Harro Everbody

Let’s see how fast I can type a post?  Gotta get a move on this morning.  Gotta walk Noah.  Gotta drop off my car to get the headlight fixed AGAIN, and then off to the gym to work out.  Checked the classes at the gym.  None this morning at the time I am planning to be there.  I am very intimidated to take a class for some reason.  As soon as I take the first one, I know it will be fine.  I guess its just that ‘shy girl’ part of me, and maybe a little of the ‘fat girl’ mentality.  Both of which are ridiculous.  For now I will work out on the weights and get in another swim.

Okay. The Plan.  Yikes.  Yesterday was a nightmare, foodwise.  Ridiculous.  The most disturbing thing I do is not so much make bad food choices, but to keep eating when I am more than full.  And I did that yesterday.  It wasn’t the lunch out that was bad.  It was what I ate before I ever got to the lunch out.  And the only exercise I got was one walk with Noah.  I had a meeting/class for work before the lunch, and thinking about it now, those are always problematic for me.  Sitting there for hours, and if its boring, and there’s food sitting around…well, you do the math.

I did manage to turn the tide by eating an apple pear that I got at Costco (instead of the giant frozen yogurt I wanted to get) and then when I got home I wasn’t hungry (duh) and I was tending to Noah until it got dark, so had a late ‘dinner’ of a small bowl of edemame tofu salad (Vicky creation) and a big bowl of a pear and homemade yogurt with a few walnuts sprinkled in, and a lo-bar for dessert.  More than I needed to eat at that point, but better options than some.

I scored some good stuff at Costco.  Fresh blackberries, the apple pears, some really ripe looking tomatoes, and a bag of pre-cooked grilled chicken breast.  Some more of my Eclipse gum, and some biscuits for the doggies.

Well, its a new day.  Moving forward, I’m again going to stay away from the sugar and wheat.  Get to eat all my own foods now for three days in a row (Mother’s Day lunch is the last of the meals out.  I made reservations at a French restaurant. I’m hoping the food will support the ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ theory.)  I’m planning on plenty of salads, fresh fruit.  Got meat already cooked and ready to go in the freezer.  Might try Jenn’s recipe for brussel sprouts tonight.

Habanada, everbody!

2 thoughts on “Harro Everbody

  1. Sounds like the food choices you’re making are very healthy though?? Sometimes it’s not so much the volume but the quality of what you eat. If you make good choices your stomache will do its work, so no worries 🙂

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