A Dog and His Sticks

Good grief.  What am I doing?  Out of the hundreds of thousands of blogs out there to read, whatever made me think that people would be interested in a dog and his sticks?  And yet I can’t help myself.  I have had hundreds of dogs (okay maybe a slight exaggeration) in my life, and I have never had a dog so very interested in sticks.

Today Noah was on the hunt for the perfect stick from the beginning of the walk.  Many were turned away.  Too small.  Too dry.  No leaves.  Not enough branching.  It looked like the mission was going to be unsuccessful.  But then on the way home.  Eureka.  Somebody had been trimming trees.  The perfect stick was located.

"Its a big job, but I'm up to the challenge."

"its a little awkward, but I know I can do it."

"Ready to go, Mom. I've got everything under control."

"Ain't I something?"

After he almost gored me with the end of that giant stick, I had to make him leave it at the side of the road.  I think he was almost relieved, although he was certainly intent on getting it home.  Its definitely a job he wants to do.  I showed him some of the other sticks he had brought home, and he was not interested in them any more.  I like Vickie’s idea of getting him a backpack to carry.  That would come in really handy if/when we start taking hikes together.

And speaking of hikes, I guess I’m prepared to get to hiking places with my new car–they call it a ‘sports utility vehicle.’  This was as painless as car buying gets.  I found it on the internet, drove down to the dealership, tried it out, had my mechanic check it out, and drove the ‘new’ car off the lot four hours later.  I almost wish it would snow.

The debby update.  Went to the gym after getting the car.  I am pleased that I am getting to the gym pretty much every other day, or at least 3 days/week.  Right now my routine is to spend about 30 minutes, doing weights and balance and core exercises.  I try to exercise legs, arms, back, and core.  I like the free weights a little better than the machines.  But still enjoy some of the machines.  I do arm exercises while balancing on a bosu.  Lately I’ve been doing wall squats, because that feels better on my back.  Today I used the 15 pound dumbells for both my squats and my lunges.  I really like using the assisted pull up machine, obviously because it is assisted, and I can do pullups.  But I keep decreasing the amount that it assists, and hopefully someday I will do one all on my own.  On my walk with Noah tonight, I really felt exhausted, and I asked my brother why he thought that was.  And he said that it could be so many factors–nutrition, or hydration, or…he had me at those two.  Very interesting.  My nutrition today was very good.  I had a mild ‘want’ for sugar/wheat.  And in fact, I did start the day with one of my scones.  My water intake has not been primo for the past couple of days.

Okay enough about me.  That was so boring the bit about the sticks might actually seem exciting.  Back to work tomorrow.  Check out the comments in yesterday’s post–some interesting conversation going on there.  Did you notice that I forgot to title the post?!?



17 thoughts on “A Dog and His Sticks

  1. Are you kidding? I come here for the dog report! That last picture of Noah and the stick is so cute – I love his expression! Totally frame-worthy!!! Cesar Milan talks about dogs needing a job – wonder what you could parlay the stick thing into. Paco brings in the newspaper every morning, and today I got him to bring in the bag of dog treats that I bought. Of course, he’s rewarded with said treats – but he loves doing stuff like that.

    On to Debby: Your new car is so pretty! Congrats on a smooth and easy purchase – I hope you have many happy years with it.

    Oh, and 15 lb. dumb bells? Badass, my friend!!!

    • Hmmm, the newspaper, huh? That might take a wee bit of work. The thing about Noah and his kind–they are independent contractors, not really too interested in working for ‘the man.’

      hmmmm…if I’m a badass for 15 pound weights, what does that make you with 25 pound weights AND an 18 inch step? I can’t think of a word badassy enough!

      • Independent contractors busted me up!!! You are too funny!

        Oh, and 25 lb. dumb bells and 18″ step just equals pain – both mental and physical. I’m still moving slowly today – and that was done on Monday! I’d rather do something a bit easier and not hurt so much.

