How Much Can I Blog in 30 Minutes?

Just want to check in.  Last night I didn’t post and it felt weird, since I’ve been posting almost every day for a bit.  Had a great day, put up the Africa quilt and the pics in the church (maybe I’ll post pics of this tonight,) then went for frozen yogurt with the lady that worked on the board with me.  Then, since we were done so early, I went and met my other group of friends who were having lunch out.  One of them offered to split her lunch with me, which was perfect.  Went to the gym and worked out HARD.  Two tabata intervals, increasing the weights slowly but surely.  Doing the tabata intervals and doing some ‘super sets’ makes the workout somewhat aerobic.  I know my heart rate is up, I am breathing hard, and yes, unfortunately I am sweating.  For my afterworkout snack, I had THREE lobars.  Freshly baked, couldn’t resist.  About 240 calories.  For dinner was feeling the need for some protein (listening to my body, honoring my health), so I used some of that broccoli-rice mix, added some pre-cooked grilled chicken and a few raisins.  That still wasn’t what I was looking for, so I cut up an apple and cooked in the microwave with some cinnamon and added that.  It was okay, but needed something, maybe a bit of olive oil, or chicken broth, or yogurt sauce.  Anyway, it did the trick.

Went for a swift after-dinner walk with Noah.  I put on a turtleneck to walk because the mosquitos are so bad.  I don’t like smelly stuff–anyone have a clue about what to do about the stinkin’ things (mosquitos?)  I guess I could carry a citronella candle LOL.

Then later, after surfing the blogs for quite a while, this is what I had for dessert.

(I saw it on Cassie’s blog)  All I can say is YUMMO!  A new favorite dessert.  About 1/3 cup of my homemade yogurt (I use whole milk, and this batch I strained so it is extra creamy and thick) with a few walnuts, a few 60% chocolate chops, and a bit of muesli.

This morning (BTW, I think it is hilarious that the roosters are gone and I am consistently waking up at 5am) I started the day with this plate of wonderful.  I tried out Jenn’s Swedish pancakes (sorry, computer wouldn’t let me link to Jenn) the other day (I poured the first batch in the skillet with NO oil at all) and then I kind of made up a new recipe–between her pancakes and the protein pancakes.  Very tasty.  Topped with one of those cheesecake squares (40 calories).  They melt and spread quite easily, and some farmer’s market strawberries that are the best I’ve had this year.

Pancake recipe:  1/4 cup cottage cheese, 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup oats or whole wheat flour (I had a blend I used), and 2 egg whites.  Mix and cook.  I always make one big pancake because it is easier.  Pancake total:  235 calories.  Total w/strawberries and cheesecake square:  325 calories.

Looking forward to a fantastic day.  A friend and I took a class on using old linens and lace in quilts, and we are going to go to brunch at restaurant in a little town that has a store that specializes in old linens and lace, and buttons.  We are both on a quest for buttons!  Then we are going to go back to her house and watch a terrific movie, all about the whole Victorian era, The Age of Innocence.  Eye candy!  Planning to go for a long swim afterward, since my swims so far have been fairly short, relaxing after-workout swims.

Hey there, that only took 15 minutes.  Now to load all the pictures.  But I can do other stuff while I am doing that!   Habanada!

Here’s a couple of shots of Monk doing what he does best.

On top of what was once a sofa.

Relaxing on one of his favorite chairs, shortly before I kicked him off (my computer-viewing chair.)


6 thoughts on “How Much Can I Blog in 30 Minutes?

  1. do you know that you can clean old white linens (that are yellowing) with buttermilk? Pour the whole/real buttermilk on the yellow spots, let set, rinse out with water and then handwash with liquid soap (I used to use scent free liquid tide, but you might like quilt soap). I used to do this by hand in a very clean bathtub. I have cleaned whole quilts this way (with bad yellowing).

    HUGE CONGRATS on the Two tabata intervals! I now exactly how hard that is to do on your own – and you are getting good at pushing yourself?

    What is wrong with sweat pray tell? (or did you mean because you were going somewhere later? Showers at the gym?)

    My Sabrina has said – don’t ever forget the importance of sweat – and it is true.

    • Vickie, you crack me up. I knew you would pick up on that comment. I thought I had said a couple of times on my blog about how I don’t like to sweat. Nothing wrong with it, and when I do sweat, it makes me feel good. I just have an aversion to it, kinda like the tabata intervals and vomiting LOL. Also, I am actually not much of a sweat-er. When we lived in Texas and it was 110 degrees for days in a row, I would rarely sweat.

  2. There was not supposed to be a “?” after pushing yourself. It was supposed to be “!”

    In fact it should have been !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Debby! Your dessert looks DELICIOUS.
    Yes, I am the Amy Jo that disappeared to China. But now I’m back, and with a new blog. I’m gonna try to keep it a bit more light and therapeutic, instead of being such a downer. Wallowing never did anybody any good, and I’m getting a new zest for life!

    I’ve been lurking on your blog for a couple months, seeing what’s new with you. You look like you are doing fabulously. I’m happy to see you are living life so fully!

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