Oh dear, I am seriously falling down on my picture taking duties.  But I feel the need to report in, so I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

First thing.  The sweet potato breakfast experiment.  There’s a reason Caitlin didn’t take a picture of everything mixed together.  It looked like…well, use your imagination.  It wasn’t pretty.  It tasted pretty good.  But there was something I didn’t like.  Between the greek yogurt and the sweet potato, it was a little sticky I think.  Maybe I would like it just adding the sweet potato to the custard oats, like when Lori makes pumpkin custard oats.  And I think I would look up what spices they use in sweet potato pie and add that.  Not that I’ve ever eaten sweet potato pie, just that those would probably be the best spices to use.  However, I do think it was an extremely nutritious bowl of food.  Because what happened next..well, lets just say, nutrition was not its middle name.

I headed out for sewing day, with my nutritious lunch packed.  But just as I got set up with my sewing and was talking with a few of the ladies, I got a call from my good friend.  Her grandson’s diagnosis had just been confirmed and she wanted to talk (he was diagnosed with ALD, an extremely rare disease that is fatal.  It was made famous in that movie ‘Lorenzo’s Oil.’)  I was more than happy to go spend some time with her.  I left my sewing stuff there, and–I want to be clear about this–I suggested we meet at a restaurant that serves a certain dessert that is her favorite.  I’m trying to be careful here not to tempt anybody by mentioning specifics.  Anyway, we ordered the BIG basket, and we ate everything.

But here’s the part I wanted to report on–unlike so many people report, I didn’t feel ‘bloated,’ or ‘terrible.’  I did feel full, and I didn’t eat the lunch I brought.  When I thought about what I wanted to eat next, fresh fruits and veggies were all that went through my mind.  I wasn’t hungry until about 5:30 and then I ate my bowl of strawberries and cottage cheese that I had packed for lunch.  And when I went for a walk with Noah, I felt really energetic, and we went for the longest walk we had taken in a long time.  I’m not saying that that big serving of dessert energized me.  I’m just saying it did not do me in.  I’ll be interested to see how I feel tomorrow, and what I want to eat.  And I’ll be honest in reporting back to you.

Here’s another interesting thing.  I would have guessed that we had consumed 2000 calories or more.  But I looked it up (love that nutritionals are so easy to find online for almost any restauarant now) and we only ate 1000 calories each.

The biggest news of the day is that it looks like my car is a goner.  At first I was upset ‘why does this always happen to me?’  ‘why do I have to try to get a car in one day?’   ‘this wasn’t my plan.’  And then I remembered:  Oh this actually was my general plan.  To use things until they wear out and then replace them.  Its just that my car wore out a little before I wanted it to.  But it does have 200,000 miles on it.  Not bad for an American made car.  So of course I have been looking at cars online already.  My mechanic recommended Hyundai, and there is one I really like at the local honest used car dealer’s.  It is a Santa Fe LX Sport Utility.  Anybody out there have any opinions?  It is 4 wheel drive, which would come in mighty handy once or twice a year, and it would have a little more room for Mr. Noah, I think.  In addition, it has the most important factor–it is kind of cute.

The Noah report:  we are having some very good moments.  I can see a glimmer of hope for the future.  He is spending a LOT more time in the house, and he ALMOST went to sleep at my feet tonight.  But then he popped up like a little kid who is trying to fight going to sleep.  Even so, I wanted to record that moment of peace.  Noah dragged his biggest stick to date for a long time.  But he got distracted by a neighbor and left it on the road.  He really is very funny about the sticks.  He looks at a lot of sticks and just dismisses them, like they aren’t worthy of his carrying ability.  It has to have a lot of branches, and preferably some leaves still attached.  And if it has some life and is heavier, he prefers that too.  But once he is done, no attachment to them.  They are just left on the road or in the yard.  And I am not saving them for a bonfire or anything.  If you saw where I lived, sticks is its middle name.  LOL.  Sorry, that just cracked me up.  Brings new meaning to the phrase, I live in the sticks.  Okay, its really late and I’m really tired, because that is way funnier to me than it probably should be…

I’m gonna sign off for tonight.  I’ll report in tomorrow, and try to have some pictures for you.


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  1. Noah has the potential to be a good yard worker if you could get him to clear the sticks from your yard to a nice pile…think on it. Sounds Too Cute ..boy and his sticks.

    You know, ‘normal’ people need to have someone sit with them and eat dessert sometimes ..for whatever reason..and you bounced back with realizing you wanted to eat really clean and exercise afterwards. Sounds like it was more than worth it for many reasons.

  2. OH I came thisclose to buying a Santa Fe when we were looking at cars a couple of years ago. I love how they look!!

    That’s interesting about your lunch. I’m glad you didn’t feel defeated or ill. I think that’s a sure sign that you are really comfortable with your eating style these days – very…mature? That’s not really the word I want to use but it’s the only word I can think of! 🙂

    • Well, if Jill likes the car, then I’m set to go!

      I am getting a little more comfortable with eating ‘outside the norm’ and not panicking that I will go back to my old ways. Its still a balancing act.

  3. I almost LOL’d twice on this one. LOL!

    *I think I threw up a little in my mouth typing that, but it was a funny post.

    • You know its been a goal of mine to get you to use LOL. LOL…. and thanks for thinking it was funny. I know I amuse myself, but its good to hear at least one other person got it!

  4. I wonder if he would like a pack – so he is carrying weight? There are working dogs that like to do that.

    bless your heart for not putting in detailed ‘food porn’. It doesn’t bother me so much – but I know it really does set a lot of people off – and I hate to see much of it – by experienced bloggers (newbies just plain don’t know better yet). I try to put a warning in my title if I am mentioning specific NON-foods.

    I don’t think it is just tomorrow you have to observe – I think it can extend out for several days/weeks. And I don’t think it is always the specific item to crop up in the WANTS, but can be related – like ‘what in the whole wide world do I want?’ instead of ‘what (safe) food do I want?’

    • Yes, I kinda made a decision not to do that too much (talk about food ‘porn.’ Sometimes it bothers me and sometimes it doesn’t. But I am very media influenced, so don’t want to do that to others if its not necessary.

      I’m not sure sugar/flour/salt can have that long of a physical effect in our bodies. I’m off to research that. But I do agree with you completely on the ‘what in the whole wide world do I want?’ I know for me that sugar/flour/salt/fat has a very strong addictive power.

  5. Debby, your experience sounded so…”normal.” Intuitive, even. I’m glad you’re sharing it with us. 🙂

    I think you and I the only people in this crazy state who will use a car until it’s all worn out. I’m hoping mine can last as long as yours!

    • Hey, Pubs. Intuitive–YOU are intuitive. I am seriously reading through that book now, and taking all their information under consideration. Want to wait til I’m done to do a post on it.

  6. Sorry to hear about the car. We have had ours for 10 years and hope it keeps going!

    I don’t mind hearing about food (obviously), even if it isn’t of stellar nutritional stats. It’s always interesting to see what people eat and how they move on from what they have eaten. It tells a lot about where they are in the journey.

    You should put a yoke on Noah and have him till your garden.

    • “You should put a yoke on Noah and have him till your garden.” Oh I would love to be able to fix up something like that. What a crack up.

  7. You are doing so good, Debby, with everything that life is throwing at you.

    Oh, I have a gigantic stick in my backyard just waiting for Noah – funny, when I saw it this morning, I thought of him! (It’s actually a branch from an oak tree – big t-storm made it fall)

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