What’s it All About, Anyway?

Well, its always interesting to take a little bloggy break.  It makes you think about why you are blogging, why you read so darn many other blogs, and what is the point anyway.  Of course, you don’t have to take a break to think about these things.  Miz wrote a great post a bit ago reminding us to think about why we blog, and what our ‘brand’ is. I’m afraid I don’t have a brand.  My posts seem to run a wide gamut depending on my mood, the amount of time I have, and what’s happening in my life and/or the blog world at the time.  Sometimes I just blather on about the events of the day.  Lots of time I can’t help but talk a lot about food–I love it.  Then of course, the doggie news and flower/nature shots slip in once in a while.  Sometimes I post every single day.  And then other times, even though I am home, I just don’t seem to have anything to say, or the energy to say it.

So there you go.  I don’t have a brand.  If I had to name one reason I blog, it is the hope that I might encourage another person struggling with a large amount of weight to lose.  It sometimes seems a miracle to me that I have been able to keep 100 pounds off, and I’d like to think I’ve learned a bit about what it takes to lose weight and keep it off, and I’d like to share that with others.  For sure, I haven’t figured everything out yet.  But I do keep trying to learn and to finesse my approach to food and exercise.  Today I was talking to a friend who is always trying to lose weight, and she said ‘I’m so tired of trying.’  And I agreed with her that some days I feel like that too.  But then I said that I remember the alternative–either someone writes about their physical struggles with being overweight, or I see someone walking very slowly and painfully who is probably close to what I used to weigh.  And I remember the pain I lived with every day.  I remember that I couldn’t even get comfortable sitting in a comfortable chair.  I remember every step being painful, and how the small of my back would burn when I had to stand for too long at work.  I remember how I looked forward to the time when I could use one of those stupid riding carts to get around in.  I remember the dread of knowing that I was going to die young.  And then I’m not so tired of trying anymore.

So along those lines, I am still experimenting with the ‘intuitive eating.’  Meaning for me, I am not writing down what I eat, I am trying to ‘honor my health’ (choose healthy foods 90% of the time) and I am paying attention to when I am really hungry, and trying not to eat just for the pleasure of it.  Although if I do want to eat for the pleasure of it, I will allow myself to do that sometimes, but I don’t eat to feeling stuffed.  I still have a very good idea of how many calories I am consuming, because I have counted for so very long.  And it makes me feel comfortable to add up what I’ve eaten to make sure its within what seems reasonable (which is approximately 1300-1800.)  (I actually bought the intuitive eating book so I would know a little more about what I was talking about.  That’s where the phrase ‘honoring my health’ came from.)

Along with all that, I am getting a reasonable amount of exercise in most days.  Two walks a day with Noah, and the gym for weights workouts (sometimes circuit training) 2-3 times per week.  In general, on the days I don’t go to the gym, my walks with Noah are longer, and running is included if the old body feels up to it.

And it seems to be working.  My weight fluctuates between 154.6 and 157.6.  This morning it was 155.6.  And that was after spending two days with my BF and eating a little out of the ordinary.  We ate out a bit, and enjoyed dessert a bit.  But she is watching her weight too, so when we had lunch out, we just had a snack for dinner.  I was actually surprised that my weight was that low this morning.

It has been raining non-stop here for two days.  And still the walks with Noah go on.  Yesterday I was walking him in the rain, and I realized that I was actually doing this for myself.  That I was the one who actually liked walking even if it was raining.  Noah didn’t look so thrilled about walking in the rain.

Here is a picture of the fried rice I wrote about. This batch was made with some leftover green beans instead of the snow peas.


15 thoughts on “What’s it All About, Anyway?

  1. I know what you mean about not having a brand – I tried to figure out what my brand was after reading Carla’s post and ended up deciding that I’m just me – and that’s ok. I read your blog for all of the random things you post about – you are so interesting and really seem content with what you choose to do, and I like that.

    Plus you have really cute dogs! 🙂

    • I don’t know, Shelley. I think your brand could be ‘how hard can one person work out and still be standing!’ LOL Man! I am really especially amazed by your running progress. That last time you had on the 6K was amazing to me.

      And thanks for the nice words. Those doggies are pretty good little guys. I really laughed at your description of Paco the Wonder Dog running and being so proud of himself.

  2. Your brand seems to be “optimistic success”! Thanks for showing that it’s possible to lose it and keep it off (I did the first, lost 110lbs, but not the second…after 3 yrs keeping it off…slowly but surely 75 of those “lost” pounds have been found. But I’m starting again and going to make it work this time.)
    So thanks for sharing your journey and your attitude!

  3. Oh I totally know what you mean… just when I’m ready to hang it up at The Pear, I get really awesome comments and I remember that the support in blogland is phenomenal, and so I continue. I don’t have a brand either, just me blathering on about whatever is on my mind. But that’s okay, because it’s what I do! 🙂

    Did you read Juice’s post? Totally brought up the same feelings I had when Oliver died. Breaks my heart. 😦

  4. I’m so glad I came back to blogging. Posts like this are inspiring. Sincerely. I need to catch up with you. Hopefully this weekend I can do that.

    thanks for the hope.

  5. I am brandless too… I blog for accoutability and perhaps maybe just one person will see that I exercised today or will see what I ate today and it will inspire them to get up and move or to make a healhty food choice. They might even read about a bad choice I made and learn from that. If not, that’s ok, because my blog has helped me!

  6. fried rice looks like the ‘real thing’ so you did a very good job!

    it’s a life style change and that means it enters into all parts of our lives – so you probably do have a brand – a whole life brand.

  7. I interpreted Miz’s post as being more applicable to blog writers that aspire to commercialize their blogs, but even with non-commercial blogs, I think the “brand” probably can be defined as what makes it valuable to the readers. And really, that seems to vary from person to person. I started coming to your blog, as I did Lori’s and Lynn Haraldson-Bering’s, to gain insight into how to not simply lose weight, but how to maintain. I stuck around because I receive not only that, but I also enjoy reading your writing, hearing what’s new with the pups and seeing your beautiful quilts and flowers, and trying your healthy recipes. Your “brand,” it seems to me, is being a kind presence in the healthy living blog community.

  8. I don’t know if I have a brand or not. I am a little all over the place. I blog mostly for myself, but also I have come to realize that others enjoy reading about them.

    I sort of think of you and your brand as in a little circle of people I feel a specific type of kinship with in terms of knowing what it feels like to be significantly overweight and the different sorts of challenges that brings up. So many times what you write could have been plucked from my own mind and it feels really good knowing that I am not alone.

  9. I have to just chime in that I DO THINK we all have “brands” in a way: US.
    just as you pointed out.
    being who we are
    writing honestly as we are
    it’s our brand.

  10. Hi Debby,
    I just started blogging, so I want to thank you for your comment on my new blog. I began blogging because I thought it might help me with accountability, even if it is only to myself. I have struggled with my weight in recent years, and have been unable to work a consistent weight loss program of any type. I needed to do something different than joining another commercial weight loss program and throwing my money away.

    I accessed your blog, and I want to say that it is great! What a wealth of information–recipes, food and exercise plans, interesting commentary, etc. I will be checking in frequently as I work toward my weight loss goal. You’re an inspiration. Thanks for sharing.


  11. I would agree that a brand is more important when you are trying to commercialize a blog (Nester, etc). I see your blog as having a focus on health, but I really enjoy your tangential posts about family / dogs / funny things, etc. Just be you and we’ll all enjoy that. 🙂

    • That fried rice is REALLY easy to make and tastes as good as any fried rice I’ve had. Check out the recipe on my side bar.

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