Mr. Monk and Sophie Take Their Turn

Hi all.  Mr. Monk and Sophie demanded equal time after Noah’s guest post, so here they are.

Mr. Monk responds:

Hey.  I don’t sniff. I don’t chew.  And I don’t put up with the guys who do.  Stick-boy better mind his own business if he knows what’s good for him.  The only thing he got right in that post was the description of the skinny-faced bitch the queen.


The Queen’s retort:

My Loyal Subjects [editor’s note:  play along with her delusions of grandeur, will ya.  We all do around here.  It just makes life easier.] Really, its beneath the dignity of the crown to respond to the ramblings of a mere commoner.  As a side note, I will say that I am glad m’lady has brought a prison cell [editor’s note:  crate] into our humble abode.  And that is all I was doing.  Someone must keep order in the kingdom [editor’s note:  living room.] As for his description of the queen, [editor’s note:  Noah described Sophie as a skinny-faced bitch] well, the huddled masses have always been rather jealous of the delicate profile of the nobility.  That is all.

Debby’s turn.

Allright.  Enough of the doggie talk.  Let’s talk about something more interesting–me.  Hehe.  Hey, BTW, MargieAnne gave me another one of those bloggie awards where I’m supposed to tell you seven things you don’t already know about me.  What could possibly be left for me to tell?  If I don’t quit getting these awards I’m gonna be forced to tell you that I had warts all over my knees in junior high school, and that I am having a rat problem in my yard right now.  Oh My Gosh.  Did I just blog that out loud???  Well now I guess I have to explain.  Neither one is really my fault, although it sounds a little too close to wicked witch action for comfort.

The warts on my knees in junior high.  Could there be anything worse that could happen to a self-conscious young girl in JUNIOR HIGH??? It was terrible.  Sometimes I had bandaids plastered all over my knees.  Sometimes I wore those above the knee knee socks.  (Yeah, for you younger readers–oh, that’s all of you–they didn’t let us wear pants to school back then.)  Of course we did the doctor stuff.  We did over-the-counter stuff.  Oh, that was great.  Then I had warts painted white all over my knees.  Anyhoo, one day they just magically went away all by themselves.

And the rats in my yard???  I can’t believe I’m telling everyone in the world about this.  Here’s what happened.  I only had three chickens left.  I free-fed them.  They always had plenty to eat.  Yes.  You can see where this is going.  But I didn’t, obviously.  One day I saw a funny movement in the chicken yard.  So I walked over and there were five pairs of little eyes staring out at me from under the chicken house.  So I made plans to finally find a new home for those chickens, but in the meantime, I tried to limit the chickens to just enough food for each day.  One day I’m sitting here at my computer and glance out at the bird feeders that I love to look at. YES!!! It looked like a ratty smorgasbord.

To make a long story short, the chickens have found a lovely new home, the birds are on a diet for a few days, and things are being taken care of .

And yes, I have a cat.  A useless cat who lives on top of the hot water heater, and occasionally walks five paces outside to take a dump.  Oh good.  There’s the third thing you didn’t know about me.

Hey, here’s some good dog groomer advice you might not know.  Doggie shampoo is way too concentrated and so its hard to get into your dog’s coat and down to the skin.  Use an empty dish detergent bottle, and dilute the shampoo about 10:1 with warm water.  It works really great.  If your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin, and has an oily type coat (like Cocker Spaniels) use Dawn dishwashing detergent, diluted the same way.  Gets the dog really clean and smells good too.  This counts for the fourth thing you didn’t know about me.

And here’s another piece of doggie advice that I will claim as the fifth thing you don’t know about me.  If your dog gets sprayed by a skunk, DON’T use tomato sauce.  It doesn’t work, and of course, it makes a mess.  This recipe really works.  Unfortunately, I know from experience.  Mix 1 quart hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda, and 2 tsps. dish detergent.  Wash dog thoroughly.

Okay, that’s enough of that. THANKS for the award, Margie. JK.

Noah’s Excellent Adventure

Started the day out with custard oats topped with some fresh cherries (me, not Noah.)

Actually didn’t like the cherries with the oats that much.  Picked them out and ate them mostly separate.  Still a great way to start the day.  Because my food intake was EXCELLENT today.  Only ate when I was actually HUNGRY.  Victory.

I really wanted to have a relaxing day today.  I know.  Seems like that’s what I always want.  Anyway, Noah was a little barky this morning, so I changed gears (I’m getting a little better at that) and we loaded up the car and headed down the hill to Sutter Creek.  Thought it would be fun to walk in a different area.  This was Noah’s longest car ride to date (30 minutes.)  He is getting better and better in the car.  And we did have an excellent walk.  No running today–knees and back hurt.