  2. I LOVE STICK! Don’t change a thing. Of course, I like hearing about your day, too. But let’s face it, Debby, you ain’t no Noah 😉

  3. I love the stick report too! Don’t stop.

    I agree that the backpack may be a great idea for him.

    And congrats on the new car! I love red cars. So cheery!

  4. do you think he is still in his baby years or are you now in toddler years? getting a dog is nearly as much work as having a baby. I always used to say that to people who asked my opinion about getting dog – do you have it in you to do baby/toddler years (again)? and that was long before I had teenagers. They are a lot of work too. but maybe not as much as baby/toddler.

    • From my observation of grandmas with toddlers, Noah is just like that. I need to toddler-proof my house, like Lynn blogged about today. And he needs almost constant supervision. I had one friend who had a big puppy like Noah, said she left the room for 3 minutes and came back to find the couch moved across the room.

  5. Slightly different take on the stick thing:

    I am trying to think of something (useful) he could carry in his mouth (that also would not harm his teeth or jaw). And even then – that is reinforcing the oral/mouthing thing. And I am not sure that is GOOD.

    Stick thing is going to go on forever if you don’t break it.

    Do you really want to deal with getting tripped/poked by sticks forever?

    and if he is stopping to look for sticks – and then carrying sticks – he is (greatly) slowing down your walking.

    Were you trying to teach him to be a good side/heal walker or even a companion runner?

    Walking has to be FAST to be exercise.

    Yes, I am quite a bit of no nonsense when it comes to things like this – once or twice is cute. Is it going to be cute in a year or when you fall?

    • Great post. About Noah, sounds a little obsessive compulsive to me–are you sure he’s not misnamed? Maybe Mr. Monk . . . . ? But he likes to go after sticks, I guess that’s just his schtick.

    • For now I am very happy that Noah has something to occupy his mind and work out some of his energy on. Right now I am much more concerned about his energy level than I am about my exercise. He gets to look for sticks when I allow it, which admittedly, is a good portion of the time. We also have long periods where it is ONLY walking.

      All that said, I have started to think about the fact that I do not do enough CARDIO, and I am thinking about what I will do to increase that for me. I am mostly not running because my knees hurt, not because Noah is looking for sticks. Noah would love it if I would run.

  6. I adore Noah and his stick-fetish!!! So cute!!

    And I love your new car!! Very sporty!

    I just relized today that I must be very dehydrated. My hair and skin is bone dry, and I’m completely puffy everywhere. Guzzling water today as fast as I can.


  7. I love the doggy pics! It’s so much fun to see snippets into people’s lives, and not just thoughts.

    Have you thought of lifting heavier? With the 15# DBs, you are just a bit away from an empty barbell! You could do a period of time where you do heavier weights and lower reps. It’s a good way to periodize your training. And, it will help with pull ups.

    Another thing you can do is to get off the assisted machine and do negative pull ups (although chins are easier, honestly). Start with your chin over the bar using a bench or whatever to get yourself high enough, then lower yourself slowly. It’s a great way to build that upper body strength.

    • I am such a weenie about my knees hurting. But as soon as I can I will increase the weights again. I was using the machines–leg press–with very heavy weights–up to 400 pounds on one, 180 pounds on the other. I think overall the free weights are better, so will increase there soon.

      Yes the negative pull up…its in the testosterone room so I seldom do that one.

  8. Noah’s expression in that last photo is priceless! At least he doesn’t steal your socks, like our dog does. I think I need to introduce our pets on the blog. Blood glucose levels and fiber are getting a little dull. 😉

    Love the new ride! Mine is that dull goldish color, which blends in, but I do miss having a red car.

    Oh, and re: the email, I wasn’t sure how busy your schedule is, so I wanted to give plenty of options. And yes, the art fair is very cool! (And no, not just because there are cookies bigger than your head.) Here’s the link to the fair web site:

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