Moving Along

I made the Apple Blackberry Sour Cream ‘Pie’ in a Bowl (I gotta come up with a shorter catchier name for this stuff) again just so I could take pictures for you all.  I know. So selfless.  So giving.  Anyway, it is an amazing recipe, if I do say so myself.  All those lovely healthy ingredients combine to make a delicious treat.

Here it is before the granola topping.

And after.

So.  To review. The Plan.  Week One.  Well, I didn’t do everything, but I am pretty pleased with what I did accomplish.  I minimized sugar and wheat really well.  I ate a lot more veggies and salad this week.  I did way more than 400 calories of exercise  four days, and the other days I still walked a couple of miles.  I did not stick to one coffee per day, and I ate sometimes when I wasn’t hungry at all.  And of course, I went over my calorie allotment actually every single day.  I say of course, because if you have checked my weigh in page, I stayed EXACTLY the same weight.  Moving along.

I got to meet with Vicky today.  Does anybody know that scene in Monk where he found out his insurance was running out and he was having his last session with his therapist?  It was hilarious–he had 3X5 cards written out and was trying to get his therapist to solve all his phobias in one last session.  I told Vicky that’s how I felt.  Help.  Tell me how to always keep my eating under control.  Help me to stay motivated to keep exercising hard.  What should I eat?  How should I move?  I cracked myself up.

Anyway, I told her about the plan, and she said to try to make the goals smaller.  Just do one day.  Just change one thing.  That’s why I am so pleased about minimizing the sugar and wheat all week.  This week I am going to continue to increase my fresh fruit and vegetable intake.  Minimizing fat, which is actually pretty easy for me to do.  Moving along.

Oh, I almost forgot.  Loretta wrote an excellent post all about drifting, and why it is important to remain vigilant in our weight loss/healthy living/weight maintenance life.  She had an excellent quote from Dr. Phil about instinctual drift. He says ‘whenever we are not actively managing our weight and health with a high degree of awareness, this is when we will drift back to our old behaviors.’  This really resonated with me.  It can apply to areas of our life other than our health goals.  Go read Loretta’s post.  It really is thought-provoking.


5 thoughts on “Moving Along

  1. Loved the piece by Loretta – thanks for posting the link. So identify with losing a trainer. It is really hard. Like can be make you or break you hard. Easy to get derailed. Did you look into CLASSES? Remember you still have the pool! And you still have yourself – and you are your best bet to keep on track and keep the focus.

  2. Thank you, Debby, for the nice comment on my blog, I appreciate that!

    I read your About Me page, and LOVED the last paragraph. For years I have been struck by how the whole message seems to boil down to “love God and love others”. It seems so simple, yet so profound, and is what I struggle the most with, to really do in daily life.

    And I so identified with what you said about integrating the secular and the spiritual… I think you would enjoy reading what Francis Schaeffer said about that, in his book “Art and the Bible”. Here is a page with excerpts… I love his outlook:

    So glad to “meet” you!

  3. Debby – you have all of the tools inside you right now! You don’t need a trainer or anybody to tell you what to do and how and when to do it. You just will need to be more mindful if you aren’t checking in with Vicky anymore.

    And that pie in a bowl? I was like a zombie staring it….

  4. I read this earlier in the day, clicked on Loretta’s link, ran about a bazillion errands and am now back…nothing much to say at this point except that it’s a new beginning without Vicky. Things will be ok. Besides, you have us! (only partially kidding)

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