A Rambly Post

Good morning all!  Here is the prerequisite Mother’s Day photo:

This was the fourth meal out in one week.  I chose this restaurant off of the internet, and it turned out to be a fantastic choice.  It is a French-type restaurant (I joked with my friend that I hoped they subscribed to the ‘French Women Don’t Get Fat’ philosophy.)  The food was really wonderful.  The portion sizes were perfect.  Veggies cooked without any oil or sauce, but delicious nonetheless.  I made an excellent choice, if I do say so myself.  And the only thing I did ‘wrong’ (but thoroughly enjoyed) was to eat a little too much bread.  I don’t feel bad about that.  I never eat bread, and this bread was really wonderful.  The service was just wonderful, and the place was beautiful.  Everyone said ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ multiple times, and two different people didn’t mind at all when we asked them to take pictures.  Best of all, even though they had a fantastic looking dessert menu, we decided we were full.  And surprise.  We found a frozen yogurt place later on!  My mom really enjoyed the day, and that was my goal.

On my way down to my mom’s (she lives in the bay area too–2 1/2 hours away,) the weather was on-and-off rainy.  But in between the rain, there was something very beautiful about the light.  I really was loving looking at the gorgeous scenery all around me.  I stopped at a little coffee place out in the country.  While I was waiting in the drive through lane for my coffee, I noticed the surroundings–gorgeous.  Took some photos to share with you.

I loved the graphic nature of these ‘seed balls’ and leaves against the sky.
Unbelievable roses at a coffee shop drive thru!
Again, I loved the graphic nature of these lines of fencing.
On Saturday afternoon (going back in time) I decided to spend some time working in the yard.  I love these lupines, try to ‘cultivate them in my yard by hand-picking the foxtail-type weeds and leaving the lupines intact.  They remind me of the blue bonnets I loved in Texas.
Then I decided to prune some low-lying branches on the trees.  Noah was in his element!  ‘Helped’ me with every branch.
I decided he was misnamed.  Instead of being a ‘guardian dog’ he should have been called a ‘gardening dog.’  Hahaha.  Ain’t I punny?  And, as Ron said in the comments, if only I could teach him to weed.
And now for the important stuff–Foodie News!
My niece told me about making these ‘stuffed strawberries,’ and after quizzing her about how to do it, I made my own version for my mom.  Of course I had to taste one to make sure they were edible.  Divine, I tell you!  So easy too.  Just buy the giant strawberries.  If you cut the top off, a ‘core’ automatically comes out of the strawberry.  I filled with Laughing Cow Lite sweetened with splenda (use your sweetener of choice.)  The Laughing Cow Lite was just the right consistency for filling.  I was going to try Fage greek yogurt, but it seemed too runny to me.  Put the cheese in a plastic baggy, cut off a corner, and squeeze into each strawberry.  There are a lot of variations to this.  I think some shaved chocolate would be divine.  I saw a recipe for orange flavoring to be added.  Of course, most of the traditional recipes use cream cheese and/or whipped cream.  But I thought these were decadent.  I used four wedges to fill 6 giant strawberries.
And a close-up.
Lastly, I just wanted to draw attention to a new recipe I posted on the sidebar–Apple Blackberry Sour Cream ‘Pie’ in a Bowl.  This pie is my all-time favorite to get up at Apple Hill.  I woke up thinking about what I could have for breakfast, and since I had blackberries in the frig, this idea came to mind.  It is absolutely delicious. And, in addition to being a great breakfast treat,  it would make a great dessert, or you could use part of the recipe as a topping on your custard oats or your protein pancakes.  Next time I make it I’ll try to snap a picture of it before I scarf it down eat it in a ladylike fashion.
Good grief.  I just checked, and somehow the font size changed.  Running late.  Will try to correct later.


5 thoughts on “A Rambly Post

  1. Hey, if the bread is good, then eat it…most of the time it’s just so-so and is very easy to pass up. Your meals looked good – and lots of veggies, which is nice! Glad your mom had a good day with you!

    Oh – the strawberries? WOW! And the close up of the rose is just gorgeous! You have filled up my aesthetic senses with your beautiful pictures!

  2. Hey you know eating something and enjoying it is the most important thing, really. What good is it to eat something really good and feel bad about it?

    Love the pic of you and your mom.

    And those strawberries? I almost knocked a hole in my computer screen reaching for one of those!

  3. have you ever read – ?

    Miss Rumphius (children’s fiction book)
    by Barbara Cooney, published in 1982.

    check it out from the library – You will like it.

    • Thanks for that suggestion, Vickie. It looks charming–did you remember that I like children’s books? I ordered it on Amazon.

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