A Moment of Peace

A moment of peace.I’m finding that that’s enough for now.  It’s been quite a week or two.  Don’t know when all the super-sad stuff at work started, but its not getting better.  Add in some very frustrating situations and not enough staff, and youza.  You’ve got one pretty ‘high anxiety debby.’  And Noah has ‘upped the ante’–barks non-stop if I leave him outside at all.  So for now he is glued to my side from the moment I get home until well after dark.  All this is pretty stressful and very frustrating to me, but I am learning that I can just take things one at a time as they come up, and find a moment or two of peace, and that seems to do the trick.  Right now the moment is having a little ‘monkey man’ (one of Mr. Monk’s baby names) snoring quietly in my lap while I read a few blogs.

The other day at work, I told my charge nurse I was going to take 10 minutes, and I went and got a frozen coffee drink  and sat quietly in the sun and prayed for about ten minutes.  Heaven.

Last night, after Noah settled down at 9pm, I had to make scones for the ladie’s tea.  Believe me, I was not happy that I had to bake at that time of night.  But at 11:10, I was all done, the scones were put away, and I sat down for 20 minutes with a warm scone and a good book.

So.  The plan….all in all, I am pretty happy with my food choices.  Have a lot of pre-made food from Vicky, which is convenient, especially when I am working a lot.  And trying to eat more veggies than usual.  Still staying away from the sugar and the wheat for the most part.  Not eating junk in the breakroom.  I am quite sure I am not losing weight.  I hope I haven’t gained too much.  I am not journaling everything I eat.  Its like the minute I said I was going to do that, something inside me rebelled against it.  I’m still keeping track in my mind.  Eating a bit when I’m not hungry–definite room for improvement.  I am exercising quite a bit.  Of course, the Noah walks are ongoing.  I even went to the gym before work one day(six hour day), which was quite a novelty.  I really enjoyed being there so early in the morning.  Might do that a little more often.

One more day of work tomorrow (two 12-hour and two 6-hour shifts this week!), so I’d better get to bed.  But I wanted to check in with you guys and encourage you to find those little moments of peace in the midst of your stress-filled days.  Amazing how such a few minutes can renew and refresh you, and ‘make everything all better.’


10 thoughts on “A Moment of Peace

  1. I know what you mean about stress everyday, all day. Alot of it though i think i bring on myself. And i try everyday not to do that. I think today for lunch i will go for a little walk. Thanks for the reminder to take just a few min to step back. You’ll make it Debby!

  2. Oh Debby, I am sorry you are so stressed! Have you thought about one of those bark collars for Noah? It might be helpful so you would have at least one thing off of your mind.

    I’m glad you could find a space for yourself during the day. It’s so important. Here’s to finding 2 or 3 of those today.

  3. So smart of you to snatch those moments of peace. It’s amazing to me how praying about a bad situation actually helps, right away, in how I’m feeling. I guess it’s like asking your father to help and knowing that he will. Warm scones and you only had ONE? You’re amazing. I love scones. I keep far away from them right now.

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