Hello to my Penpals…and all those other unidentified people reading my blog

Holy moly!  Who the @&%$#&*# is reading my blog?!  It makes me a little nervous sometimes.  Because I think I’ve just got this little group of pen pals that keep in touch.

Anyways, my little group of penpals, that was such an interesting bunch of comments today.  Thought I’d just write a bit more or answer them here.

Vickie asks the questions everyone wants to ask.  Who the heck is bringing that junk into the breakroom, and wouldn’t most people say that it was a thorn in their side.  Well, the nurses are bringing that junk into the breakroom.  The nurses always bring the junk into the breakroom, except maybe at Christmas.  And yes, almost everybody that I talked to said it was a problem for them (as they ate it.)  And I am a right-fighter.  But there are causes more important than food in the breakroom, and I don’t even have the energy to take some of those on.  Like the immoral corrupt union that has a foothold in the nursing staff in our hospital.  Don’t even get me started on unions.  And don’t try to convince me that they are good either.  See. I am passionately anti-union, but I am unwilling to spend time fighting their corruption.  I only mouth off about them.  So food in the breakroom.  Not gonna fight it.  I might fight it on a personal level, like refusing to go into the breakroom on the grounds that it is an unhealthy environment.  That would mean I would miss our morning report.  Too bad, so sad.  Hmmm…this idea is growing on me.

And did you read Georgie’s comment about retirement?  GREAT information for me, Georgie!  Thanks.  How did one so young get to be so wise?

And Pubsgal reminded me that one of the reasons I took up this healthy lifestyle is because I was at high risk for diabetes.  To be honest, that thought had completely escaped my brain somehow.  I think that thought will help me to fight off the sugar monster a little better.  (And just for those of you who want to say, well its okay to have a little treat once in a while, I completely agree with you.  That is not what I did in the breakroom yesterday.  I had an upset stomach from eating so much junk, and I still ate a little more.)

Today was very fun, and I was very happy with my food choices.  A little heavy on the wheat, but otherwise well within limits.  I’m especially happy that before the quilt workshop (which was fabulous) I got in a RUN with Noah, and then afterward I went to the gym, and huffed and puffed my way through a weights workout (meaning I really challenged myself with the weights.)

Alright.  I loved everybody’s comments, and I love all of you my penpals.  I’d probably love all you unidentified hoards too if I knew who you were.  Keep those cards and letters comments coming!  Sorry about the no picture day.  I’ll try to get some up tomorrow.  I might get called off tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Hello to my Penpals…and all those other unidentified people reading my blog


    in the same (I try not to think about who is reading and really just write for me) and different (suddenly after three flippin years at MizFit my HUSBAND is reading?! uh oh :)) way.

  2. Here’s my admission – I think its because I have more “informational” than personal posts, but I get hardly any comments at all 😦 Which bums me out sometimes – I want to know what people think, and if they are out there!

    I agree with it not being worth you while to tackle the breakroom itself – there will always be junk food available somewhere in the world, this is a good place to flex that restraint muscle and use it to make you stronger at resisting temptation.

    I hope it doesn’t sound negative – but really making an effort to remember how AWFUL I felt afterward helps me avoid a future binge. I really dwell on it, as if to make a point to a misbehaving child. “Was that fun? Was it worth it? Will you do it again?” And I guess it helps since I haven’t binged in over a year and a half. Now I make the decision, either eat it and accept the consequences, or don’t eat it because I don’t want the consequences. But thinking about the ACTUAL consequences before deciding is a key factor for me. (Not the “oh, it’ll just be one bite…” when it really won’t stop there in all likelihood!” Know thyself.)

    I really enjoy reading your blog 🙂


  3. Trying to catch up with you…. 🙂 After reading this post went back and read the previous post. Girl i SO know what you are talking about! The breakroom can really test my will power. But i’ve made one simple rule for myself……i eat nothing from the breakroom. Thats it! And because i have that ‘rule’ in place it really helps to resist.

    Like you i really admire and would like to be like the second lady and only take one brownie and walk away. But i know me by this time and i know its actually easier to have none than stop at one. I’am not a person to eat treats moderately. I guess theres nothing ‘moderate’ about me. LOL! Its all or nothing. And instead of fighting that every day of my life i’ve decided to accept that about me. I’ll have a whole day where i just eat what i want as much as i want and that will satisfy me for a good long while. And that usually does not include a breakroom binge. I say happy eating coworkers, thats right stuff your faces , make it all go away….. whoops thats my little mean streak talking, BAM , BAM!!! bam! There…..i beat it back down! Ha! ((HUGS)) Debby. PS Has anybody told you your doing just great!!??

  4. Wow, I missed all the commmotion yesterday!

    I am powerless to resist the breakroom temptations. If I have one bite I’ll have 20. So for me I generally have to avoid it all if I’m to be successful. I think I struggle with sugar addiction issues though. I can walk by a bowl of chips without a second thought.

  5. I’m a supervisor at a coffee/donut shop 🙂 You should see our breakroom some days!!
    I simply ignore it and make sure i take good food with me so i’m not tempted.

  6. It is funny if you let yourself think about who is reading your blog…I got an email over the weekend from a guy in the UK – somehow it’s hard to wrap my mind around the whole WORLD-wide-web thing!

    I like the idea of reminding yourself that you are eating healthy for, well, your health – that might help make saying no to the sweets a little easier.

    Have a good day – I’m swamped!

  7. This was the way my mind was going when I asked WHO? –

    if it was families hauling it in and 98% of the staff hated the thorn. I was going to say – save a couple pieces for the 2% and pitch the rest.

    So now that you say it is staff – I am curious about the size/health of the (junk food hauling in) staff – ?

    I totally agree – would not take on other staff if I were you either. But I also wouldn’t want it poluting my breakroom if that is where you HAVE to be for report.

  8. I get some of the strangest emails from people who read my blog, and some of them are creepy. I am always surprised, too, at those who email me who have never once commented on my blog. I get about 20 times the number of people visiting my blog than actually comment.
    Not that I blog for the commenting part. It does make me wonder who else is out there, and one reason I have not quite made up my mind to do an ‘exposed’ post.

    When we put something on the web, it is for anyone in the entire world to read. Doesn’t see like it should be that way, but it is.

    Sounds like your workplace does a lot of stress eating and probably some sabotage in there as well?

  9. I think I write mostly for myself at this point, but I’m very happy when people visit and I love the comments, especial from big-time bloggers–like you! re over-indulging in junk food, I like Georgie’s idea about self-talk afterwards.

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