Time Flies When You’re…Working Hard

But it was fun, kinda.  I finally got some things done around the house that I’ve been wanting to get done for quite a while.

Really wanted to watch my food today.  Started out with a piece of fresh pineapple (do you guys eat pineapple–so sweet and so good!), followed up by a big bowl of custard oats.  This kept me really full until lunchtime today.  Maybe it was because I was busy too.  I got some plants in the ground (well, pots,) and some other yard work done and of course a good walk with Noah.  Today was a no-stick day.  I wanted to make sure Noah remembered the difference between ‘walk nice,’ and ‘stick discovery time.’  He did, and he was particularly happy that mom was feeling like running.  We had a great run together, probably a mile of straight running, and another mile of walking.  I actually let him look for sticks at the end of the walk, but there were no satisfactory ones to be found.  He decided he could play with a few of the leftover sticks in the yard when we got home.

For lunch I had planned to have a big salad, but unfortunately, the lettuce had gone bad.  Changed plans and had another bowl of the red lentil and rice dish from Vicky.  I love this stuff, and it is very calorie dense.  I knew it would hold me for quite a while.

Then I went out and tackled the porch.  The porch is actually a back covered deck that I use as a catch all for EVERYTHING.  Boy it felt good to get that job done.  Then I washed the dishes.  There was quite a load waiting for me.  While I was washing, I was thinking about what was different.  I noticed the time, and it was later than I thought it was.  And I realized what was different.  In the old days, after doing all that work, I would have been exhausted.  Now, I just felt…regular.

I got in the mood to do some cooking.  I made some soup that I had been thinking about.  Kind of a combination of Vicky’s broth and Dineen’s Roasted Tomato soup.  I don’t know if it will keep me from snacking on sweets, but it is very satisfying and filling, and very low calorie–I didn’t use the butter  and only a drizzle of olive oil.  Veggies I used:  tomatoes fresh and canned, parsnips, onion, red bell pepper, and carrots.  Threw in some herbs from the garden–thyme, rosemary, and oregano.  And some garlic.  It made a big pot so I separated it into 3 containers, and froze two.

Next I tried this new recipe.  Very low cal, and all sorts of toppings you could put on the little ‘cheesecakes.’  I didn’t have the cute little foil cups that she used, so I just put it in a pan.  It comes out of the pan really easily.  You can’t beat 40 calories.  (The plate actually has two of the pieces on it.)  Thanks, Georgie!

And a closer look.

Finally I sat down for a break with a cup of coffee, and a couple of lo-bars.  I think Shelley asked what these were.   They are another Vicky creation.  Only have 65-80 calories per bar.  The base is carrot pulp and apple pulp, held together with some ground oats, and they have raisins, dried cherries, chocolate chips and carob chips .  Very moist and very yummy.  Not too sweet.

Sophie waited on the footrest of the recliner for mom to finish eating so she could have some laptime.

And Monk assumed the usual position.

THEN, it was time to be off again.  Took Noah in the new car up to the mailbox and to get some gasoline.  He was quite intrigued with all the windows and especially the moon roof.  He really looks up a lot on our walks, and is always very interested in any hawks flying around.  I always wonder if that is part of his ‘guardian dog’ instinct.  We also took a walk along the road, so he will get used to walking when cars are driving by.  Oliver was always a little nervous about this.

Hey, did you guys laugh at me when I described the car as a ‘sports utility vehicle?’  My friend really got a big chuckle when she pointed out that I had a SUV because I have always had very negative things to say about SUVs.  So when she pointed that out, all of a sudden I realized that SUV was short for ‘sports utility vehicle.’  Oh brother, what an idiot.

Dinner time.  First the dogs, and then me.  I had another sweet potato creation.  Very yummy.  Cut a potato into pieces, and coated with a little olive oil, minced garlic, and rosemary.  Roasted about 40 minutes.  Then I sauted a little onion and chopped mushrooms to top the sweet potato.  I really like this flavor combo.  Had a piece of pre-cooked chicken from the freezer, and a bowl of the new soup.  Most filling and most excellent.  And about 300-400 calories for the whole dinner.

Whew!  I got a lot done today, and now its back to work tomorrow.  I like having the 12 hour shifts separated by a day.

Hey, I want to be sure to give a shout out to my bestest blog buddy Jill, who is going to run her first 5K tomorrow!  I am so proud of her!  I remember when she said she just wasn’t cut out to be a runner.  You go Jill!

And my other good buddy Juice, who is getting a new doggie today.  Oh, I can hardly wait to hear about it, Juice.  So happy for you.

I’m off to have that cheesecake and strawberries pictured above.  You all have a great weekend!


14 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re…Working Hard

  1. Thanks for a most satisfying dog update today, Debby! It’s nice to read about *somebody’s* dogs, because I’m starting to feel downright stalkerish, waiting for an update on Juice’s new dog. 😉

    Mmmm, I love fresh pineapple! Have you ever had it frozen? Yum. Pineapple and plain yogurt is a really tasty combo, too; it was my mom’s and my favorite “I gave up sweets for Lent” dessert when I was growing up.

    What did you use for the cheesecake recipe, sweetener-wise? I’m not sure whether to use splenda or stevia when I try this.

    I know what you mean about yardwork. I used to be able to hardly move the next day when I did a good stint of gardening. Now, I might be a little sore, but not much. It’s a good thing.

    • Haha–I’m stalking Juice’s blog too.

      Yes, I’ve been thinking about making a batch of frozen pineapple yogurt. I used to buy the cozy shack sugar free tapioca–loved it with the pineapple.

      I used splenda for the sweetener. But I’m a splenda lover. It doesn’t have any kind of weird taste to me at all.

  2. Fresh pineapple is sooo good. Way better than the canned stuff. Funny how we get spoiled with the good stuff, isn’t it?

    Sounds like you had a very productive couple of days.

    Your living room always looks so cozy and inviting. Do you have a fireplace in there?

    • Yes I have a very cute red enamel wood stove. I’ll have to include a picture sometime. It heats my whole house really well. One of the best investments I ever made.

  3. Wow – What an impressive day of accomplishments! I know what you mean, its can be a pain to have a list of to-do’s in front of you, but once you are in the thick of it, or once it’s DONE, there’s such a good feeling!

    I’m thrilled you like the cheesecakes recipe! It will work fine with any sweetener, Splenda, Truvia, Stevia, Equal are all fine. Just use the equivalent, and you can taste the “batter” before chilling to judge if you want a little more.

    A dash of lemon or lime juice also gives them a nice bright citrus flavor! (Which I love with strawberries!)


    • Hi Georgie! I’m thrilled I like the recipe too. Any time I can find something to satisfy my sweet tooth that is somewhat nutritious and no wheat and no sugar, I am very happy. I really like your site, have to visit more often. Too many blogs, not enough time…

  4. I totally forgot to say – your dogs are incredibly cute!!! Love the wrinkled pug on the back of the sofa. I have an English bulldog, and l fall for wrinkled sleeping faces every time.


  5. he is doing REALLY well and is vry smart if he can tell the difference between serious walk and stick walk! good for you!

    I have been afraid to plant my window boxes yet – we are still having some cold nights here and there and they are too big (and too many) to haul in or cover if the forecast is frost.

  6. I love fresh pineapple – I buy a big tub of it every week at Sam’s Club. So good – mostly I just cut it up into chunks and eat it, but sometimes I grill a piece or two – yum!

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