The Plan

Harro everbody.  Vickie gets the award for why I like writing this.  I kept thinking about it for the past two days.  Where the heck did it come from?  And I finally figured out that my brother talks like that sometime.  But Vickie figured out it was ‘doggie talk.’  That’s how he talks to his little doggie.

Okay.  Here’s the plan.  I’ve been looking at my little journal, and thinking about what direction I want to go in. And this is the plan I’ve come up with.

  • Continue to ‘honor my health’ and ‘pay attention to my hunger.’
  • Six days a week I will shoot for 1200 calories per day.  Maximum of  two grain servings per day on those days.
  • One day per week, 1800 calories.  But still healthy food choices.
  • Minimize sugar and wheat. In other words, I am not going on a witch hunt, but I am not going to eat much of anything that obviously has sugar or flour added.
  • One coffee per day.  Because I can’t drink coffee without half and half.
  • Try to do 400 calories worth of exercise every day that I don’t work.  The little simplified chart in the journal says that you burn 4 calories per minute for light exercise, 7 calories/minute for moderate exercise, and 10 calories/minute for heavy exercise.  Aside from this weight loss challenge I was already planning on increasing my exercise a bit, so this will just be fun to keep track of it this way.  I am planning to take longer walk/runs with Noah, and to make a concerted effort to get to the gym at least three days per week, and to add swimming at least one day per week.

My goal is to stick with this plan for the next ten weeks, and to lose ten pounds in that time period.  If it looks like I am not losing any weight after the first two weeks, I will re-evaluate and adjust the plan.

Okay, I’m tired.  Its been quite a day.  I hope I wake up with a lot of energy tomorrow.  And I hope the plan still looks good in the morning!


20 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. Yahoo! Fasten your seatbelts! Here we go!

    Hey aren’t you up kind of late for somebody who works out on Monday morning?

    • I agree with you…at least in theory… Those darn tabatas are hard, and it is hard to make myself do them. Quad work I am doing a lot of, and some pretty heavy lifting, mostly body stuff and free weights now, so hopefully that will work some.

  2. I think May needs to be my month, too. I’ve been in clinging-to-the-clifftop mode for awhile now, and am getting tired of it. Tracking over the weekend–I usually don’t–was really the kick in the awareness that I needed to see that some habits need to change.

    I hear you about coffee. I’d rather have less coffee overall than skip my half-and-half, although I do take a little less now by adding some almond milk.

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