The “B Word”

And no.  I’m not talking about ‘blogging.’  Or ‘big-time blogger,’ like Tish called me–I’m still getting a chuckle out of that one (and I hope you know that I’m laughing at myself, and not at you Tish.)  And I’m not referring to the ‘b#%@ch word,’ a word that I use to describe myself frequently.  No, I’m talking about the “B word” in the comments this morning.  Go ahead, see if you can find it.  Georgie used it quite innocently, referring to herself, and to make a point.  But it really threw me for a loop.  She used the word BINGE. And all of a sudden I knew that was what I had done.  I know you all are probably going, ‘duh, debby.’  But truly, I had never applied that word to myself or how I ate before.  I thought that was something other people did.  Maybe because I usually associated it with purging.  And for sure, you don’t have to worry that I will EVER do that.  I hate throwing up so much that I didn’t throw up for over 20 years.  But I’m telling you.  For me, words have power.  And I think the words binge and diabetes will forever flash in my mind when I look at a bunch of junk in the breakroom, or anywhere else, for that matter.

All of y’all’s comments are so helpful and interesting.  Thanks so much for chiming in!

And to just put an end to the breakroom talk, I will say that our nursing staff (over 100 nurses on staff, usually 16-20 there on any given day) are all shapes and sizes.  Many of us struggle with weight and health issues.  Many of us are very health conscious, and work hard at trying to eat well and exercise.   And some of it is no doubt stress eating.  As I said to my poor mechanic the other day when he made the mistake of saying I didn’t look happy, “Babies are dying.”  And now I have to clarify that and say that there are way more happy endings in our nursery.  We have had a bad run lately.  But even when things are all going well, its still a very stressful place to work.  ‘Nuff said.

So today, I got called off, and I had a FAB-U-LOUS day!  Started out reading a variety of books and magazines–my Bible, Culture Clash (about dogs and dog training,) and the magazine ‘Real Simple,’ which I say is a magazine about how to make life real simple for real people with lots of real money.  But it has pretty pictures, and I usually get a few interesting recipes out of it.  Then I wrote out a list of what I wanted to accomplish, and by golly, I did it!  Cleared off my sewing table–it gets so stacked up that I don’t want to sew.

Then went to take Noah for a long walk, and by golly* if it didn’t start to rain.  I’ve walked in the rain before, so I kept going.  And then it started to hail, and then it started to pour.  So we walked home in a downpour.  I think Noah fared better than I did with his water resistant coat.

[I actually can’t believe I post these unflattering pictures of myself.]

Then I spent quite a bit of time on a quilt project that’s been on the design wall for a while.  Boy that felt good.

Also, I mapped out my food this morning, and stuck right to my plan, except for changing lunch from a salad to soup.  ITS COLD here.  Can you believe it?  90 degrees in New York, and we are having cold, rain, and thunder and lightning.  We don’t dare complain about getting water in California, though.

The Return of the Stick.

Thought I was going to miss out on my second walk with Noah, but after dinner the sun came out, and so we went for a nice walk.  I guess there were new branches on the ground because of all the rain.  This was a heavy wet branch and he carried it all the way home.  He is so proud of himself when he can do this.  I have to figure out how to harness that into something useful.  Definitely going to go with the backpack idea, Vickie, but I will wait til he is done growing to put that on him.

Come to think of it, I also changed my dinner plans.  Same calories, and probably more nutritious.  Mostly had to do with changing from warm-weather foods to cold-weather foods.  Do you guys do that?

I want to give a shout out to the lowly mushroom and onion combo.  Hardly any calories, and they add so much flavor to so many foods.  I sauted enough so that I would have leftovers.  Here I put them over a baked sweet potato and some grilled chicken.  The leftovers will be good for any number of things–scrambled eggs, veggie stir-fry with rice, etc.  And to think that when I was a kid I would refuse to eat anything with onions on it.  If my mom put those dried onions on top of steak, I would scrape every last one off of the steak.  And when we had ragu spaghetti sauce, I would pick out every single one of those stinking little rubbery black things they called mushrooms.  Well, come to think of it, the real ones are a whole lot tastier than those rehydrated things.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Habanada!

*WHAT?  Is it not okay to use ‘by golly’ in every paragraph?


11 thoughts on “The “B Word”

  1. Glad to see return of the stick (hey, that would make a cute movie!) and Noah’s smile when he’s holding one in his mouth. And what is up with the hail and rain? Wild weather!

    Sounds like it was a productive day, by golly! 🙂

    • By golly its fun to get a comment a few minutes after posting. Its like we’re in a movie with a split screen and you can see both of us sitting at our computers. In different states, in different time zones. Thanks for commenting, Shelley, and thanks for always giving me a laugh!

  2. I stand by my description! LOL I know exactly what you mean about cold weather and hot weather foods, and not just what you can buy at the farmer’s market that week. I don’t “do” soup in the non-r months and when I’m feeling cold, it’s on the menu all the time. And to think of all the things I spurned when I was little that are now faves–eggplant, shrimp, and okra come to mind. BTW, I love your picture–both you and Noah look happy and relaxed.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one like this. I have real trouble trying to eat things ‘out of season,’ like smoothies in winter and soup in summer. I think I’ll quit trying to fight this. There’s plenty of food choices to go around for all types of weather!

    • Lori, you are very right, and have reminded me of something important that I am determined to learn: to grow old gracefully, and to love and accept the wrinkles that I find so alarming. I think about pictures of Mother Teresa and know that she is more beautiful than any air-brushed plastic surgeried Hollywood star.

      That said, there is some really funny scenes in the movie ‘Its Complicated’ about this topic.

  3. By golly, this is so true: a magazine about how to make life real simple for real people with lots of real money!

    Funny girl you are.

    • Ha! Glad you thought this was funny and true. And I read your comment like five times before I caught the ‘by golly.’ Thanks for my morning laugh.

  4. By golly, I am so proud of you for saying “y’all”!!! 🙂

    Doesn’t it feel great to get in a good day? Love it.

    Noah and his stick. So happy that he loves his sticks! Such a cutie! 🙂

  5. I know!!! What is UP with this weather?!? It’s so cold. (But you’re right, can’t complain about the rain.) It has been the weirdest spring.

    And I love the pictures; you look so happy! Don’t start hiding from the camera. Heck, I suppose none of us are as dewy as we used to be, but we can still be radiant, by golly! 😉

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