Good Monday Morning to Blogland

Whew.  After my last post about a bloggy break, it seems I took another bloggy break.  Really, I was just working and very busy.  The comments were so interesting to me and so very kind.  Thank you all.  I especially liked some  of the words you all used. Lori mentioned ‘kinship,’ and I really like that word.  And most of the people who said that they were like me and did not have a brand…well, they do have a style and something that I can count on and look forward to, and that is why I check in with them on a daily or weekly basis.  Lots of times I check in just because of the kinship I feel with them.   And of course, the Miz clarified it for us: being who we are
writing honestly as we are
is our brand.  Sometimes I think its like the  nouveau version of pen pals.  I feel incredibly close to some of you all even though I’ve never ‘met’ you in person.  Heck, I even fell in love with a blogging dog, and have truly grieved over her passing.  Cecelia was one of the most eloquent bloggers I knew, and I quoted her frequently.  Cecelia is the reason I even considered adopting a senior dog.  And honestly, Mr. Monk is moving quickly up the list of my all-time favorite dogs.  And as you know, that is a very long list!

Mr.Monk gets after his bone!

A soft chair, and a nice bone. Life is good.

Enough with the photos. I have work to do.

Sophie gets worried when I take too many pictures of Monk.

Ah, you've finally come to your senses. He's not THAT cute.

And now I must get up and give some attention to the other dog. Noah seems to be entering another growth spurt, and he needs a lot of exercise.  Good for me too.  Almost all of his baby teeth are gone, and the big ones are in, so chewing is not as big of a problem.  We are working on coming in the house a little more often.  Yesterday he only knocked two things over…

As for me, I have been eating out a little too much, and then eating a little too much ‘junk.’  A lot of times when I do this, I will end the evening with a really healthy snack (i.e. yogurt and walnuts,) even though I am not hungry.  It seems to work as a signal to my brain or my body that this is the better way to eat.  Does this work for anybody else?


6 thoughts on “Good Monday Morning to Blogland

  1. Thanks for your kind mention of Cecilia. Last night we had a thunderstorm and I was reminded of the time we had lightning so close to the house that both of us sat bolt upright in bed wide awake. I miss her.

  2. I know what you mean about blogging being like having pen pals. We watched the “Julia” parts of “Julie & Julia” on Netflix, and when Julia and Simka are sitting in the train station waiting to meet Avis, and Julia tells Simka about how the “met” through letters and actually had never met in person, I thought to myself, “Wow, that’s just like blogging!” (Well, except for Foodie McBody and Juice, whom I’ve met in person, and then it was like meeting a pen pal!)

    I might have to try something like that. It’s funny, sometimes I’ll be reluctant to have something healthy but with more carbs (for example, an apple), even though I ate lower carb during dinner and could probably tolerate the fruit just fine, but then I’ll go and eat a bunch of nuts, which have *way* more calories!

    • That was EXACTLY the scene I was thinking of when I wrote that! But I use movie illustrations so often I skipped it–great minds think alike!

  3. Aw, Mr. Monk with his rear end backed up on the arm of the chair is so cute! And Sophie – does she ever “belly up to the bar” in that chair when she sits next to you? Where she puts one of her front legs on the arm – Jackie did that, and I always felt like I should be serving her a beer or something!

    Oh Noah – someday you will grow into your body! He’s like a teenage boy, always knocking into things.

    I agree with the blogging kinship – Saturday I bought Lori’s issue of Shape magazine, and I was showing her article to my husband, saying “Look – here’s my friend!” and he was a little confused but finally got it.

  4. Noah will calm down. He is still a growing boy!

    It’s funny how we really feel like we know fellow bloggers. Sometimes I really wonder about how well we do know.

    Eating your normal food will signal your body to get back on track. Back to regularly scheduled programming LOL!

  5. I wonder if Noah might like to work an Obstacle Course for Dogs – I am sure you could set up a small version of your own with cones. Would be good ‘careful with the tail half’ training and really fun.

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