The Good Eatin’ Edition

Woo hoo!  Surprised myself with my good eating today.  Had a big bowl of fage yogurt, blueberries, and walnuts for breakfast.  Took Noah for a 30 minute hike.  Then I took food with me for snacks and lunch because I had to drop my car off for repairs, and was going to spend time at the gym and then on to a friend’s house for a little sewing.  I brought some of that tofu edemame salad, an orange, and two lobars.

I worked out pretty hard at the gym.  My knees still hurt, and my back is still bothering me, so I am a little guarded with them.   But I am working my upper body pretty darn hard.  Went for a swim afterward.  So far only spending 15 minutes in the pool, but it sure feels great.  And today there wasn’t anybody in the spa, so I went in there.  Oh, it felt so good.  I could have gone to sleep in there!  Then I walked over to my friend’s house.  Probably two miles away.  Oops, that wasn’t such a good plan.

I got hungry after working out, (duh) so I bought some of Vicky’s nutty nibby cookies for an afternoon treat since some of my lunch food was gone.  I thought that would blow my food for the day, but when I added everything up I came out below my calorie allotment.  I am so happy about this.  It was so relaxing at my friend’s house.  She keeps an EXTREMELY clean house, and we just have fun talking and hand-sewing together.

Here’s what I had for dinner.  Remember the mexican dish I had at that Tombien restaurant?  Well, they were kind of puffy little corn tortillas under the toppings.  So when I was at Costco, I saw this package of puffy little corn tortillas that were filled with cheese–no need to put cheese on top.  And each tortilla was only 115 calories.  Ingredient list was basically corn meal and cheese, no preservatives.  I thought they might be worthy, and they really were.  I made some fresh salsa really quick, and sliced off some romaine lettuce to top them with.  If you wanted more, a little enchilada sauce with a wee bit of meat would also be excellent.  Here’s the best part.  I fixed two of them, but I started to get full halfway through, and I actually was able to stop myself from eating all of them.

That’s zucchini in that other dish.  I love zucchini.  I’m so glad I like veggies.  And here’s a close-up of the little puffy tortilla thingy showing the cheese inside.

And here’s a picture of the new ‘practically perfect dog’ Mr. Monk.  Isn’t he a good little boy?

After dinner I took Noah out for a walk, and surprise of all surprises, I felt like running.  Ran almost the whole 2 miles, even the uphill parts.  I can’t predict when my body is going to feel good.

Noah is being a pretty good boy tonight.  Some barking, but not as bad as the last two nights.  I’ll put some more pictures of him up this weekend.


14 thoughts on “The Good Eatin’ Edition

  1. swinging by to wish you a great weekend and wish THAT NOAH gets you something nice for mothers day!
    you dote on him every day, right?


    • Yes, I meant to comment on that when you told me about that lady and her dog running a 5K.

      Its really important to me that my dogs walk beside me, and not into me or in front of me. When I had 3 dachshunds and Oliver, I could safely run with all 4 of them at once, 3 dachshunds on one side and Oliver on the other.

      Noah is still a puppy, but we have been practicing this since he was a little puppy. I have to admit that he and I aren’t perfect at it yet. He loves picking up his big sticks, and I think it is good for him to ‘have a job’ so I let him, but there is a lot of tossing and rearranging of the stick when he carries it, so no running then.

      And, there is the part about him being a growing large-breed puppy, and not putting too much stress on their joints. So I also do not push him to run. Most of the time he has more energy than me, but once in a while he wants to go slower than me. I do not think it is him forcing his will on me. Just the nature of puppydom. But I am really happy about having a running buddy, and know that we will be taking some longer runs soon, and especially some hikes in the future.

      Last night I was feeling his muscles in his hindquarters, and I was very impressed. I have adopted some older dogs that had little muscle there, and they never did develop good muscles even though I walked them a lot.

  2. I am positively drooling over your cheesy tortilla dinner – WOW! Wish we had a Costco nearby (I think the closest one is in Dallas) – I would be all over those tortilla!!!

    You were an exercising fool (said in a loving manner, of course) yesterday!!! Working out, walking to your friend’s house and THEN running?!? Dang, woman!!!

    P.S. I keep meaning to ask you – what is a lobar?

  3. I may need to check out Costco – those look good!

    And HOW SWEET is little Monk. I’m not a huge fan of pugs, but he is converting me.

  4. Lori and Shelley and Juice–wish I could send you some of those–that was the other thing I forgot to say in my post. The only drawback to getting something from Costco is that as a single person I don’t really need 80 kajillion little puffy tortilla thingies. Most of them are safely ensconsed in the freezer now. Maybe you could find them in a deli department somewhere.

    Juice, when I used to show dogs, I hated pugs. Hated how they looked. Wondered why anyone would have one. Then more recently I noticed how much their owners adored them and I thought there might be something to them. Monk is something else–I just love him. Think I’m glad I got an older one though. I’ve heard the puppies are pretty rambunctious.

  5. Mr Monk errrr Winston …what a cutie. I love that vintage look case he’s lying next to. Noah sounds like he might be good for running alongside you while biking, but also could mean disaster ..good luck on the training you are doing with him. That is fun in itself..and work.

  6. Oh, yum!!! I wish we had a freezer to put those cheesy-tortilla things. My daughter might like them quite a bit, too.

    I know she’d ADORE Mr. Monk, she got a Webkinz stuffed animal pug for Christmas, and now she has a thing for pugs. I never saw the appeal until Mr. Monk. I think he’s making me a pug fan. He’s definitely made me a Mr. Monk fan.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

    • Aww, Thing2. I’m so glad you like Mr. Monk. Can you believe he is one of my most favorite dogs too? And I have had a LOT of dogs since I was a little girl your age! (I have to be careful not to say that too loudly around Sophie or she will get jealous!)

      Mr. Monk would like you too if he got to meet you. He is a people-lover. He gets very excited and starts snorting and jumps in your lap and gives slobbery kisses if you let him.

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