A New Challenge??

Harro everbody!

I don’t know why I felt like talking like that.

Whew.  Its been a speedy couple of days since I last checked in.  Worked six hours on Thursday, and then took a meandering drive thru the center of California (Sacramento to the Bay Area via Antioch.)  Absolutely gorgeous drive on back roads (don’t you love mapquest,) and missed all the commute hour traffic on the freeways!  I went that way because I picked up a new light table/sewing cabinet thingy that was custom made.  It was a combo birthday/Christmas present from my daddy!  I will have to take a pic of it for you because it is so neat.  It also has an ironing board built into it!

Went to the Bay Area to take my dad to his doctor’s appointment.  He is having some health problems, but they got blown up in his mind, and he thought it was kind of like a death sentence, and I wanted to make sure he discussed this with the doctor, because he really did not believe me when I would say it was not as bad as he thought it was…Well, Dallas Willard said recently that one of the main purposes of older people was to give us something to take care of.  And I kind of think he is right.  Otherwise, my life would be pretty darn self-centered.

Anyway, back to talking about me (see what I mean!)  My food was pretty weird for these two days.  I actually never ate out, unless you count the TWO times I had frozen yogurt!  And I brought some food with me, but not as much as I usually do, and there was a little too much snackage going on, and not quite enough water intake.  So, as you can imagine, I am not feeling quite as primo as I have been.  In addition, my back started hurting a little more than usual about a week ago, and also my knees, and occasionally my hip have been aching.  I KNOW.  Sorry about the ‘grandma report.’  I’m kind of hoping the knees and hip are because of all the rain we’ve been having.

ANYWAY.  To get back on track right away, I am having a Lori classico for dinner tonight.

Farmstand strawberries (Yumm!) fresh brocolli, and pre-cooked chicken from my freezer--love having this on hand for a night like tonight!

And I have a new idea I think I am going to try.  When I am waiting in line for my dad’s prescriptions, I love looking at all the ‘healthy living’ impulse buy junk they have for sale.  And I bought this little food/exercise journal.

I KNOW.  Back to counting.  But you all know how I love my numbers.  And the journal is for 10 weeks, and I am thinking about making a 10 week challenge for myself–to lose 10 pounds.  That would be so wonderful.  I know my back would thank me.  And that would be the lowest weight I have weighed in a very long time.  The journal starts on a Monday, so I will think about how I am going to do this over the next few days, and report in on Sunday or Monday.  Got to work tomorrow, so need to get a move on.  Have a nice weekend everyone!

P.S.  You gotta love these silly blog awards/challenges!  So far Pubsgal and Shelley have met the ‘award’ challenge.  Honestly, I haven’t laughed as hard or as long as I did at Pubsgal’s hilarious writing about her most embarrassing moment(s.) Honestly, guys, you have to read this brilliant bit of writing!  And the second hardest I’ve laughed in recent days was at Shelley’s post.  Not at Shelley, who was brave enough to post a morning photo, but at how funny she was about it.  Laughing WITH you, Shelley, not AT you.  She is hoping her nominees will follow suit and post morning pics.  I am still waiting for the stone drunk blog entry!  Isn’t it great how honest and open we can be with each other.  Sometimes way more so than in ‘real life’ relationships.

10 thoughts on “A New Challenge??

  1. I’m glad to hear your dad is not as bad as he thought. I’ve heard a lot of people mention Dallas Willard lately. I’ve never read or listened to him. I don’t even know if he is an author or a speaker! Everything I’ve heard people say about him is good though.

    I don’t mind counting calories. I don’t do it regularly but I’m thinking I need to start again soon. 😉 Good luck on your challenge!!!

  2. Hey Jenn–Dallas Willard is a brilliant philosophy professor who still teaches at USC, but he is also an excellent Christian speaker and author. His writing can be a bit difficult to read, but some of his writing has had a profound influence on my life, so it is worth slogging through. He is great to listen to, I think. You can find tapes of him if you look around on the internet, some free, I think, and also if you are ever able to go to a Renovare conference, he speaks there sometimes. http://renovare.org/

  3. I think its great how you care for your dad I wish mine lived closer I miss him. Don’t feel bad about the grandma report even us 45 year olds have our issues!

    I love my numbers too such a cute looking journal. I use just a plain old little note book and write my workouts and weight for the day in there…I don’t comment often but I love your blog…how are your doggies?

  4. Hi Susan, thanks for commenting, and thanks for asking about the doggies! They all did just fine while I was gone. That was one of my biggest worries, actually. Noah is a little shy (needs a little more socialization) and I was worried that he wouldn’t let my ‘babysitter’ take care of him. I was so relieved when I got home and she was actually there, and said he was such a sweet boy!

  5. I’m glad your dad is okay, and hoping he feels better about all of it.

    Love that dinner 😉

    I am so sorry to hear about your back. I hope it gets better quickly. On the other hand, I have lost more weight in this past month with my injury than I have in a long time. Go figure.

    You should move out here to upstate NY, you know that?

  6. 10 weeks of focus sounds really good to me.

    I used to ‘think’ in quarters (three months which is 12 weeks – so we are like minded).

    So every quarter I would re-evaluate – what do I mean to be doing? what am I actually doing? if it working? and then change things up (exercise, good habits).

    I think that renewal is really helpful. It also keeps one looking forward (instead of back) which is positive/proactive.

  7. I have more pain when there is rain about. As if the rain isn’t enough to give one the blues. Mind you I quite like the excuse to stay inside with a good read. *smile*

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