The Done List

Vickie posted about the positive impact of a ‘done list’ as compared to a ‘to do list.’  I liked the idea.  And thought I would apply it to ‘The Plan.’  Because taken at face value, The Plan has been a dismal failure.  I am not following The Plan.  I am not losing weight.  But let’s take another look at The Plan before we go all gloomy gus on our fellow bloggers.

Here.  I just copied it here–easier for you and me.

  • Continue to ‘honor my health’   Check.  I choose very healthy foods I’d say at least 80% of the time.  Want to say 90% but don’t like to exaggerate.  I also am choosing more and more to pay extra for organic.  And cage free eggs.  I never go to fast food.  I don’t think about it.  Don’t obsess about it.  Okay, I am saying don’t instead of do, but you get the point.  This area is ‘done.’
  • and ‘pay attention to my hunger.’  I am really working actively on this one.  I have eaten a couple of times to overfull, and I really don’t like that.  Most days I still eat more or less ‘when it is time.’  But occasionally I will wait until I am actually hungry.  I am working on this one still.  Done.
  • Six days a week I will shoot for 1200 calories per day.  Maximum of  two grain servings per day on those days. This one’s not ahappenin’.  Probably about 1500 calories a day.  Enough to maintain.  I am not using the little journal.  Who knew?  I don’t like using it.  Oh.  I probably only get 2 grains most days.  Done.
  • One day per week, 1800 calories.  But still healthy food choices.  No doubt I eat 1800 calories at least one day a week LOL.  Done.
  • Minimize sugar and wheat. In other words, I am not going on a witch hunt, but I am not going to eat much of anything that obviously has sugar or flour added.  Partly done.  I’ve eaten some of my scones, which have whole wheat in them.  And of course, the cookie indescretions.  But I am still paying a lot of attention, and choosing to minimize sugar and wheat because I like how I feel when I eat this way.
  • One coffee per day.  Because I can’t drink coffee without half and half.  Ha!  I fooled myself.  I am having more than one coffee per day, but when my half and half ran out, I decided not to replace it, and am using whole milk instead.  It’s good enough.
  • Try to do 400 calories worth of exercise every day that I don’t work.  The little simplified chart in the journal says that you burn 4 calories per minute for light exercise, 7 calories/minute for moderate exercise, and 10 calories/minute for heavy exercise.  Aside from this weight loss challenge I was already planning on increasing my exercise a bit, so this will just be fun to keep track of it this way.  I am planning to take longer walk/runs with Noah, and to make a concerted effort to get to the gym at least three days per week, and to add swimming at least one day per week.  Okay, like I said, I don’t like the little journal.  I never did like counting my exercise points or calories.  But the main point was that I wanted to increase my overall exercise.  And I am VERY HAPPY with how I have done with that.  Because of my work schedule, I have consistently been able to get to the gym every other day or three days per week.  I work out hard there, and have steadily been increasing the intensity of the exercise that I do.  I noticed that I wasn’t doing enough cardio, and finally added in some tabata intervals.  On the days when I feel good enough, Noah and I run, and I am running up more hills than ever before.  DONE!

Oh, and then I put this at the end.  Which I had no memory of.

My goal is to stick with this plan for the next ten weeks, and to lose ten pounds in that time period.  If it looks like I am not losing any weight after the first two weeks, I will re-evaluate and adjust the plan.

Oh.  Okay.  A little late.  But re-evaluating nonetheless.  So really, I am going to continue to work on those very important issues listed above.  That is enough for now.  I do loosely figure out my calories most days, but I don’t really want to be tied to a journal, which actually may or may not be that accurate anyway.  I really mostly want to concentrate on healthy food choices, eating when hungry, and exercising regularly.  Oh.  Redundant.  I just said that.  How about switching gears and showing you some pictures?

Mr. Monk enjoys a good chew occasionally.

Noah FINALLY got a bath today.  And that always makes him ‘crazy happy.’  He found an old milk jug a very expensive toy from his childhood in the yard and had the best time with it.  Like a kid who likes the empty box better than the $200 lego set.

Finally, back inside for a good chew on the ‘toothpick.’  He likes tossing these little bones around in his mouth.  But he never gets to play with them unsupervised.  Same idea as leaving your two-year-old alone with a pile of peanuts (you don’t do that, do you?)

Hey, look what I’m having for dinner!  Vicky made gluten-free chicken enchiladas and asked if I’d try them out.  Served with a side of my simple salad–romaine lettuce and tomatoes with a sprinkle of garlic salt and pepper.

Okay, I already ate it.  Full of good stuff–beans, sweet potatoes, zucchini, a bit of chicken and just the cheese on top.  Don’t tell Vicky, but I’d rather just have cheese and chicken…the gluten free tortilla was good though.

Alright, people.  I am supposed to be having a rest day.  I’m headed out for a leisurely ‘stick hunting walk’ with Noah, and then maybe a movie before heading to bed.  Have a happy Memorial Day, and don’t drink too much.  I’ll be watching the babies at work.


7 thoughts on “The Done List

  1. I like your DONE list – you sure look like a success to me!

    Noah and his post-bath romp is so cute! Paco flies onto my bed and throws all of the pillows on the ground after his bath. Watching what the dogs do makes me feel like I should celebrate more after I shower, lol!

  2. I love the idea of a “Done List.” I’m the kind of person who will make a to do list and put things on it that I’ve done, (you know, like (#1–Make a To Do List) just so I can boldly check them off! It’s a glass half full kind of outlook, I guess.

    Noah, post bath, reminds me of the goatskin rug that my freshmen roommates and I bought in college. Every once in a while we would shampoo it and blow it dry with our hairdryers and the white fur would look gorgeous for a day or so! I love the pix or Mr. Monk, too.

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