Technologically Challenged

Hey, I’m hoping some of you out there are more savvy than me, and can explain things in SIMPLE terms.

I have to admit to having a lust affair with the iphone for quite a while.  I stare with absolute amazement when co-workers whip out their iphones to show me pictures.  And then one of my patients’ parents had one and would play music for his baby on it.  He caught me staring, and asked what my favorite music group was, and I said Phillips, Craig, and Dean, thinking they are not THAT well known.  Well within a couple of seconds, he used some app and there they were, singing in the nursery!  I just think the iphone is cool.  But not one to waste money, I have a contract on my phone, and have thought, well, maybe when its done.  The contract on iphone is still more than I want to pay, but maybe…

Then Miz wrote a post about DECREASING the time they spend on technology, and she mentioned the itouch.  I didn’t even know what it was, so of course I had to look it up.  And I am INTRIGUED.

But I can’t quite figure out what the difference is.  In this description it says the itouch comes installed with the iphone software.  Does that mean you can use it as a phone with a different company than at&t?  Does it mean it is an iphone essentially and you can sign up with at&t any time you want to?

Another question:  does the itouch connect to the internet differently than the iphone?  How DOES it connect to the internet?  Like, if I am in a hotel that has free internet access, do I plug into something to use it?  I guess I can’t use the itouch in my car for internet, but the iphone I could use for the internet in my car?  And how hard is it to use the internet on such a tiny machine?  Is it worth even bothering with?

Are all the apps the same for each?

Does anybody actually watch a movie on their itouch?

How ’bout listening to music?  Do you have one of those fancy little dock thingies?  How good does the music sound?

I noticed on that amazon ad that if you signed up for you could get $100 off the itouch–of course, you would be paying $180 during the year for audible–but that is for getting ‘books on tape’ (ha–now you understand where I am technologically) and that REALLY appeals to me.



5 thoughts on “Technologically Challenged

  1. I am intrigued by the iPhone and the iTouch. Of course, I am an apple girl at heart. I have also been looking at a droid phone. My phone is old!

    I know Apple is working on a Verizon platform, so you don’t have to use ATT. I am eager to read any responses to this!

  2. I am NOT the person you want to ask about the ipod, iphone, itouch, ipad, ianything! I’ll probably be calling YOU when I finally break down and buy my iphone in 2020. So make sure you remember whatever you find out,k?

  3. Honestly,I think the only thing you can’t do with an iTouch that you can with the phone is call people. The software looks pretty interchangeable. My parents are both computer scientists, and my dad is a gadget head. He likes his iPhone, but they live in rural VA so the signal is not always great.
    While the apps are usable by either, I would be willing to bet you have to purchase it new for each machine.
    As far as accessing the internet, I think with the iPhone it is part of the package you buy, much like a Blackberry. As far as the Touch, I believe it has a wiFi app, so you should be able to access any Wifi signal you can find. Most hotels have free wireless signals now.
    We do have a dock for our iPod and we love it. It is a cheap way to listen to music without moving out whole computer. Our dock is a cheaper version, but it still has better sound quality than my lap top speakers.
    I have no idea about Audible, but I do know you can purchase books on tape through iTunes. Then you are only spending money for the books you want, not a subscription. We do that for long car rides.
    Hope this helps! This is by no means entirely correct, just my two cents. If I have anything wrong, someone please correct me! 🙂

  4. kids have itouch and love it.

    with wifi – you are good to go as long as it is compatable.

    For example –

    youngest uses hers any where in our house for homework, web, email, games, whatever.

    where the oldest is in europe at college – the college system itself is not compatable with his itouch, so he uses his lap top on campus. but when he travels around europe it works (he uses it to look up sites, times, maps, etc). and I think you can download the other language if need be – he didn’t – because what he really wanted it for was traveling.

    the kids play music on it with earphones (because their mom likes quiet house).

    LOTS of free applications available for it. And you don’t have to pay to download songs if you are within wifi – you just play them.

  5. I have an iTouch – Jeff gave it to me for Christmas in 2008. I’ve never had an iPod, and he though I would have fun with it. It’s like a baby computer. Mine doesn’t have a camera – don’t know if they are making them with cameras now. Honestly? I would get an iPhone over the iTouch. Because how many “things” do you want to carry around? I don’t bring mine with me – maybe I like to travel light, but I already have my cell phone and it seems silly to carry the iTouch, too.

    One of these days we will be getting iPhones – right now we are on a shared plan with Sprint and have four cell phones – yes, one for each member of the family. No home phone, though. Crazy, right?!? But for the cost of the iTouch, I wouldn’t do it.

    I do, however, want a netbook – a baby laptop. But that’s another story…:)

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