  It felt good to want to run again, and Noah certainly had a lot of energy after all the rain and me being at work yesterday.  Started getting hungry on the way back home, and thinking about what I wanted to eat.  I remembered how I LOVED to have a bowl of raisin bran and milk after my long walks a couple of years ago.  I started liking the raisin bran because of the way this guy wrote about wanting it at the end of a long hike in the Grand Canyon.  He is a fantastic writer, BTW.  The raisin bran was most excellent with a mixture of regular milk and almond milk.  I won’t be putting this back in my regular rotation, though.  I don’t think cereal holds me long enough.

Then on to MORE housecleaning.  But I got diverted by an interesting project.  I have a thing about not keeping too many books around.  I have 3 bookcases and that is it!  If I want more books (and I do) I have to get rid of some of the old ones to make room for the new.  I usually just take them to the thrift store.  But my mom sells stuff online all the time, and says it is really easy to list them on Amazon.  And she is right.  So that is what I spent a bit of time on.  Its kind of addicting.  If I actually sell some, I could really get into this!

Well, like I said, the raisin bran didn’t hold me, so for an early lunch I had some roasted brussel sprouts–ooh! I drizzled one teaspoon of maple syrup over them–fantastic!  And a pear.

More cleaning.

Then I was REALLY hungry, so had a mid-afternoon meal of ‘turkey bread.’  This is one of Vicky’s concoctions that is so delicious I can’t do justice to describing it.  Whole wheat dough with a filling of veggies, ground turkey, asiago cheese, and just the right spices.  Followed it up with a little bowl of walnuts, raisins, and 8 chocolate chips.

Then a run to the dump, followed by a trip to the gym for a short workout.  Note to self:  don’t go to the gym at 4pm.  All the little boys are there trying to outdo each other.  Yawn.

Back home to give Noah some more ‘quality time’ in the yard while I did a little weeding.  Throwing his toy for him in between.  Poor boy.  I am THE WORST thrower in the world.  I have already had to rescue his toy from two different trees…  And then we took another walk.

I am beat.  But in a good way.  For dinner I had some of my favorite Vicky food –red lentils and brown rice with some apples, raisins, peanuts, sunflower seeds and coconut, all in a curried yogurt dressing.  And another serving of those great green beans that I made the other day.

I really didn’t add up my calories today.  Probably a little on the high side, but I am pretty happy with my food choices, although a LITTLE heavy on the grains for me.  The house is as good as its gonna get, and now I have three days in a row of work.  But two of them are short days–Woo Hoo!!!

Hey, if you made it this far, and you know anything about the iphone and/or the itouch, will you read my next post and give me any opinions or information you might have?


6 thoughts on “Another Good Day

  1. there is almost NO protein in cereal – it won’t hold you – maybe you ate protein with it and just didn’t mention it – but if not – eat an egg or nuts or something protein with it.

    I am picturing you with one of the those things that shoots tennis balls (to practice returning serve) to shoot toys for the dogs.

    • I know. Although you made me look. There’s 5 protein in the cereal and 4 protein in the milk. Still, cereal just doesn’t do as well by me as some other choices.

      And hey, that is a very good idea. I really got a laugh picturing that. They do have a plastic thingy that is kind of like a sling that is supposed to help with throwing balls for your dogs. Maybe I’ll try that. Fortunately, Noah is very forgiving and actually has a lot of fun tossing his toys himself.

  2. LOL – the 4pm gym people. I call them ‘preeners’. 😀

    That turkey bread sounds good.

    I’m like you – cereal is for snacking, not a meal. Unless it is mixed up with greek yogurt and fruit.

    Sounds like you are having a string of good days in a row!

  3. I’m so glad you are having a string of good days…..could be worse! 🙂 Enjoy the moment!

    I keep meaning to ask you then forget when i read your blog but i was wondering how your Etsy store is doing??? Or was it ArtFire?? Have you sold anything?? Lots of visitors??? Anywho……Its still in my head to open a store there so i was just wondering…..Have another great day! deb

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