We walked about an hour and saw some nice scenery.  Noah is really getting to be very good around all kinds of distractions–barking dogs and cars, no problem.  He was a little suspicious of a bike rider we saw.

Noah amusing himself in the back seat.  Oh, and does this make me a real ‘big-time blogger?’  I took these pictures while I was driving. Or does that just make me an idiot?

On the way home we went through the Starbuck’s drive-thru and got me a coffee that I enjoyed with the snacks I had brought–homemade protein bar from the freezer and 28 grapes.

WASN’T HUNGRY for lunch until 3pm, and had one of Vicky’s excellent turkey breads.  A small but mighty meal.  I’ll have to take a pic for you one day.  Noah must have been worn out from the ride and the walk, and he relaxed and let me sew all afternoon!  I guess Sophie and Mr. Monk were worn out too.  Don’t know what they did while we were gone.

Didn’t eat dinner until I GOT  HUNGRY.  Unfortunately, I had not pre-planned dinner.  Fortunately, I had stuff mostly ready.  Score!  I took a piece of  already cooked salmon out of the freezer.  Took some leftover cooked broccoli out of the frig, and then sauted a couple slices of chopped onions.  Added the broccoli, one of those pre-cooked rice cups, and some lemon zest and lemon juice.  Quite yummy and enough leftover to add some chicken in to make a different dinner.

And now I will sign off.  And can you believe I HAVE MORE TO TALK ABOUT?  Here is what I will have for my snack after I say good night to you all.

fresh strawberries with some of that canned whipped cream, and one of Vicky's 'nutty nibby cookies.'


11 thoughts on “Mr. Monk and Sophie Take Their Turn

  1. You make me laugh out loud while I’m reading! [high praise] What a lovely day you had and I’m very impressed with your food choices.

    • I know what you mean about the LOLWR (lookie there, we made a new bloggie abbreviation.) I always think its because I live alone that I don’t laugh aloud that much. Anyways, I like laughing, and always like it when something is funny enough to make me LOLWR.

  2. I love the doggy talk because it is very clever.

    we live trap chipmonks and relocate them – but if I had rats – I would be kill trapping them – what are you doing???

    I would not have thought I was feeding rats either. We feed ducks and birds in our back yard and I have never considered we might attract rats.

    we have Jack (cat lives in our yard but is owned by the people behind us) and he DOES HUNT. We also have hawks (who I wish would eat the chipmonks a little more efficiently)

    • Thanks Vicky. I actually thought about you and your mouse story when I was writing this.

      I am using bait, which is safely enclosed in the chicken yard (no other animals can get in there to get it. I used to have a LOT of cats and never ever had a mouse (or rat) problem. But whenever you have an animal, it costs money to take care of, so I am trying to avoid getting more cats.

  3. I’m feeling shadenfreude regarding your rats. Sorry, but I had to ‘fess up there. I thought I was the only one who had to put up with them (in my alley – I don’t have a yard). I try to think of them as urban squirrels, but they are GROSS GROSS GROSS. I live in fear of one day discovering one in the house. Oh the horror!

    • Yes, I am VERY worried about them coming in the house. If I still had Rindy, she could take care of them, but Sophie…not so much.

      And I think part of the beginning problem was that I used to raise rats and mice, and I think on one level I thought they were kind of cute under the chicken house. But not so much any more…

      off to look up shadenfreude.

  4. Loved hearing from Mr. Monk and Her Majesty, Queen Sophie! (And how cute is that, the both of them cuddled together like that?!)

    I haven’t seen rats around here, but our cat used to bring us a dead mouse every now and then, and we have oodles of gophers. They are HUGE and disgusting, with nasssty big teeth. Our cat and dog don’t hunt anymore, but they dispatched a fair number in their day. The neighborhood cats help out now and then. My husband is the main hunter, now; he’s almost as bad as that guy in Caddyshack.

  5. Prison cell! Sophie cracks me up!!!

    Did I ever tell you I’ve been to Sutter’s Creek and Volcano several times? Such a neat area.

    That picture of Noah smiling in the back seat is so cute – he is one hap-hap-happy dog! And I love that Sophie and Mr. Monk sleep together. Soph’s nose-to-toes is such a dachshund classic look. Brings back memories to see that.

    • You have???!! Been to Sutter Creek and Volcano. I can walk to Volcano. Well, that was one of my goals a long time ago. 8 miles. Yes, I always love it when I see them together. That blankie is the only place I’ve seen it so far, and I think it is because that is the blanket they share when I leave them and go to work. Sophie was licking her toes and washing her face almost like a cat. Did your dachshund do that? I’ve even switched her food around quite a bit to make sure it wasn’t allergies causing the licking.

      Hey, are you coming back here? If you do, WE HAVE TO MEET!!

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